Big Bang EA Review: BigbangEA Legit or Scam?

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Big Bang EA Review: BigbangEA Legit or Scam?

Big Bang EA is a robot that claims to work perfectly on MT4 and MT5 trading platforms. The robot is the brainchild of a Russian by the name Andrey Barinov. From what we can gather, the developer of the robot claims to sell his products only on the MQL5 website. Other products on his belt include the Copier MT5 and the Gridator MT4. None of these products have produced any realistic profit margins. Most of the people who have bought all his products are aggrieved.

Big Bang EA Review

About Big Bang EA

Not much is known about this robot especially in terms of capabilities and features. The reason why such a platform would only sell on a single platform is not known. If the bot was working effectively as the owner claims, he would sell it on other platforms. Upon visiting his profile page, we noticed a few anomalies such as one very distinct comment. Bittner is a name that is seen to comment positively on all his products. And we believe this is a paid comment from another user.

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Big Bang EA is a scam that is waiting to pounce on naïve investors. From what we have seen, not a single member has won with the robot. And this is a huge problem as it means the product is not worth the huge price tag. The robot comes with a price tag of $1,999 and is not able to produce any solid results. Ensure you read this entire BigBangEA Review and find out more. The robot is in clear violation of trading guidelines as it is openly stealing from unsuspecting investors.

Assets traded on Big Bang EA

The robot is still unable to mention the available trading assets it uses. It means that investors are signing up blindly to a platform that has no clear information. The robot should indicate whether it deals solely with major or minor currency pairs. It could also be dealing with exotic currency pairs. Other missing information could be whether the robot uses crypto assets for trading. Without such valuable data, it means we are dealing with a robot with an unclear set of instructions.

Business owner

Andrey Barinov is claiming to be the CEO of the company behind this robot. The company’s name is Vagabonding Ltd and claims to be based in Russia. A review of the company is not online and no investor in that region claims to know it. The developer is also a mysterious person who is not recognized by anyone. We believe that this is another made-up character meant to fool investors. Why is there no profile picture of Andrey Barinov anywhere on the entire web? It means we are dealing with a made-up character.

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Comments from members

There are scathing comments from members or victims of the product. The only positive comment we have seen is from a user by the name Bittner. All other comments are from actual traders who decided to buy the robot. To counter the negative comments, the developer has hired keyboard masters to post positive reviews. Bittner is one account that is hailing the platform to be one of a kind. There are no pictures of this person and their MQL5 page is empty and claims to be German.

Domain details of the robot

Since the platform is on MQL5, we don’t have the full details of when the robot came into existence. The profile page of the developer does not give any information on the robot’s history. And this goes to prove that we are dealing with a rogue online trading platform. Without the robot’s history, there is no way of considering it worthy. For all we know, this could be a recycled robot scam. And it is possible that the developer has recycled another of his scam products. It is why he/she fails to give any information on the product.

Features of Big Bang EA

Big Bang EA Features

The product is using the M1 timeframe and is going for a high price of $1,999. With such a high price, it is expected that the robot proves its worth. There is no demo account where investors can prove its capabilities. After purchasing the robot, investors are asked to sign up with Telegram for more. It is possible that the developer is sending signals through this social media platform. Apart from not having clear features, there is a lot of missing information regarding the bot’s capabilities.

License and Registration of Big Bang EA

Big Bang EA is NOT Licensed or registered to offer any products or services to investors. There are no license details on the product which is proof of lack of compliance. Without compliance details, it means investors are left to protect themselves. Features such as money-back guarantee are not available which puts investors at risk. There is no insurance cover for any deposits made by investors. And this is reason enough to stay away from the platform. These scam artists will openly refuse to refund investors even after their product fails to work.

The entire product does not have a terms and conditions page which is another problem. Without a terms and conditions page, it means users are signing up blindly. Investors are at the mercy of the robot as it may decide to block all access. In the event that access is blocked, there will be no compensation. There is no compensation plan on the offering since the robot is not compliant. And this is another reason to stay away from the product. These robots without any valid credentials are a risk to all classes of investors.

Limitations of Big Bang EA

Account Packages

Big Bang EA is only selling the robot under a single package and selling it at $1,999. The price is high for a robot that offers no actual features. Investors don’t know what they are buying expect the promise of a wonder robot. The software could have malicious coding which steals vital information from your PC. And this is another reason to stay away from the robot. It does not have actual features that investors can work on. Investors need to know what they are buying before actually purchasing the software.

Contact and Support

It seems that the only way of contacting the developer is by MQL5 or Telegram. And this means you have to buy the product first. It seems that the developer wants to make sure they control the communication process. There is no way that the developer will allow anyone to post negative comments. These comments will be deleted if it is on MQL5 or Telegram. And this goes to show the extent to which these developers will go to fool investors. It is best to stay away from Big Bang EA.

Results and Trading Strategy

The vendor does not provide any actual trading results despite the high price of the software. They simply provide a screenshot from the MQL5 page but does not give anyone access. Note that on the page, there are no deposits or withdrawals mentioned. It could mean that these are doctored images to fool unsuspecting investors. If the developer is serious, they should post these results on FX Blue or myfxbook. They claim to use the support and resistance strategy which they don’t clearly define.

Safety of funds with Big Bang EA

When it comes to the security of funds with the robot, this is not guaranteed. And it is another reason to stay away. None of the victims have received any feedback from the developer. It seems that after purchasing the robot, there is no money-back guarantee. Such products are a security risk as they don’t offer insurance for deposits. The product is not reliable as the program may contain malware. With Russian developers, you never know the idea behind their software.

Scam or Legit Big Bang EA

Big Bang EA Developer's Profile

Big Bang EA is a scam that must be stopped by any means necessary. The robot is a huge problem especially when it comes to delivering results. Stay away from it and warn your investor allies on the dangers of using the robot.

Final thought

To protect our readers, we have to blacklist the robot due to the huge security risks.

Stay safe and use credible forex trading robots for smooth trading experience. These robots protect your investment and offer a realistic profit return. Why not use them today?

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