BFF Crowdfunding Review: How Got Away with Funds

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BFF Crowdfunding Review: How Got Away with Funds

BFF Crowdfunding is also going by the full name Building For the Future Crowdfunding. Our review Mike Taylor’s dubious Crypto MLM Project.

Most of his other projects have been audacious, claiming to help turn $100 into $9,500 within two to three weeks. As we explore what BFF Crowdfunding is all about, we’ll highlight the risks associated with this project.

BFF Crowdfunding Review: How Mike Taylor fools affiliates

Mike Taylor is the brains behind this project, and as we publish this post, the website is an affiliate program. This means that once you sign up, you start selling the platform’s products and services as an affiliate.

Despite claiming to offer high bonuses and commissions, that remains to be seen. You also must pay to become an affiliate. Ask yourself, why do I have to pay to promote someone’s product and services?

The minimum acceptable deposit with this project is $125 which he guarantees to quadruple your investment. And this is where we must dig deep and expose the project’s dubious investment scares.

What we have is a classic serial MLM scammer who has been at this game for years. This is not the first time we’ve heard of Mike Taylor or the products he offers. We have a project that fails to offer any meaningful outcome to anyone who signs up.

Learn more in our detailed BFFCrowdfunding Review.

A Closer Look at BFF Crowdfunding

We tracked down Mike Taylor’s recent Facebook Profile and found some interesting facts. He claims to hold a degree from the University of Texas. Checking his alumni records, there’s no such person.

Mike also claims to own BFF Global Network, an affiliate and marketing company dealing with crypto and finance instruments. There’s no record of this entity’s registration anywhere on the planet.

Looking at some of his YouTube channels, he claims to be a seasoned trader with success in the crypto world. Aside from trading, his other professions include life finance coach and online marketer.

BFF Crowdfunding is a project that started over four months ago and quickly gained attention. Thanks to his network of marketers, he reached out and developed a near-perfect pitch for this product and service.

The platform sadly went down as quickly as it came, with numerous member complaints. It was clear from the word go Mike was only interested in your deposit. Even after becoming an affiliate and investing, withdrawing was a problem.

Before BFF Crowdfunding happened, he was the sole marketer of Gobe Tradehouse. This was a trading entity claiming to offer ‘daily guaranteed ROI’ for staking opportunities. That too didn’t see the light of day and went offline a few weeks after entering the scene.

We’ve been spotting Mike Taylor in several collapsed Crypto MLM products as a marketer. He’s been pushing products such as Tradera and Forsage. For the latter, the owners were indicted by the Federal government.

GOBE COPYCAT was another product worth mentioning that defrauded tens of thousands of investors. He claimed to have an amazing copy-trading tool that maximized returns. What we didn’t know is that he was using a demo trading platform version to draw positive results.

What is BFF Crowdfunding up to?

The platform promises investors a near-perfect affiliate online marketing course presented by a 6-figure marketer. Once naïve marketers fall for this claim, they immediately hurry to open multiple accounts.

To get your attention, Mike promises to quadruple your investment within two to three weeks. He also claims you can open as many affiliate accounts with the goal of reaching the top of the pyramid scheme.

With every 8 investors you bring in, the platform claims to bump your affiliate status. You now enter levels 2 and 3 before finally reaching the Promised Land, top of the food chain. Mike makes it sound easily achievable.

Which countries are targeted by

United States is at the forefront of his targeted audience followed closely by Canada and Mexico. The bulk doesn’t end there, Mike is also targeting investors in Europe mostly France, Spain, and the UK.

Africa’s target demographic includes Nigeria and South Africa. In Asia, Mike has close ties with marketers from Malaysia, Taiwan, and Singapore. We strongly believe Mike flies in and out of Dubai, the MLM hub capital.

Hundreds of investors have signed up for his affiliate marketing. Most of the products they push are crypto related and belong to shell companies shrouded with anonymity. It’s another sign Mike’s only after your network and not pay any commissions.

Who is Mike Taylor, the man behind BFF Crowdfunding?

There are hundreds of Facebook profiles with his name and BFF Group. He’s black and doesn’t have the pedigree of a successful online marketer. There’s no trading portfolio one can use to verify his trading prowess.

In fact, he uses the same profile picture on all his Facebook accounts. The picture available might not be his in the first place. We’ve encountered such poster boys in the past, and Mike Taylor is definitely one of them.

Crowdfunding scam;

Your target with BFF Crowdfunding

What the project offers is a cycler affiliate program with investors getting a promise of making 400% ROI. You’re to choose one of the three investment tiers or all of them, $125, $250, and $500.

Investors are free to open as many accounts as they deem possible to gain ‘more ROI’ according to Mike. Through your affiliate, claims to pay out the 400% ROI through 2*3 matric cycler.

This is when an affiliate places two positions from the first level. You get to the next level by splitting the first two positions into another four positions and so forth. Members can only proceed to the next position after filling the four or two positions.

You’re to enlist new members to these positions and continue purchasing cycler positions before heading to the top. Here’s the kicker, Mike won’t be allowing withdrawals until you reach the top.

And when you do, he shuts down your account. Members have been doing all the heavy lifting as he takes all the credit.

Customer Complaints

Hundreds of online marketers are sharing their experiences with this platform on Social media. The platform is only dealing with ridiculous amounts of complaints which we suspect led to Mike shutting the website.

As we publish this post, the website only has a log in and sign up option. The affiliate course is also another bone of contention. According from Dayna, the course is a compilation of affiliate videos easily found on YouTube.

There’s no six-figure affiliate promoter on the platform, and this is where we have to expose the project.

Is Legit or a Scam?

There’s no doubt in our minds BFF Crowdfunding is a high-risk no-reward affiliate program. Those who initially signed up with the project are ruing their decision after Mike failed to release funds or even reimburse members.

What makes BFF Crowdfunding a high-risk project?

Countless of reasons including anonymity and lack of transparency from the creator. There’s every reason to doubt any product from Mike Taylor as all his previous projects have gone under.

Payouts are not real and the ROI is unrealistic. Members are only marketing products for free while Mike takes the pay from these products and services.

Our Verdict BFF Crowdfunding

Please stay away from the project, you won’t gain even a cent from the project.

Instead, go for realistic passive income projects tested and trusted by investors. These projects come with verified performance.

Have any questions? Feel free to leave a comment or email us with any queries.

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