Become A Better Trader Review: SCAM Signal Service, Trading Room and Many More

Become A Better Trader Review: SCAM Signal Service, Trading Room and Many More

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There is just so much material out there on Forex trading. The internet is full of all sorts of solutions which purport to offer trading courses, trading mentors, trading indicators, or live trading signals.

However, according to our vast experience in the industry, we can say that nearly all the ”solutions” out there are useless.

We cannot have too many products with too little in terms of results to show for what users have benefited.

So, can we fully trust Rob Hoffman and his ”Become a Better Trader” system?

If we are going to trust Become a Better Trader website, hard evidence has to be involved in proving some things.

It’s one thing to believe claims and it’s quite another to see actual proof that what is being sold to you has worked before and will continue to work in the future.

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Rob Hoffman makes a proclamation that he has won the accolade of the World Champion Trader 25 times in a row.

At the same time, he is hustling you a cool 10,000USD in order to teach you his ”secrets” of trading the markets successfully.

However, before you hand over your wallet to the so-called Become a Better Trader, understand that this guy did not win any international prize so to speak.

Instead, he is just a carnival huckster who can never produce any track record of ever earning a single penny from his trading activities.

That’s the reason he is selling ”Become a Better Trader” for $10k. This title which he claims to have won is nothing more than promotional tactic.

What is more, the guy has a history which associates him with selling get rich quick schemes.

He targets retail traders of all types. And because he doesn’t know anything about FX trading, complaints have since stacked up against him in form of a tall, ugly tower which highlights the plight of those who have lost money through his schemes.

Become a Better Trader: the product details

If you want to learn both day trading and swing trading, this course by Rob Hoffman is allegedly meant for you.

Because the product is designed for those who struggle with trading, he has decided to include the following as well:

For $197, you get daily signals through email, text alongside video tutorials. For $397, you get access to his ”live day trading room’, video tutorials and signals alert.

But if you folk out $997, you get all things mentioned above plus one-on-one coaching with Rob Hoffman himself.

And for $10k, you get his ”full attention”.

In-depth investigations reveal that first started selling trading products and services in 2012.

What Rob Hoffman has been doing all this while

He is not new in the trading education scenes. Some products associated with his name have existed for more than a decade now.

Also, through prior user reviews and data snooping tools, we’ve been able to learn of his affiliation with these products.

Have a look at this website called This website is promoted as a day trading educational resource center which also sells products by none other than Rob himself.

However, we can also see that people by the name Hubert Senters and Thomas Wood are involved alongside Rob Hoffman.

The saddest thing is that Hubert Senters and Thomas Wood have received very negative public perception due to their products which people say are causing them to suffer massive losses instead of making profits.

And then there was, a now defunct scam site that used to peddle the same philosophy as

The site offered day trading education coupled with a number of products and services for trading. It remained active between the years 2008-2012.

This site received extremely bad reviews from users who clearly singled it out as a scam.

become a better trader scam
negative user reviews

Today, the domain is redirecting to, and that shows that Rob Hoffman has everything to do with that site.

Finally, let’s look at TradeTheMarkets.Com. It’s owned by Rob Hoffman and his fellow marketers, John Carter and Hurbert Senters.

And since this website was getting extremely negative reviews from people who got frustrated after losing money, they decided to re-brand the domain to

Rob Hoffman: The self-proclaimed champion trader who never made a penny

The first thing you will notice on this website is a self-declaration that Rob is a 25 times world champion trader.

false awards

In other words, this man is claiming that he has participated and won numerous domestic and international FX trading competitions.

These claims sound very impressive indeed. However, the saddest thing is that Mr. Rob is only a trading champ in his own mind.

These are only ridiculous claims made for purposes of promoting Become a Better Trader website. There is no grain of truth in these declarations.

As a matter of fact, what they call ”trading competitions” are nothing but corny stage-managed events which take place at Money shows, and in other European promotional tours.

You have to understand that what they call trading competitions usually feature 2 guys trading on laptops for a period of 1 hour.

And in that scenario, the man or woman who loses the least or wins the most is crowned with the title ”THE CHAMPION OF FOREX TRADING IN THE WHOLE WORLD”. 😉

Now, any sane trader will feel that this showmanship is pathetic and ridiculous.

With the way things are done here, one often concludes that these events are organized with the purpose of hustling unsuspecting victims to buy fraudulent products, which apparently are created or programmed by the so-called THE CHAMPION OF FOREX TRADING IN THE WHOLE WORLD.

So this tells you that the entire business is indeed fraudulent. These schemes which they call trading expositions are equally fraudulent.

They are only perpetrated with the sole purpose of making money off the pockets of those who believe that Become a Better Trader and other products are the magic of Forex trading.

These are nothing but sideshows. They are a gimmick and an act of bad faith.

One on one email conversation with Rob Hoffman

We needed some proof that what Rob was offering was indeed profitable. After all, we always need to produce some sort of proof in terms of live account that has been traded by the so-called Forex gurus.

We wanted to do a review of Become a Better Trader, so we had to inform him first.

Guess what, the guy refused a one-on-one phone conversation with us. Instead, he got to us through email with a message informing us that he had won another competition in Italy.

He also informed us that he had been busy nursing his ill wife and kid. He promised to get back to us anyway.

Numerous phone calls went unanswered. We kept sending emails which he kept ignoring. Finally, we had to give up.

In other words, this guy did not want us to verify his track record. That is why he was reluctant to speak to us.

Our Best Advice for You

Become a Better Trader is a suspicious product. Evidence is out there, so you can’t say you were not warned.

Become a Better Trader is also linked with someone who has been associated with scam products before. That’s a huge red flag.

The good news is that you can always use our top recommended Forex products to make money. Avoid scams at all cost.

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2 Replies to “Become A Better Trader Review: SCAM Signal Service, Trading Room and Many More”

  1. What a scam. I have been in his room only when offered for free. He claims to be this big 20-100 lot trader yet for the 4 times in his room , no trades placed for 3 and then a 1 lot short on NQ which he had no sell discipline and closed it out for a 30.00 profit.. what a joke. He then blames a bad trade on being distracted by answering questions for all his guests. After he put on the NQ , I asked 4 TIMES that I thought he was at least a 20 lot trader and when did he increase his size? Of course no response.. What a joke. Stay as far away as possible. It’s a scam..

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