AWS Mining Review – Scam or Actual Mining Site?

AWS Mining Review – Scam or Actual Mining Site?

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Having looked at AWS Mining website, we have a lot of interesting things to say about them. The site looks like a professional cloud mining destination where you could reliably buy mining contracts. It is for this reason that many internet users are dying with curiosity wanting to know whether AWS Mining is truly mining Cryptocurrencies or lying about their operation.

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AWS Mining Review

On the homepage, the site claims that they have a global presence. However, they only posted 3 videos on their homepage showing their alleged data centers in 3 different regions. The company appears to have its main offices in Australia and other offices in countries like China. We are not so sure about this. We are only going as per the site’s explanation.

The site is owned by a company called AWS Mining Pty Ltd. They are claiming that the company is offering Cryptocurrency cloud mining contracts to visitors with the smallest investment starting at $40. The company claims that they are based out of Australia, and are actually giving us an Australian address. In addition to that, AWS Mining has provided an email address and phone number for their support department. It is extremely rare to find a Cryptocurrrency cloud mining website providing phone support to their customers. So this is definitely a plus for the company because it makes people trust them more. However, this is not to say we should trust them outright.

aws mining review

In terms of transparency, AWS Mining has some level of transparency on their site as they try very hard to display their mining rigs and the various places in which they are operating from. So the only question that most people can ask is whether we should go ahead and trust AWS Mining. Are they real? Can you actually get some returns out of your contract?

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Customer feedback and details about their mining service

We’ve checked the domain and discovered that it is a little over a year old. That means they have existed for a long time enough for us to make a conclusive judgement on their service.

In terms of customer feedback, their Facebook page has a fair ratings from people who seem to have or are using this service. There is enough activity on their social media profiles with most people expressing their interest to join the company. There are at least 2000 followers on their Facebook page. Whether or not we can trust this following is another story altogether. However, we do believe that some of this feedback is genuine.

However, we have not come across someone saying that they have been mining Crypto currencies with this site and that it is really paying. We are yet to investigate and see whether current users are getting any returns. The feedback that we have right now is from people who are expressing interest to join after seeing that AWS Mining looks like a promising Crypto currency cloud mining service.

They also claim that the service is mining from 4 different mining pools and that they can switch between pools as soon as they discover that one pool is not very profitable. This kind of operation is meant to ensure that the site is always mining and remaining profitable to both the user and the owner.

Mining contracts

There are 5 different mining contracts which are measured in CMP units. 1 CMP unit is equivalent to $400. The basic plan is offering 0.1 CMP which means that investors can purchase that contract for $40. The company is not giving us any clue as to what we can realistically earn with this site. It is also not clear whether these contracts will run for a lifetime or for a specific duration.

What are the fees?

Fees are supposed to be charged based on the price of Cryptocurrencies, the cost of electricity and mining difficulty. AWS Mining claims that their fees are affected by these factors. Generally, they are charging 20% of the mining output.

Even if we were to anticipate the earnings from this site, it would be extremely difficult. We cannot picture how much 20% of the mining output will be. However, we know that it is a function of all the elements mentioned above. Having said that, the fees seem to be a little on the lower side. But then, we don’t know whether things will remain as they are right now. The Crypto currency cloud mining industry is rapidly changing plus there are many scams that have entered that industry at the moment. It is quite difficult to anticipate the longevity of some of these operations unless the test of time proves us wrong.

Therefore, in as much as ASW Mining is quite transparent compared to many Crypto currency mining sites that we have reviewed here, we are not completely giving them the the benefit of doubt.

Is ASW Mining scam at the end of the day?

It’s not easy to get an answer to this question given that we don’t have sufficient user testimonials regarding payouts. If there are any, we are sure that this information won’t take long before it can reach us. For now, it is quite impossible to tell whether this operation is legit or scam.

For now, we are only waiting to see if something will come up. If there is nothing alarming, we might consider changing this review once and for all.

Even the best Cryptocurrency cloud mining services have been known to turn into scams at a later date. So we are not taking any chances with this one. We may only want to take chances once the site proves that it is truly mining and issuing payouts.

Our best advice for you

AWS Mining looks like a genuine site. However, the problem is that we have not observed it long enough. We need some time to be able to make conclusive judgement as to whether our readers should start mining with AWS Mining. In the meantime, we are asking our readers to consider these Crypto currency cloud mining sites.

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22 Replies to “AWS Mining Review – Scam or Actual Mining Site?”

  1. Buenas tardes, primeramente permítanme felicitarles y agradecerles por todos los análisis y guías que nos dan en su página; segundo veo que les falta información sobre AWS MINING, que es una empresa minera real y que está dando satisfacciones a mucha gente, los contratos duran 400 días o cuando se obtenga el 200% de la inversión realizada, se puede visitar las instalaciones de las granjas mineras y sus oficinas, lo que ya han hecho muchas personas, etc…, más información que les puede ayudar a dar un análisis y conclusión la pueden encontrar en el siguiente link:
    Muchos saludos y gracias nuevamente por su trabajo.

  2. Mucha información que dan es falsa, es mejor investigar y cerciora*** de la información antes de proporcionarla.
    He viajado a sus sedes principales (Granjas) y no son en Australia, ni china, se encuentran ubicadas en Paraguay, Brasil y Rusia.

