Best Coin Bot Review: Mediocre or Outright Scam?

Best Coin Bot Review: Mediocre or Outright Scam?

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Best Coin Bot is a robot that can allegedly make you money by trading Cryptocurrencies. It is supposed to exploit gaps in the Cryptocurrency markets so as to take advantage of volatility for profit taking. To make it a successful robot, the makers of Best Coin Bot claim that the algorithm is sophisticated and highly scalable, which makes it one of the best Cryptocurrency trading robots around.

To get started with Best Coin Bot, traders need to choose one of the vendor’s recommended brokers and fund that account with at least $250. The daily profit estimated for this robot is between $250 and $500 respectively. However, the developer is also encouraging users to deposit $1,300 or more so that they can make more money.

Having gone through the website where BestCoinBot is hosted at, we can say that a number of things are not right yet.

Also, many people want to know whether or not it’s true that Best Coin Bot can make up to $500 a day. We’ve been asked this question several times. We resolved to put in as a review instead.

So in case you wanted to use it but are skeptic that this robot will make you lose your investments, here’s what you should know.

bestcoinbot review

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Best Coin Bot Review

Having reviewed hundreds of such robots in the past, we can say that Best Coin Bot does not look any different. We even doubt if its performance is up to par.

Right now, there are several Cryptocurrency trading robots which are mere white labels. Vendors buy these white labels and slap their logos on them. When everything is ready, they market those robots as unique trading tools.

This is exploitative, manipulative and not acceptable. The way we see Best Coin Bot is that it is your average trading robot with no real ability to make the kind of profits which they are touting on this website.

By the way, the only robots that can reach that amount of profit can be found here.

Making up to $500 a day is quite realistic, depending on the amount of money you’re using in your trading account. The other factors that influence the amount of money you can earn are the sophistication of the trading algorithm, market conditions, and the ability of this vendor to release updates frequently.

We have looked at Best Coin Bot and found that there is no sign of this sophistication anywhere. Yes, they have provided us with a demo account for testing this robot. But again, demo trading robots just imitate the real thing. Since they are simulators, you will trade with fake price feed and trading environment in general.

The point is, you’re not likely to get the true picture of how Best Coin Bot performs. There is only one way to do so, and that is, by actually using in on a live trading environment with real money in the account.

So far, we don’t think this is something we are willing to do. That risk isn’t worth it given that this website doesn’t give us enough reasons as to why we should go an extra mile and gamble with a $250 live account, thanks to this robot’s seemingly mediocre performance.

How does it work?

Best Coin Bot website does not give us any clear explanation on how this robot is supposed to work. What we have is a monotonous description of how it buys and sells the markets when volatility is sufficient enough to form patterns that bring ripe trading signals.

Generally, such descriptions don’t convince professionals like us. There needs to be a detailed explanation of the algorithm of this robot. We don’t want to hear that if price moves from point A to point B, the robot will buy and when the vice versa happens, the robot will sell. That is not a valid explanation.

Therefore, this robot has completely failed in this department. It has actually affected its trust ratings.


When the robot in question doesn’t measure up to expectations, we turn to testimonials from people who claim to have used this software. The website where Best Coin Bot is being offered at has a couple of faces belonging to people who claim to have used this software and that they are making money.

Upon scrutinizing this information, we discovered that these testimonials were not genuine. They have been written by the site admin. Pictures were uploaded by the site admin as well. These pictures are nothing but stock photos.

In other words, what you’re seeing here as testimonials or ‘’proof of performance’’ are nothing but lies. It’s unbelievable that the owner of this site can stoop this low to portray a false sense of credibility when they know very well that their robot doesn’t yield any good trading results.

At this point in time, you can rest assured that the alleged win rates are a big fat lie. These people don’t trade Cryptocurrencies, and even if they do, they have never heard of or used Best Coin Bot before. Their photos are being misused online without their knowledge or consent.


It’s quite normal for marketers to boast of endorsements when they received genuine ones. But endorsements are earned rather than being dished out to whoever wants them.

An endorsement becomes a valid one if the person issuing that endorsement has truly seen that the service which they are endorsing has met expectations and even exceeded them.

The other thing is that for any endorsement to be valid, it must come from a popular media house or industry website.

Now, the people whom they have listed as endorsers of this trading system are nothing more than their partners. Of course when we work together and gain mutual benefits from each other, this is what is likely to happen.

To cut a long story short, you can trust these endorsements. They are not valid.

How the game is supposed to be played so you can lose money

Let’s be honest here. These guys are in business. The problem is that at the end of the day, you will lose money while they make money. They sell you their robot and make sure that you’re trading with their recommended broker –Greenfields Capital.

This robot is actually not free to use. As you can see, you’ll be required to sign up with this broker in order to activate it. If that does not happen, you can’t take it and use it with a broker of your choice for free. That’s the catch. Remember that when the deal is too sweet, you have to think twice.

Our best advice for you

Best Coin Bot does not have any track record of creating high performance trading robots for Cryptocurrencies. In fact, we have never even heard about them before. They are total strangers in this industry.

The other thing is that their details have not been disclosed on whois, and we are already wondering why they are following the path of scammers.

At this point in time, it is not safe to trust this robot with your hard earned earnings. It would be safe to use these recommended trading apps for Cryptocurrrencies instead since they are tested and proven to be consistent.

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