Best Step by Step Forex Trading Guide for Beginners

Best Step by Step Forex Trading Guide for Beginners

You’ve come here because you probably want a step by step guide that can teach you both the basics of  Forex trading and how to trade Forex with minimum risk or without losing your funds.

steps to learn forex trading for beginners

Forex(aka Foreign exchange or Currency Trading) has become really really popular over the last decade because many professional traders have used it to grow their invested funds to unimaginable figures.

You too can do it if you can be able to learn what it takes to become a professional or an advanced forex trader.

Forex trading can be very profitable if you know your whereabouts in the Forex market.  It can also lead to high loses if not done properly. Imagine that a guy was able to grow his original funds of $1,000 to a whopping 1000% return on investment of about $10,000 in 6 months.

It’s that not awesome?

Many have also lost their whole invested capital in the currency market.  Another guy invested $5,000 into his Forex business thinking that he’ll be able to grow those funds to $1M in a short period of time.  Unfortunately, he was met by a serious trading disaster that wiped off his entire account in a single day!

Yes! It could be that serious.

But, there’s no need to get scared of these stories.  Your job is to follow the right path to success and you’re on your way to a real success with foreign exchange trading.

85% of those that fail in the Forex market never had a chance of being taught a perfect step by step guide for Forex trading beginners that will enable them understand everything about the Forex market and therefore maximize their profits 10 folds.

I can’t tell how you managed to hear about Forex trading but i know that something behind your mind is telling you: “Hey! If I could learn a good step by step guide on how to trade in this Forex market, I can never lose a single bit of my invested funds”.

Whether you’ve heard about Forex from friends, Google, advertisements, Colleagues, College, Facebook and other social networks, e.t.c, i just want you to follow every step i will outline below and as a beginner in the foreign exchange market, you will can trade in any broker at any time and still make your profits.

Step by Step Forex Trading Guide For Forex beginners

 Before i go into every step, please i would like you to know that foreign exchange trading is a very vast field in the financial markets and as such it’s almost impossible to teach you everything you need to know about forex trading in this single article.
Sequel to this, I would send you to a simple website that we’ve partnered with to teach you everything you need before you can start trading in the currency market.
Therefore, every step I will state below shows how you can learn how to trade from a site called tradimo.
This is a simple site that can teach you everything you need to learn about currency trading within 10 days.
 Best of all, Tradimo is also offering you a free 100 Euros to start off live trading without having to deposit your own real funds. It’s that not fantastic?
But to make sure that you really know how to trade, you have to pass their step by step guide of learning Forex trading before you can successfully claim the free 100 Euros.
It’s a big advantage for you as a beginner because you’ll benefit from both learning how to trade Forex and then start off with live trading (instead of demo trading) with real live funds without having to deposit your own cash.
It sounds good right?   Now, follow the steps below:

The Steps:

1. Go to Tradimo and Click on “Start your Trading Journey”. Follow the subsequent steps to open a new account at Tradimo.
2.After successfully opening a new Tradimo account, confirm your email address and click on the free 100 Euros at the top of the page to continue your trading journey.
3. At this stage, you will see a progress bar in percentage, letting you know how far you’ve gone in learning the basics of forex.  It could take you up to 20 days or 1 month to learn everything depending on how fast you learn.
4.You have to pass every stage to progress to the next stage. You can quit any step and return later to where you’ve stopped as Tradimo will keep track of your progress and performance all the time.
5. At tradimo, there’s another section where you can learn to trade.  When you’ve logged into your Tradimo account, look at the top of the page and click on “Learn to trade”. This is also a step by step tutorial with beginners in mind that will help you boost your forex knowledge.
6. At anytime within your course of learning how to trade in the forex market at Tradimo, you can listen and learn from the free video tutorials Tradimo has prepared for you beginners.
7. Everything about “Learning how to trade forex” is simple with Tradimo and you can always answer the quiz tests to ascertain how well you’ve learnt the topic in question.
8. If you’ve followed the above steps and completed almost every tutorial at Tradimo, then you are welcome to Open a live account with our broker and start live trading.  If you don’t want to use our own forex broker for trading, you can as well use that of Tradimo.

At stage 3 above, when the progress bar has reached 80% completeness of the tutorial, you will be required to register with Tradimo’s partner broker called Sensus Capital Market.
This broker will be responsible for giving you the free 100 Euros for trading live.

This is not required for learning how to trade forex at Tradimo but it is necessary in case you run into confusions. You can post in their support forum and ask them any confusing question you have or better still, you can ask me here using the comments below and I will answer you as soon as possible.

You can see that for the present day beginners in foreign exchange trading, there’s no need to panic while trading because you’ve mastered every piece of information you need to know concerning trading the market.


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