Auto News Trader Review: This is a Scam

Auto News Trader Review: This is a Scam

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Auto News Trader is another pyramid that allegedly focuses on trading news. The company founder is John Hamilton. Unfortunately, we could not find factual information that proves he is the right person to handle your money.

John has no background in Forex trading, and we can all agree that the company is being run anonymously. However, for you not to miss out on the market opportunity, you have to invest with the best Forex brokerage trading software. Avoid falling for the narrative of these fraudulent companies, which are only after your money without the intention of making you rich.

Auto News Trader offers currency pair in USDSEK, AUDUSD, EURUSD, USDCAD, GBPUSD. USDJPY. NZDUSD and EURCAD. The company spread varies depending on the news events they offer 20 pips, 40 pips, and 60 pips.

The bot has two membership plan you can pay a yearly plan or a one-time payment which does not require a subscription. The price to rent Auto News Trader is $197 for only one year while the other project goes for $397. It would help if you did not trust these scammers with your penny.

Auto News Trader Review

Trading Forex news is a strategy that is being used by several platforms. However, there is a risk that comes along due to the volatility of nature in the market. The platform offers various currency pairs, and you can trade at a favorable time. The owner of this company is more into marketing the software than the services that he is offering.

If you pay attention to the video on their website and other promotional content, you will notice the red flags. The lifetime plan sets them up that they are not a transparency Forex trading company.

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Auto News Trader Review,Auto News Trader Platform

Auto News Trader is a Forex trading software that has grown popular in the industry. The bot works using three steps. First, the system requires traders to use Forex Factory Calendar. This enables them to detect trending news in the market.

The next thing that investors need to do is open their trading charts and be prepared to start trading when there is a trading signal. The final step that you have to follow is utilizing the average cost and trailing stops. By following Auto News Trader, you will make vast profits.

John Hamilton, who is the developer of the alleged accurate bot, urge traders to join their cause for them to have tremendous earnings. The performance rate of this company is currently unknown; we cannot determine how profitable their bot is.

Forex trading bots are emerging daily. It has become a difficult task to identify which one is legit, especially if you are a newbie. You might end up choosing wrong, and mistakes will cost you dearly in this industry.

How Does Auto News Trader Operate?

The company mode of operation is shady. There is no objective data that prove there is Forex trading taking place. The video that they feature on their website highlights the benefits that come along investing with them.

The Founder, who is Hamilton, does not show his face to the public. There is no digital footprint that he has left behind. He is, indeed, playing safe. The person who is running this platform is determined to stay anonymous.

The founder brags of making a return of over 1700% in unrealistic duration. Moreover, he states that he is a college dropout and 28 years of age. The developer is using much information that cannot be verified.

Additionally, in the promotional video, he states that he has tried multiple methods to make an earning online to no avail. Hamilton has even traded stock trading, which he failed. Later he discovered that he could help himself and others by purchasing economic news. All this information is nothing but an enticing financial narrative.

The real owner is unknown, and Hamilton does not have a portfolio, which can show he is qualified to handle investors’ money.  Hamilton has no development or trading experience. It would be best if you were very careful as not every platform has the best interest of their clients.

The Performance of Auto News Trader

The founder allegedly can make a return of 150% in a period of three months. The draw down that Auto News Trader experience is of 4%

We took it upon ourselves to check if this bot is the best as they claim. We checked on FXBlue and Myfxbook. The info that we got from FXBlue indicates that this Forex trading bot has had some profits in the past few months.

However, the majority of their earning were recorded in 2015 mid. The company is paying. Unfortunately, they are not as profitable as they claim. It will take time before you can make a reasonable amount.

The results that the company has been able to make are from 2015 and 2017. There are no recent activities on their platform. It means that trading with them will lead to losses, as they may be targeting novice traders.

Customer Support and Regulation

The only available method that you can contact the support is via their email; [email protected] The company does not have a telephone number that you can use to reach them.

There is a higher possibility of them not responding to your email. Additionally, the platform is not regulated; hence they are operating against the law, and they risk facing criminal charges. Unregulated companies will cost you dearly as they go against the law willingly.

They also don’t avail of info regarding their banking. There is a higher chance that you will be depositing funds directly into the scammers’ bank account. Considering they do not disclose their location, the law cannot catch the person behind this fraudulent company.

It would be best if you were very keen to avoid depositing with a Ponzi scheme your hard-earned money. Auto News Trader has no history of Forex trading, and they are operating discreetly.

Is Auto News Trader Trustworthy or Not?

The platform is not as trustworthy as they claim. It is another Ponzi scheme that claims to be involved in Forex trading. The company does not have trading software, and it runs on the MT4 platform. You will only lose funds if you trust a word they say.

The amount that they are leasing their bot is a bit cheaper compared with legit companies. We cannot stress enough that the owner of this company is running it anonymously, and only hiding behind a name. We search for him on LinkedIn, and we found no information.

They claim that they only have 150 copies remaining. It is only a marketing strategy to make you invest as soon as possible. Trading software cannot be limited in number. You will purchase the commodity without second thoughts, which will lead to huge losses.

The software allegedly can help you make a 1700% return. That is much money considering they are not regulated. The trading system is a rip off that will leave you high and dry.

Final Verdict

Auto News Trader is not an investment company worth your money. They will exit the market sooner or later. The company is not as profitable as they market it. Invest only with legit Forex companies that will give you reasonable returns and favorable leverage.

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