Automated Binary Scam: In-depth Review Of A Sophisticated Fraud

Automated Binary Scam: In-depth Review Of A Sophisticated Fraud

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Automated Binary is a brand new site in the binary options niche. It promotes an overly hyped trading robot with the name Automated Binary. As always, the owner of this site is anonymous, so don’t even ask about their track record of success. You won’t find it.

However, for the sake of novice traders with big amounts of money to invest in binary options, this is a must-read piece that will enlighten and lead in the right direction. So, are you ready? Let’s kick ’em in the ass by exposing their intent.

Automated Binary ( Not a convincing product

This is yet another binary options robot with a generic algorithm. What do we mean by ‘generic’? It simply means that this anonymous owner bought a white label trading robot on the internet, and then re-branded it with the names Automated Binary. So he actually has the rights to sell it.

The problem, however, is that this robot does not have what it takes to make you money.

With no success track record, it becomes an impossible task to believe that this magic software will make you a penny.

Of course the website doesn’t tell you this because their aim is to collect commissions from brokers whom they will force you to sign up with.

We asked them why they were restricting traders to their own ”recommended” brokers and the answer was this: ”due to technical issues, we are not able to let our traders use other brokers.”

This would have sounded better if it was put in this format instead: ”Sorry, this is a business and we are not allowing traders to use other brokers because we won’t get commissions”.

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A demo account worth $5,000 virtual money

It’s a trick, don’t fall for it. You see, binary options scams do provide demo accounts which have been manipulated and programmed to win most of the time.

Even if you look at the price feed, you will see that it doesn’t update in accordance with live price feeds from other brokers. In fact, everything about this demo account is rigged.

For that reason, Automated Binary tends to perform well on a demo account but not on a live account.

You will quickly make abnormal profits with the virtual money. Thankfully, it’s a trick which the owner of Automated Binary is employing to win your trust, hoping that you will transition to a live account. Don’t fall for this.

Website owned by an anonymous person

Before you commit your hard-earned money to someone who claims to own a magic trading robot, you should know them first.

A professional website will say who the owner is. It will also give a physical address and contact details for that matter.

However, if a website chooses to hide this information yet they are claiming that they have a magical trading robot, you should probably ignore them because this is a red flag.

You see, the owner of this site clearly has a bad intention. He is a faceless character selling a financial product. But he is not following the legal requirements of the industry.

Owner of automated binary options robot scam does not want to say who they are
Owner of binary options robot scam does not want to say who they are

He is likely a criminal who has hosted several other scam sites using his anonymous character. It’s probably the reason why this fraudster has gone undetected, selling one scam after the other and abandoning ship just at the right moment when things are about to get as hot as hell.

Trading strategy of Automated Binary

There is no unique strategy here. Actually, according to this website, Automated Binary uses a bunch of regular indicators which you and me already have access to.

So why should you use Automated Binary in the first place when you already have access to these resources on the internet?

Look, no one can say that using indicators like Trend, CCI, RSI, Williams etc will yield any favorable results than what you’re currently getting with your manual trading strategy.

Nothing is special about these indicators. Unless we are enlisting their help alongside a trading strategy that has a real track record, there’s no sense in thinking that Automated Binary will produce any jaw-dropping results.

It’s also a big shame that Automated Binary robot uses Martingale system of trading.

The site actually admits that this system has worked in casinos, and can also be implemented in binary options trading, really?

The Martingale system is one of the most unreliable systems of trading that a robot can use.

It does what experts call ”revenge trading” where after you suffer a loss, you will double the next position size, hoping to recoup the previous loss.

Only fools trade like this. Automated Binary robot is actually a gambling software because the system it uses has been likened to playing the Russian Roulette.

To cut a long story short, Automated Binary is a scam since it doesn’t have any reasonable algorithm or system to employ while trading. Therefore, one has to be seriously blind to sign up.

Where is past performance?

In as much as other things are equally important, past performance is more important than the rest.

We would have loved to see their past trade records. In fact, Automated Binary Options website would have published these results before anything else.

Now we have a scenario where a scammer does not want to dwell on things that matter.

If anything, this website lacks transparency. We honestly couldn’t find what we were looking for with regards to proof that this robot works.

Couple this with the anonymous nature of the owner and you can quickly see why this robot is a scam.

Summary of points to note

Automated Binary is a scam — no apologies on this. The following reasons justify why we are saying this is a scam:

  • No track record yet the product is being promoted as a success
  • Owner deliberately chose to set their information to private on
  • No sound trading algorithm to rely on
  • Generic information littering the whole site

Their FAQ section didn’t provide value as well. As a matter of fact, we found those questions rather vague and useless.

Instead of addressing points of concern above, their FAQ addresses things like ”Can I trial this robot on a demo account?”

How is that question addressing our concern? We’d love to summon the owner of Automated Binary to explain these things.

Our Best advice for you

Automated Binary is not an authentic robot. It’s a product that is based on assumptions rather than facts.

Secondly, you cannot do business with a coward who lacks the courage to face the world head-on. If they were promoting a genuine robot, they would have gladly come out in the open with details that can be verified.

And thirdly, no track record can be attributed to Automated Binary robot. This is a guarantee that you will lose money, no doubt about this.

So the bottom line is that you should keep off this product. If you want to invest in binary options, you should select any of the products contained in this list. At least these products have a track record of success, plus we’ve also tried and tested them before putting our seal of approval.

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