Bee-One Review: An e-commerce Crypto Company

Bee-One Review: An e-commerce Crypto Company

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Bee-One is a UK-based company that is operating as a cashback crypto scheme. mentions various features of the company and claims it to be a leading name in the e-commerce industry. Initially, the company was only a traditional e-commerce platform. However, it has evolved into a cashback scheme by promising the rewards and cashback in the form of a cryptocurrency. In this article, you will learn about the various features of Bee-one that will help you to decide whether you should invest in it to earn crypto coins.

Overview of Bee-One

Subash George Manual is running Bee-One from the UK. Its domain ( is designed in a very efficient and user-friendly manner. It is a cashback scheme that attracts the user by stating that they should buy a lot of products from this platform to earn the maximum amount of returns. Other loyalty returns are also provided in the form of crypto points called CryptoCarbon. mentions an executive address in London. However, my research indicates that this address is not an official address of the company. Instead, it is a virtual address provided by Regus. Moreover, Bee-one is not the only venture of George Manual. He is also running Bee International, an immigration company specializing in the Canadian immigration process. Cryptocarbon is very active in India because it is a booming crypto market.

Products Offered by Bee-One

Bee-One is a very large marketplace through which you can and sell a variety of products at different prices and locations. It is a well-designed e-commerce platform. However, the emphasis of the company’s marketing is not on the shopping part. Instead, describes the company as a cashback and reward company.

It does not have any original retail products or services. You can only earn Cryptocarbons and other benefits by investing in the affiliate membership. The company also promises huge profits and discounts to third-party merchants associated with this platform.

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Domain Insights is a well-designed domain. It is attracting a significant amount of traffic. According to the analysis, the UK (42%) and India (35%) are the top sources of the website traffic. It is enjoying a decent global ranking. Moreover, the analysis shows that it is targeting keywords related to the crypto industry like free crypto coins and modern crypto schemes. It proves that the owner and marketing team of Bee-One is not promoting it as an e-commerce platform but as a crypto company.

Despite its effort to seem like a revolutionary company, Bee-One is a highly unimpressive platform. It is asking for a significant amount of investment, and there are very fewer chances of earning considerable profits. Even if you earn some profits, they will not as much as you can earn from other platforms like crypto mining companies. These companies allow you to earn money on your own terms and preferences. They have efficient and quick mining services that allow you to earn maximum profits through crypto mining. 

Compensation Plan Of Bee-One

At the very first glance, the compensation plan of Bee-One does not give a very good impression. In fact, it seems to be the combination of a number of other crypto MLM schemes. Moreover, it is quite expensive to join the income structure of

The company has the following two packages:

  • The gold package that costs £49.99
  • Perfect Living Package that costs £199

Both of these packages offer different opportunities to earn rewards and Cryptocarbons through the compensation plan.

Affiliate Ranks

Bee-One has thirteen affiliate ranks. You have to keep working hard to climb these ranks. The site mentions the following breakdown of the affiliate ranks:

  1. Spend at least £49.99 to buy the affiliate membership of Gold Affiliate Rank.
  2. Invest £199 in Perfect Living affiliate membership.
  3. To be a part of the Executive affiliate rank, you have to generate at least 250 GV per month.
  4. Members of the Senior Executive have to make 1000 GV per month.
  5. Generate 2500 GV per month to qualify for the Manager affiliate rank.
  6. You can become an Executive Manager at Bee-One by personally recruiting at least two members on the Manager rank. Moreover, you must generate 7500 per month.
  7. Recruit and maintain two members on the Executive Manager and make 30,000 GV per month to qualify for the Gold Manager rank.
  8. Hire three members of the Gold Manager rank to become Diamond Manager.
  9. Recruit three members of the Diamond Manager rank to become a member of the Gold Diamond Manager rank.
  10. Hire five members of the Gold Manager rank to become a member of the Crown Diamond Manager rank.
  11. Hire five members of the Crown Diamond Manager rank to become a member of the Crown Diamond Manager 1 rank.
  12. Recruit five members of the Crown Diamond Manager 1 rank to become a member of the Crown Diamond Manager 2 rank.
  13. Finally, hire five members of the Crown Diamond Manager 2 rank to become a member of the Crown Diamond Manager 3 rank.

Earnings promises the following amount of income to the members on different affiliate ranks. Keep in mind that the income is given in terms of pounds (£), but the actual bonuses are promised in the form of Cryptocarbons. There is no indication that these crypto coins and points have any real value in the market for now. Hence, it is possible that you will no be able to take benefit from such compensation anytime soon.

The company promises to distribute crypto coins equivalent to the following given local currency for different ranks:

  • £250 to the members of Gold Affiliate Rank.
  • £500 to the members of Perfect Living Affiliate Rank.
  • £750 to the members of Executive Affiliate Rank.
  • £1000 to the members of Senior Executive Affiliate Rank.
  • £2500 to the members of Manager Affiliate Rank.
  • £5000 to the members of Executive Manager Affiliate Rank.
  • £7500 to the members of Gold Manager Affiliate Rank.
  • £12,500 to the members of Diamond Manager Affiliate Rank.
  • £15,000 to the members of Gold Diamond Manager Affiliate Rank.
  • £20,000 to the members of Crown Diamond Manager Affiliate Rank.
  • £21,000 to the members of Crown Diamond Manager 1 Affiliate Rank.
  • £23,000 to the members of Crown Diamond Manager 2 Affiliate Rank.
  • £25,000 to the members of Crown Diamond Manager 3 Affiliate Rank.

Other Bonuses

Other than the plans discussed above, the company is offering many other ways to its members to earn profits. However, all of these compensation plans are essentially based on affiliate memberships. For example, there is a bonus scheme called crypto cloud bonuses and a cloud sharing bonus. Both of these bonuses revolve around the members recruiting more people to earn profits and cash backs.


It is evident that Bee-One is a complex company. It started out as e-commerce. Yet, it has turned all its attention and marketing strategies towards targeting the crypto industry. Furthermore, the fact that the company is promising you cash bacs and asking you to invest in numerous affiliate ranks of the company is highly suspicious.

The rewards are said to be in the form of Cryptocarbons, a crypto coin used only by Bee-One, Crytocarbons, and point system used by does not have any real value in the market. Instead of making yourself dependent on cashback schemes and infrequent profits, you should opt for investing in the crypto mining companies. Such companies will allow you to establish a steady source of revenue. You can mine your own crypto coins through these companies as they have modern tools and support systems to fulfill such goals. 

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