Aws Capital Group Review: Is this another Scam?

Aws Capital Group Review: Is this another Scam?

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Aws Capital Group is a cryptocurrency mining platform that aims at benefiting investors through their various strategies. However, this company claims to help investors earn from mining cryptocurrency with a very shady method of operation.

This firm has showcased numerous red flags, and you will only end up making losses if you fall for their catch. In these reviews, we are going to uncover some of their murkiness and why you shouldn’t expect anything in returns from this platform.

The platform has a terrible reputation, and investors are even complaining all over Facebook of how they lost money. Instead of this investment firm reaching out to their claims, they made up stories and ignored their queries.

The platform is selling the mining plan and that the cheapest costs $40 for 0.1 CMP and that one CMP cost $400 while 10 CMP costs up to $4000. Do not be so quick to purchase any of its packages because no one is seen to benefit from their plans.

The company aims to add new solutions for commerce to its services, which will provide an extra income for investors through their trading strategies. However, nothing this platform promises investors to make sense or adds up to anything and can just be seen as a waste of cyberspace.

Aws Capital Group Review, Platform

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Investors do not know the kind of strategies applied to come up with the profits and variety of tools used in mining. Furthermore, you do not see what returns to expect, and after how long the returns are generated is also not elaborated. customers are promised commission on any new member they manage to invite in the platform. However, do not be so quick to invite your friends and family into this company because they have never paid a single commission to any customer.

The company also aims at providing investors with crypto loans, trading subscription s, and other various services in the future. The platform portrays itself as an MLM platform whereby they depend on other investors to pay you a specific commission.

The issue with this kind of investment is that they do not last for long in the market because soon as the money stops coming in, they can pay investors. Customers are also promised discounted equipment they can use to earn quickly as the contract they purchase stops profiting.

This platform does not guarantee their software is profitable, and they expect it to stop profiting at some point, and this is a major red flag. However, once the contractor you recently purchased stops generating profits for you have to buy another one and do not provide a solution to lower the risk you encounter.

Always invest with legit cryptocurrency Investment firm that you should trust, to benefit you always showcase a high level of transparency, and you can easily trust them to make profits for you. Aws Capital Group does not showcase any clarity in their platform on the sales page and contains a poor marketing strategy that fails to explain anything concerning the software.

The people behind the platform are also not known, and you risk trusting criminals with your hard-earned money. They boast of having a great experienced team, yet no information to support their allegations is available anywhere.

The company also aims at growing the sites by opening new locations in Dubai, yet how they operate is the main agenda that needs answers. Any experienced investor will notice the red flags that would be exposed by this investment firm stay away at all costs.

Furthermore, scammers will always try to take advantage of the crypto world, and they will claim to have all types of features to tempt you into depositing money in their accounts. The platform aims at benefiting all types of traders, both experienced and inexperienced, despite no training materials in the platform.

Funds Safety

The safety of your money is not guaranteed in this investment firm and your risk of dealing with criminals. No information on any of the founders of the team of employees has been provided to prove otherwise.

Aws Capital Group aims at benefiting all types of investors; the banking information must be provided to you of the bank they use to store your funds. Investors are seen all over Facebook complaining to have lost money from this investment firm, yet they do not pay attention to any of these allegations.

For you to trust the company with your funds, you need to be provided with legit information that you can rely on before depositing a single coin. Furthermore, they claim that you can benefit from their affiliate program, and this seems to be the primary source of income.


The company tries to win your trust by using fake testimonies on the website without any link to any of the trade that resulted in the win. This kind of trait is common among Scammers, and you will only end up making losses.

The platform uses paid actors because the names mentioned are just picked at random and mixed with stock images to seem legit and lure you into depositing funds. However, the only beneficiaries are the platform owners, and there are even customers who have lost money from this company, and this is a major red flag.

Regulation and Customer Support

No regulation details have been provided that you can rely on and trust the platform. Unregulated companies will quickly go out of existence at any given time, and you risk losing all your money to scammers.

Legit investment firms that you can trust will provide you with evidence that you can verify the regulation. However, unregulated platforms will break the law whenever they choose to, and they provide fake details to try and seem legit.

The platform owners risk facing criminal prosecutions and are the main reason they fail to provide any information that links to them. Therefore this kind of investment may not last long in the market if they continue to operate without providing this information to investors.

Investors who need assistance from the company may not quickly receive this service because no contact support information is available. Legit trading robots will always provide you with working contact support that you can easily rely on a reply regarding your query is still instant.

They are no location whereabouts of the owners that are provided, and they claim to open new sites in Dubai, but their information is still undisclosed. Unregulated platforms always showcase a high-level murkiness, and customers always complain to have lost funds.

Final Verdict

Nothing this platform do shows any evidence of mining taking place, and you’ll only be wasting your time and money while expecting profit results. However, if you wish to make profits, they are legit cryptocurrency mining tools that are tried and tested to profit you, and you should only invest in such.

Nothing is sensible in this investment firm, and investors are even complaining to have lost money from this platform, and you will only get the same outcome. They also do not showcase any regulation evidence that you can rely on, and this is a major red flag.

There is no past trade evidence to prove genuineness in the firm, and you should not invest with such companies.

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  1. Aws mining encerrou e não pagou o dinheiro de mihoes de pessoas
    Enrolou e não fala mais nada agora abriram a aws capital grupo grupo de bandidos não coloque dinheiro com esses ca***ha.

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