Auto Crypto 247 Review – What A Shameful Scam?

Auto Crypto 247 Review – What A Shameful Scam?

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There is currently a massive ring of fraud operating on the crypto-currency niche. Recent, we shed light on a few infamous ones on the internet. These include Bitcoin Pro Signals, iCoin MarketCrypto Trader and so on.

So today we are writing about a new scam within the same niche. It’s called AutoCrypto247 or Auto Crypto 247.

So this review shall seek to prove that Auto Crypto 247 looks like a good opportunity on the surface when the real truth is that it’s a scam.

Auto Crypto 247 website claims that this opportunity will earn you $465 per day with an investment of $250. However, they are encouraging you to invest a minimum of $1,000 for you to attract handsome returns.

The software is described as the smartest way to trade crypto-currencies on the internet. But currently there is no evidence that this is the case.

And of course this website seeks to convince traders that crypto-currency trading is the next big thing (NBT). They seek to achieve this aim by publishing a few stats on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Monero, and Litecoin.

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Indeed these stats are pleasing to the eye because they create the perception that trading crypto-currency on the internet is more profitable than trading any other investment instrument.

The problem is that most of these auto-trading software do not work. Worse still, their owners are often people who have never even traded in their entire life. They simply buy a commercial robot, re-brand and sell it as their own creation.

Now, in the case of Auto Crypto 247, things are locked and loaded. It’s ready to scam anyone who will throw in their money.

Here’s what you should know:

Auto Crypto 247 Review

This crypo-currency auto-trading system masquerades as the latest legitimate trading opportunity on the web. However, this website does not satisfy our curiosity since it is devoid of useful information that can lead us into making an informed decision.

First of all, the owner of Auto Crypto 247 scam remains hidden from the public eye. The website is registered with private details, hence it’s not possible to find out who the real owner of Auto Crypto 247 is.

This should make you freeze at the thought of trusting them to the extent of sending them your money.

But a sucker would definitely send money to an  anonymous person on the internet. You know where this ends, right?

The bottom line is that we have major trust issues with this website and opportunity which they are hawking.

On the other hand, the anonymous owner of Auto Crypto 247 tries to win our confidence by claiming that this software has been verified by third parties like Invezz, Investoo, Snipe the Trade and Legal Binary Robots.

Well said. However, this is not good news at all because these websites have never endorsed anything in the name of Auto Crypto 247 app. Never!

So why do they lie? To win your trust? To cover up something? Definitely.

What the software is all about

So apparently, Auto Crypto 247 buys and sells crypto-currency for profits on the internet.

They have integrated a few brokers on their platforms who are ready tor receive any amount that you will donate them. How pathetic?

The reality of the matter is that this software does not really trade cryto-currency for profit. It opens trades on a random basis, and by doing so, it reduces your bank balance rather than increasing it.

Auto Crypto 247

Forget the above statistics. They may be true, but that does not mean that you will translate that information into tangible wealth, more so if you’re dealing with a robot like Auto Crypto 247.

Also, when we look at this website, we see a number of scamming variables here and there. Let’s start with the following:

A copy-cat scam which rides on the success of Crypto Robot 365

We suspect that Auto Crypto 247 is owned by the same people who introduced Crypto Robot 365. This is not to be confused with Binary Robot 365 though because the latter is a genuine binary options product.

The point is, these scam websites look very similar in design and content. This is not by coincidence though. It was well intended. The reality of the matter is that these scams are either run by one internet crook or two different people who are aware of each other’s business.

Honestly speaking, we don’t see how on earth these people can evade plagiarism issues. They’ve copied content on each other’s sites on a word by word basis. This blatant copying suggests that Auto Crypto 247 is not something you could take serious because the owner doesn’t take it serious too.

Why use the same website design and same promises to fool traders? Unless they are insulting your intelligence, there is no better explanation to defend this.

Verified 90% win rate

These dunderheads went ahead to promise a 90% win rate. Honestly, do these people know what 90% win rate could mean for a trading robot?

It could mean winning 9 out of every 10 positions. This could see you amassing substantial wealth in a relatively short period of time.

The issue here is that no one has verified this performance since Auto Crypto 247 website does not show us past and active performance of the so-called Auto Crypto 247 app.

But of course they tried to beat around the bush on this issue.

There is a link that says ”Results”. But when you click on it, it takes you to an area of the website where stock photos have been published alongside figures which they allegedly earned.

The first person called ”NILL G” is said to have earned over $8,000 with this app trading Ethereum. ”Tom F” is alleged to have earned over $4,000 trading Bitcoin and so on.

It’s just funny how these crooks are expecting us to trust these fake testimonials. First of all, no one has ever verified if these people truly earned the said amounts.

Secondly, we have evidence that those pictures are stock photos. These guys have never traded crypto-currency at all. You can see the image below for evidence.

stock photo auto crypto 247

Now, this shows that Auto Crypto 247 is a scam that does not work. If it worked, everyone would have jumped into the bandwagon. Everyone would be yelling about how this app is the real deal. Getting testimonials from real people would have been a walk in the park. They wouldn’t even dream of using stock photos because their product rocks.

Fake social media testimonials

Which Facebook page does this website occupy? We bet that it doesn’t have a page on Facebook or Twitter for that matter.

The reason why this is a foolish scam is because despite not having a Facebook page, they still went ahead to publish a fake screenshot of their supposed Facebook page? These lies definitely make Auto Crypto 247 look horrible. It says that this opportunity is a money sucker not worth spending time on.

Our best advice for you

Just like in binary options, the world of crypto-currency is characterized by deadly scams. If you’re not careful, these guys are going to come for your wallet — we mean the faceless individual who is behind Auto Crypto 247. To evade them, you’ll need to stick to our recommended trading robots only. These can be found in this list. Don’t look elsewhere please.

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