    1. quiero corregir algo que dijo liliana en australia esta la oficina y en china ya esta las granjas y en paraguay esta la nueva ahi dos en paraguay y 4 china y mongolia

  3. Yo ingresé a AWS MINING, y es la primera vez que veo que una empresa de imversiones, lo que ofrece de verdad existe, si esta empresa puede cumplir sus objetivos, sería muy grande, resaltó sobre las inversiones, que se invierte en Bitcoins, y pagan la rentabilidad en Bitcoins, o la moneda que halla escogido, (Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash o etherium), la rentabilidad se paga después de acomulados 30 usd, y se pasan directamente a la billetera, esta transacción ha durado por experiencia de varios asociados máximo 5 minutos,con un valor de transacción del 0.5% del valor enviado en la wallet queda en Bitcoins o la moneda que halla escogido, en esta empresa no se puede pasar su rendimiento a otra página, pues eso se convertirían en saldos, siempre se pasa el valor de moneda virtual a la wallet, yo los invito a que investiguen, van a encontrar comentarios positivos,los dueños dan la cara, e invitan a sus inversores a las granjas,más información al +573208710530

  4. Don’t trust AMS Mining. There are people working there like Saul Rodriguez that are known scammers who participated in D9Clube and others. Beware people!

    1. Y el hecho de que trabaje alguien que tu supuestamente ha estafado, confiere a la empresa ese calificativo? Criterio y seriedad por favor.

    2. H***o I am affiliated with aws mining and many people say or suspect that the company has no mining farm, I will make it clear that I will visit the mining farm on December 1st, 2018 and whoever wants more information about them just call me at whats 55 47 997396727 jhonatan

      ola eu sou afiliado da aws mining e muita gente diz ou desconfia que a empresa nao tem fazenda de mineração ,vou deixar claro que vou la visitar a fazenda de mineração dia 01 de dezembro de 2018 e quem quiser mais informaçoes sobre eles so me chamar no whats 55 47 997396727 jhonatan

  5. Don’t trust AWS Mining. There are people working there like Saul Rodriguez, a known scammer who participated in D9Clube and other Ponzi schemes.

  6. A AWS mining é uma empresa séria sim, e tem cumprido com seus compromissos, ela paga corretamente,além de vc conseguir acompanhar sua rentabilidade diariamente. Sua proposta é de dobrar o capital entre 12 e 14 meses.
    Suas fazendas de mineração estão disponíveis para visitação de seus investidores de pequeno, grande e médio porte
    Caso queira saber mais.
    Entre em contato +55 22 998642416

  7. Yo estoy investigando para conocer más de este tipo de negocios de la nueva economía, efectivamente hay que tener cuidado e informa*** antes de tomar descisiones, pues existen muchos estafadores que se dedican a aprovecha*** de la buena voluntad y deseos de éxito de las personas, pero Cari con todo respeto cuando dices que tu cuñada fue estafada a que te refieres ? Realmente fue estafada o ella te platico que eso le sucedió, porque quizás se retiró antes del tiempo de la cosecha o abandono porque esperaba recibir más con menos inversión, qué le pasó ?, recuerda que todos tenemos un cuñado que no siempre dice la verdad.
    Bendiciones !

  8. Yo llevo 10 meses en la compañía AWS MINING, donde me ha ido muy muy bien sin ningún lío…por primera vez estoy en una compañía de esta magnitud buen para más información al Interno

    1. Buenos días amiguito. Deseo saber de donde sale el dinero para pagar la rentabilidad a los ibvetsores nuevos que ingresan a diario??? No veo que tengan un producto o algo que produzca para pagar un alto interés diario. Por lo que puedo apreciar es que pagan de la inversión nueva que sigue llegando o corríjame si no es así. Gracias

    2. por favor indicame si está activa aun la pagina, yo invertí poco 40 $ para probar pero, intente retirar y no pude, creo que pedia màs inversión, ahora intento ingresar y la dirección da error, por favor dame una nueva dirección para ingresar a la información personal de inversión.

  9. Estoy registrado hace poco más de 2 meses,comence con 40 usd (no sólo recuperé ya la inversión, sino que estoy ganando en en verdad) incrementé mi inversión ahora gano 2 usd diarios. Tu puedes hacer lo mismo, registrarte sin invertir sólo para que indagues.
    No pierdes nada, y sales de dudas; igual te puedo orientar si lo deseas

      1. sobre el comentario de Rigoberto: lo que pasa es que puedes ganar mas si refieres personas.Si solo inviertes y no refieres tardaras mucho tiempo en ver ganancias.mas de 6 meses.

  10. esta empresa es totalmente legal puesto que he visitado las granjas que ofrecen contratos, si que es verdad que tenemos muchas competencias que quieren publicar que awsmining es estafa siendo mentira! os invitamos a los que dudeis que la visiteis, y si que es una oportunidad de negocio puesto que llevo 7 meses minando con ellos y pagan a diario lo que corresponde! un saludo

  11. Buenas noches a todos. Les informo que yo me ingresé a aws mining hace ya 1 mes y los pagos son reales. Todos los días me pagan lo que me corresponde y hasta aquí no hay nada irregular. Es más, he tomado la decisión de incrementar mi inversión. Muchos amigos míos tienen más inversión y por ende ganan más diariamente. Las cuentas son pagadas hasta su duplicación y no son de por vida sino que toca volver a revertir cuando ya se cumple el tiempo de validez de la cuenta. Aws mining es real.

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