Avenge Trading Review: Find Out if It’s Scam

Avenge Trading Review: Find Out if It’s Scam

Truth is, there is zero difference between a person selling a full blown ponzi scheme, a person selling a magic trading ware and a person selling a fraudulent day trading room.

All of them cause people extreme financial losses and emotional pain.

So in this Avenge Trading software review, we will mention some of the things that make this trading opportunity resemble a scam.

But the most important points to take here is that Avenge Trading software is being sold for $25,000, yet the owner has never proved the perfection of this software. Another thing is that the owner of this software loves anonymity, which is a big red flag here.

The owner has a ”live trading room”. But there is no trading DOM or any form of proof that live trades are being taken.

On the positive side, the owner of Avenge Trading software is offering excellent customer service, and the trading room is run for a manageable 2 hours.

Let’s dive into the review right away.

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Avenge Trading Software review

What exactly is Avenge Trading software? Well, this is a trading software that delivers signals on the ensign trading platform.

On the other hand, Avenge Trading is a day trading room where trade activities are undertaken by this software and are displayed to paid members who can then copy what the moderator is doing.

But how much do they charge for the software or the trading room in question? Well, the total cost of this software is $25,000. But in addition to that cost, there is a monthly fee of a whooping $2,500 which members should pay to continue participating in the ‘trading room’.

And that is not a typo. We just said $2,500 monthly fee for attending a trading room. That’s right. But there is also a financial plan in place.

You see, this plan requires that you to make a down payment of $7,500 and after 60 days (if you want the software to continue functioning), you should pay additional $7,500. Then after another 30 days, you will be required to reimburse that payment with another $7,500. Basically, this payment plan is designed to keep you paying more and more as time goes by.

If you require additional training (after paying a total of $30,000), that additional training will come at a cost of $2,500 per month. Take note that there won’t be any refund whatsoever.

Now, the price that you are paying for the Avenge Trading software and the trading room is exorbitant, and can be considered outright fraud. The money that you are spending here is a lot. If you’re like most people, you will be put off by the cost alone.

Also, of all the trading products and services that we have reviewed here, we have never seen any one of those products being sold for such a high price tag.

Taking a closer look at the Avenge Trading software: is it worth the cost?

The website was registered back in 2014. But the registration details were hidden. You can’t establish who owns this company by just looking it up on

This lack of disclosure is very disturbing, and especially if you consider the hefty price tag that they are selling this service for.

We would not pay $25,000 to a person who is not willing to disclose who they are. It is dangerous and stupid to act with such ignorance.

Another worrisome thing that we found out was that the front page of this website was requesting a password to portray a sense of importance or exclusive membership club.

avenge trading homepage


This is a trick that the owner of Avenge Trading software is using to create a huge demand for the service. By restricting access to this website (while leaving loopholes through which people can contact him), they are sending a completely different message. They are telling the public that this is only a rich-man’s affair. If you have more than $30,000 to ‘invest’ them. If you don’t, then stay away. That’s the message, it seems.

But of course with the help of our snooping tools, we were still able to gain access and learn a few things about the Avenge Trading website and what it was offering.

On the homepage of this website, they claimed that they had generated 657 total ES points back in 2014. This means that if you were to trade only one contract, you’d realize a total profit of 657 X $50 or $32,850.

Avenge Trading simply claims that if you want to make more than this, just trade more contracts. While the statement that says one should trade more contracts to make more money is absolute truth, the big question is, what do you have to sacrifice in order to trade and make money from additional contracts?

This company does not mention the potential draw down or downside of doing this business with them.

The trading room experience

Because our curiosity was piqued by this company, we decided to give it a try. We signed up for the one week trial, then signed up using a different IP to get a clear picture of what this trading room was offering.

avenge trading trading room

What we saw were charts and proper explanation of what was going on. In fact, there was also a handy video explaining everything concerning the chart room. So far, we didn’t have any problems with this trading room.

The only problem that we found disturbing enough was that there was no trading dom being shown to visitors at any given time.

Only instructions were given. The moderator claimed that we had an entry price and were targeting a certain profit. But when price moved and kissed the target, we were told that we were now out of the trade with a profit to keep.

Beware of trading rooms that use limit orders for entry and exits. This is because getting a limit order filled for either a long or short position is extremely difficult.

Most of the time, price will hit the limit order, but the trade won’t be filled. However, this is something that newbies don’t know. They only think that they can replicate what they are seeing on the screen. However, the reality on the ground is very different.

Why are we emphasizing on replication?

When you purchase a trading software or a trading room, your ability to replicate the signals on the screen is very important to your success. Hypothetical, or simulated results are not relevant in this case. We are actually talking of the ability to replicate the signals being projected on the screen by the software or the trading room moderator.

The more we can copy all trade signals accurately, the more we will make more money. But if someone is asking you for $25,000 in the name of selling you the so called Avenge Trading software and trading room, you got to be sure that at least 90% of trades will be replicated accurately.

Our best advice for you

When a product like Avenge Trading is going for 25k (and additional payments are also involved), it should be devoid of any red flags.

You see, the Avenge Trading software is the costliest trading product that we have ever reviewed here. And as you know, the higher the cost, the higher the level of scrutiny. Avenge Trading is simply not to be recommended, and it’s good reasons.

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