Bac Finance Review: Forex Scam

Bac Finance Review: Forex Scam

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Bac Finance ( is another crude Cryptocurrency scam platform out to steal from anyone who signs up with them. BacFinance is professing to offer a profitable and simple way to invest and trade. With a number of members already complaining, we decided to conduct a thorough investigation. It turns out that this is another online scam that must be exposed. Read this genuine and honest BAC FINANCE Review for more.

Bac Finance Review

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Bac Finance Review

After receiving a number of complaints from victims of this scam, an investigation was underway. It turns out that Bac Finance is another crude online scam platform out to steal from investors. Most members are fooled by the well-designed website which mimics a real trading platform. These are professional scam artists who will do or say anything to fool investors into signing up. And this includes cloning a real website and using that information on their shoddy platform.

Aside from cloning websites, these scam artists hire call agents to act as account managers. You will receive calls from different people who claim to be account managers. These calls are usually made at the initial stages of signing up. After signing up, you will be constantly harassed with phone calls urging you to deposit more funds. These are paid call agents who act as account managers. They don’t have a clue regarding trading. These call agents will likely transfer your calls to another agent if you ask too much questions.

About Bac Finance

Disclaimer at the footer of their homepage shows the platform is claiming to be based in New Zealand. The problem with this statement is that the company register of New Zealand does not recognize it. These scam artists use random areas where they target investors from that region. In this case, Bac Finance is targeting users in Asia and Australia regions. And this is why most victims are from this area. Apart from using random locations, these scam artists never reveal their actual names.

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Anonymity is a huge challenge when it comes to online trading. Any anonymous online investment trading platform should be ignored. What are the names of the founding members of this platform? Why have they failed to give users the names of staff members running the platform? It is certain that something sinister is going on behind the scenes. BacFinance is not a real trading platform and investors should stay away from it. With an anonymous trading platform, nothing is ever guaranteed.

Is Bac Finance licensed or registered?

Bac Finance Warning Alert

And this is where we truly expose the rot with this platform. The Financial Markets Authority in New Zealand has recently issued a warning regarding BacFinance. Bac Finance is NOT LICENSED OR REGULATED to offer any trading activities to investors. These are mere scam artist who will create a compelling website and con users out of their hard earned money. Any unlicensed trading platform will never guarantee the safety of your deposit. It is better to stay away and use other notable recommended products.

With the warning being issued, it is safe to conclude any license detail on their platform is fake. And this is the extent to which scam artists will go to try and legitimize their platforms. When you look at their FAQ page under whether this platform is licensed, you will be surprised. These scam artists ate using NZBN: 9429042006138 as their license number. The official regulatory body in New Zealand warns investors that this is a random license number. You better stay away from this illicit platform.

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Advantages of Bac Finance

After going through the entire website, we could NOT FIND ANY ADVANTAGE of dealing with this platform. With the number of complaints rising by the second, it is clear we are dealing with a scam. The fact that the official regulatory body has issued a warning is proof we are dealing with a scam platform. Stay away from this platform and never associate with any of their affiliate programs. You will be held accountable for directing your family and friends to a known scam.

Disadvantages of Bac Finance

Account Types

Bac Finance is furnishing users with one investment plan option. It is still not clear whether the website fails to show the rest of the investment plans. The investment plan on offer claims to offer a guaranteed 2.5% profit margin. What we have a problem with is the fact that this platform offers a guaranteed stable profit margin. In the real world, this will never happen as the market is volatile and price changes without warning. Ensure you sign up with accounts which are realistic in nature.

Demo Account

Bac Finance Scam Services offered

Another disturbing issue with this platform is failure to offer users with a demo account. A demo account gives users a chance to test how well a platform works. Without a demo account present, users are signing up blindly. A smart investor will insist on trying out a demo account as it helps to know more about the platform. How fast the platform executes trades and the spread is important. Never commit yourself to a real account without having to test how a demo account behaves.

Fake testimonials

Scam artists will do anything to ensure their platforms appear real. And this is what Bac Finance is doing with their testimonials. Some of the people listed as members include Jaime and Randy.  Why can’t we get any social media profiles of these members? It is because these members don’t exist and are a trick to make the platform appear legit. Beware of the lengths scam artists will go.

Trading platform

Another perturbing issue we discovered with Bac Finance is failure to notify users the type of platform used. A smart investor knows a true trading platform must be secure and stable. Hackers can easily take over and steal personal information such as credit card information. It is best to use platforms which have proper security features such as DDoS protection and SSL encryption.

Security of funds with Bac Finance

When it comes to how secure funds are, victims of this platform will let you know. Once you deposit funds with this platform, it is the last you will see of it. The platform has a huge problem when it comes to segregation of accounts. It seems members are depositing funds straight to owner’s bank account. The industry has barred platforms from pooling funds in one account for certain reasons. When bankruptcy and insolvency occurs, compensation is out of the question with Bac Finance.

Scam or legit

Bac Finance Investment Plans/ Account types

With overwhelming evidence suggesting Bac Finance is a scam, investors should stay away. From complaints by members to the platform inability to show transparency, investors should stay away. The platform has also been blacklisted by the FMA which is concrete proof this is not a trustworthy trading platform. Mark all their emails as spam and never click on any of their affiliate links. Warn your family and friends from signing up with their 10 percent profit affiliate programs.

Bottom line

We have to add this platform to our scam blacklist and ensure our readers get to know the risks.

A smart investor will look for a reliable and reputable broker to earn money safely. Start the success journey by signing up with credible and innovative brokers. Your time to become the next successful trader starts with having an expert by your side.

Wishing all investors a happy and prosperous trading experience.



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