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If you want to learn more about Automatic Club, read this review. Is the site ideal for investing or is this a pure scam? We are of the opinion that it is a scam since there are so many red flags which cannot be ignored when doing a review like this. In fact, Automatic Club could described as a ponzi scheme and with all types of ponzi schemes, they make an exit at some point with their members’ money. If you joined Automatic Club today, your money wouldn’t be safe for one reason. They are not trading or investing in the said Crypto currencies.

According to this site, members can earn lucrative returns by participating in Crypto trading and arbitrage operations. There is not much information that is being served on the web page for visitors who want to learn a little bit about this website before joining. We strongly believe that legit investment websites often reveal as much information about themselves as possible. When you come across such a website and you realize that there is nothing to learn about it upfront, your safest bet is to avoid it because it is most likely a scam. In fact, all legit investment websites tell users who they are and what they do. As for this website, there is no transparency at all. So now that it is a scam, let us find out how they are likely to steal your money and why you should avoid them. But if you want to invest in Cryptos right away, we encourage using these trading bots because they are automated and efficient. Any trader regardless of their experience can get started easily.

Automatic Club review

To learn more, visitors of this site are required to sign up with their name and email. This is most likely a ploy to collect contact information which would then be used to purposes of reaching out to them with emails that are designed to persuade them to join. So the first thing you should think of is not to give them your email contact because you would be signing up for spam. They would be sending you countless emails every day which are designed to persuade you to join their scam and become a victim. The site only gives a clue that they are trading Crypto currencies and that is where their income is being generated from. Well, our question is why there is no sign of trading anywhere on this site.

Automatic Club

If the site is truly generating lucrative income through arbitrage trading, they should reveal their trading performance somewhere on the homepage. They should be able to demonstrate what they have done in the past few months. By the way, Automatic Club has been around since February 2019. They have been around for a few weeks and yet they claim to be offering lucrative trading of Crypto currencies. Anybody who makes these claims must be able to demonstrate their performance results. But since this site is only a few weeks old, we don’t think they have registered any customers yet and secondly, it is not possible that they have been trading without a website in place. If we are going to believe their claims, we will need proof of performance for at least 6 years but you see this site does not qualify.

Who owns Automatic Club?

Again, there is no information on the website to describe who owns or operates this kind of website. By the way, it is also not tied to any company. It is operating 100% anonymously which gives investors more reasons to doubt their operations. If this was a serious project and a legit one, you could be guaranteed of an overseeing company being in place to govern the activities of the site. Moreover, the mother company would have properly registered with the relevant government agencies and authorized to provide securities to members of the public. But this is not the case. It appears this site is operating on its own accord and does not have any employees or staff members in place. Only a single admin who mans everything can be suspected to be the only person who is controlling the affairs of this site.

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You can also rest assured that this is such an unsafe place to invest your funds, why? Because not only are they anonymous, but they have not provided their location or contact information. The site wants to keep communications through email and you must take that initiate to sign up just to see what email you will receive from them. This is a red flag and a sign that you are dealing with a scam and wasting your time. For a serious website that trades Crypto currencies, evidence is always presented in form of verified trading records. These are third party verified trading records which cannot be manipulated. Furthermore, if they are doing arbitrage trading, they are essentially saying that they are trading in Crypto currency exchanges. Records should be kept digitally. But as you can see, the site does not provide these records at all.

Lack of transparency is yet another concern. If a site wants you to invest your money and are not giving reasons why you should invest with them, you should know that it is a scam. By the way, a ponzi scheme operates like this. A ponzi scheme is basically collecting revenue from members of the public and paying out a small portion of those funds to contributors while keeping 90% of the revenue to keep the scam going for some time. But in the end, the admins often run away with the money.

Our best advice for you

Automatic Club is a dangerous website and you should never invest any money with them. Signing up with your email is also a total waste of your time by the way. Unless you’re doing it out of curiosity, don’t sign up and don’t make a deposit. Invest your money with these credible Crypto trading bots.

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  1. Olha infelizmente,é cada um querendo vender o seu peixe, Estou na segunda conta minha na Automaticlub ,e nunca tive problema nenhum ,acho que vcs tem que saber o que falar .

      1. investi meu dinheiro ta rendendo pra eles nao tenho opçao de saque e eles nao depositam nao depositam safados se alguem esta recebendo gostaria de saber como ????

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