Auto Money Maker Scam: Pathetic Money Maker? Our Honest Review

Auto Money Maker Scam: Pathetic Money Maker? Our Honest Review

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It’s interesting to realize that internet marketers pretending to be full-time traders are already cutting costs by just copy-pasting other well-known scams on the internet.

The people behind Auto Money Maker ( were brave enough to even go as far as re-using the marketing video that featured on the Auto Money Machine website, which by the way is a well-known scam.

We noticed that the guys behind Auto Money Maker were into it to spin quick bucks, as opposed to helping traders succeed.

It is also said that Auto Money Maker website is spamming prospective clients with unsolicited emails which are clearly intended to promote the software.

In these emails, they tell the victim that a special slot has been reserved for them through this one-time only ”invitation” to join the bandwagon of traders who reap massive profits with their so-called Auto Money Maker.

Not only is the phrase Auto Money Maker sickening, but we also know that this is a copy-cat system that ought to be approached with caution if you decide to give them a chance.

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Here is a review of the infamous Auto Money Maker software:

Auto Money Maker overview

These villains are full of words that deceive for purposes of misleading victims into the trap.

As we have mentioned above, this website is a copy-cat which seemed to have transported the contents of a previous scam into its domain space.

The profit claims announced on this website are utterly ludicrous.

Any sane trader would never mention such figures because they are not very realistic.

The idea behind this software is that you need to subscribe, deposit a minimum of $250 and copy trades from one Mr. Cool who is an expert in binary options trading.

This will allegedly guarantee you riches because you are replicating his wins rather than trading on your own.

We implore you to take your time and research this website. You will quickly realize that their profit claims are exaggerated.

The website projects a profit figure of about $2,700 per day.

Thankfully, most traders will consider this as utterly impossible. However, the saddest thing is that this figure may still appeal to a few people whom we call ”eternal optimists”.

You see, even the best robots in the market will make a tenth of that amount and call it a day.

Therefore, we are urging traders in this Auto Money Maker review that they should not be blinded by these abnormal figures.

Genuine developers will make it crystal clear that achieving instant riches is never possible in any operation.

So this is actually one very good reason why you should doubt this software.

Arthur McCool: Who is this guy?

arthur mcCool of Auto Money maker scam

We compared Auto Money Maker with the scam — Auto Money Machine because the same actor appeared on both video presentations.

Mr. McCool is the same person who appeared in the old scam, and is now telling us how good Auto Money Maker is in trading the markets for profits.

Again, there isn’t a whiff of evidence that the name Arthur McCool belongs to him.

Secondly, we don’t even know if this character exists in the real world.

While some businesses have formed a habit of making up characters for purposes of promoting their products and services, nothing is as bad as evidence that is falsifying a character.

And even if he existed, it would be hard to trust him because he is already behind one of the most established scams in the industry (as seen in the article done on this site some time ago).

You’d be committing financial suicide by ”investing” in Auto Money Maker system since the person promoting it is associated with poor performing robots that have scammed users more money than you can ever imagine.

The bottom line here is that the production of Auto Money Maker system is so cheap that these guys could not be bothered with replacing their mascot with another character.

Even if you do a quick Google search, what you will see are nothing but articles or reviews exposing Mr. McCool as a disastrous individual.

If you compare these results with those associated with genuine robots for trading binary options, you will quickly realize that people who represent genuine robots are existent and are fully accountable for their robots’ operations.

Auto Money Maker: It gets worse with more evidence

Now that we have gone this far in exposing this program which was given a new name and is being promoted by someone who is well-known for having defrauded investors, would you still commit your money to Auto Money Maker hoping to make $2k a day?

Now, it gets worse, and we have to ask this question as a confidence check anyway.

There is not even a single inch of proof that Auto Money Maker platform exists.

Instead of showing us how the robot looks like from the inside, the entire video is more focused on dream-chasing because it concentrated on the ”good” money and freedom that users will get if they actually commit to using this robot.

Most legit operations in the binary options niche, will demonstrate verifiable results which were recorded after years of extensive testing.

Secondly, they will also state a realistic growth curve as opposed to hype which doesn’t take us anywhere.

Now, instead of Auto Money Maker website giving us credible reasons as to why we should subscribe to the software, they only sell us dreams.

If you actually do have time for this crap, subscribe into this ”offer” with a fake email address to see what happens.

Chances are that you will be greeted with more falsifications.

The target victim here is the novice trader, and they are depending on their ”live trade recordings” to fool their prey.

With due diligence, most people will notice that the alleged ”live trade recordings” are dated weeks ago and are not live as stated in that page.

This kind of thing is considered ludicrous, and is only pursued by lazy people who want quick buck on the internet.

On the other hand, novice traders don’t seem to notice these things until it’s too late.

What the men and women behind this website are assuming is that you and me will be dazzled by the ”outstanding” performance demonstrations on that page.

Reviews: Are they honest?

Like many other dishonest operations on the web, Auto Money Maker website quickly relies on fake testimonials of purported current investors.

Auto Money Maker fake reviews

This is to lure in more victims who will feel encouraged as a result of seeing these people speaking in front of the camera.

You should never believe anything. The man called ‘Nicholas’ was clearly poached from Fiver and paid a few bucks to lie.

In fact, these guys seem to be more than willing to spin a yarn for a few bucks which, I believe, is the ”riches” they are talking about.

Please understand that being paid to promote a scam cannot make you rich.

Our Best Advice for You

USD250 is the standard figure that these horrible individuals are asking for.

At the same time, we know very well that Auto Money Maker software is garbage. Rather than waste your time here, get yourself a credible binary options robot here.

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  1. Auto Money Maker is a horrible scam that I had no interest in from day one. The website screams fake and the pictures are clearly photoshopped in testimonials. The so called ‘bandwagon’ of traders is nonexistent and this site should be reported.

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