Banc De Crypto Review: Scam or Just Controversial?

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Banc De Crypto Review: Scam or Just Controversial?

Banc de Crypto is a self-proclaimed leading Cryptocurrency investment fund. The platform looks very professional and even convincing. However, we’d like to inform you that if you were considering the option of investing here, you need to read this review first before you can carry on with your plans.

So, what exactly is Banc de Crypto, and is it a safe investment platform to put your money in? That’s what we will be answering in the next section of this review.

Banc de Crypto review

The homepage of Banc de Crypto declares that this platform is the world’s first private cryptocurrency investment fund. The reason why they are making this claim is because own revolutionary blockchain-powered technologies which they claim can yield 30% monthly return on investments.

Banc de Crypto has allegedly invested in an advanced but straight forward and transparent platform that automatically eliminates the need for middlemen who only chew profits.

According to the website, investors can only enjoy three types of investing. As an investor, you are supposed to make money here through manual trading, automated trading or participating in their ICO.

If you want to get started with Banc De Crypto, all you should do is go to the main website, sign up and wait for your account manager to give you a call. Your personal manager will then go ahead and setup an account with you after discussing things such as sum of money to be invested, strategy to be used and terms and conditions too.

While using your digital signature, funds can be transferred to the Banc De Crypto account so that they can be traded as agreed. You can make deposits either in fiat or Crypto currencies — whichever is convenient for you.

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bancdecrypto review

The moment the transaction has been completed, the mechanism will automatically exchange fiat currency into Bitcoin for trading (in case you deposited in USD or EUR).

Your personal manager will then take the mandate of updating you on the status of your portfolio with regards to profits that have been made so far. They have to do this from time to time.

Banc De Crypto also claims that one can opt to withdraw their money either in fiat currencies or Cryptocurrencies if they wish. Nevertheless, there is the option of re-investing profits back to the system so that more profits can be generated afterwards.

Your account manager is supposed to speak to you through email, phone cal or provided telegram channel. Here, they will share with you your portfolio reports from time to time.

So far, this is a professional setup. We do not have any issues with how they carry out their activities.

Managing risk through portfolio diversification

Banc De Crypto claims that your funds will be safe because they are safeguarding them by investing in various assets.

The purpose of having a diversified range of portfolio is to keep a healthy balance between risk and returns. According to the website, majority of their portfolio is comprised of low risk buy high yield Cryptocurrencies. We actually do not understand how this works because generally, the lower the risk, the lower the returns. The vice versa is also true.

The rest of their portfolio is comprised of speculative trading (such as Forex trading) and Initial Coin Offerings. To instill more confidence in their investors, Banc De Crypto claims that apart from diversifying their portfolio to contain risk, they also use stop losses, risk management tools (based on artificial intelligence) and insider market information.

Lastly, there is a big claim which Banc De Crypto has made that we have not been able to verify so far. The claim is that apart from BitMex, Banc De Crypto is the only investment fund that is making use of BTC derivatives to hedge positions.

The warning signs

So far, Banc De Crypto does not give you reasons to doubt their operations. However, we as the experts know how to sniff these red flags and warnings. To a newbie, this may seem sophisticated and good news. A newbie might just end up parting with their money because Banc De Crypto sounds really into good business.

Although Banc De Crypto is still a new Cryptocurrency fund management platform, we managed to discover hints here and there, and this information is actually making us think twice before asking our audience to invest with this platform.

Why are they concealing important information?

The site in question was registered in June 2017. That makes it a very new site. The main issue of concern here is that the domain is privately registered, something that many scam sites love to do, so it only makes us suspicious. We wonder why the owner of Banc De Crypto would want to conceal their information if this is truly a legitimate investment destination as claimed on the website.

In fact, this should be your first red flag suggesting that something is not right with this site. There is no way of knowing who owns this site. So that is actually something that you cannot ignore.

Besides this, there is absolutely zero information about the CEO or the main person who runs this Cryptocurrency fund. Who exactly is the founder of this company? And why is it that we can’t find the names of the team members participating in their alleged investment activities?

According to Banc De Crypto, there are 20 different trading experts who are based across some 6 countries. Their time zones also vary, and that means their working hours may also vary.

But now, the main issue of concern is that we do not know who these people are. There is no information about them, plus the site is not willing to reveal anything about them either.

We don’t think it is that difficult to publish names, pictures and biographies for purposes of verification. This is never a difficult job at all.

Furthermore, most professional traders will have LinkedIn profiles. Why is it that these ”expert traders” employed by Banc De Crypto are not being mentioned anywhere. They don’t even have LinkedIn profiles which can be used to verify their trading background and experience in general.

This is a red flag that you should never ignore however much this site wants you to believe that they are engaging in legitimate trading and investing practices.

You must understand that the moment you give someone your money knowing very well that they are strangers, you are risking losing that money. Furthermore, it’s your right to be treated to this information. You must demand to know the person who will be managed your funds. If that information is not available, then rest assured that your funds will disappear.

Our best advice for you

You see, testimonials or user feedback can never tell lies. We have scouted for reviews and discovered that most users are not happy with this service at all.

One user was quoted saying that he spoke to one Eric Robinson, an alleged expert trader who claims to be American yet he is speaking with a heavy Eastern European accident. This guy had been pushing the victim to invest more money after depositing $300 already. He ended up losing all the money. So if you don’t want to end up in the same situation, we advise that you check out this list of trading opportunities. 

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