Big Money Rush app review: This must be a Scam

Big Money Rush app review: This must be a Scam

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Welcome to the Big Money Rush Review and Scam Investigation. The Big Money Rush scam (not to be confused with Bitcoin Rush) is marketed as a system which allows you to “become rich from Bitcoin” by signing up for an “award-winning trading app.” But is the Big Money Rush app truly a legitimate automated trading software (crypto robot) or just another get-rich-quick scheme?

In reality, this fraudulent platform is a part of a series of websites which have been duplicated and recycled multiple times. The main goal of these sites is to convince you that you are signing up for a genuine trading app, but in reality it is a trap and after you register shady offshore brokers like Cryptonix Team will badger you profusely and try to get you to deposit and then reinvest. OK, so why is this happening?

Well, we all know Bitcoin is having its second boom and the mist is starting to clear as more opportunity-seekers are making a come-back and are willing to risk their money in order to achieve high returns. Greedy scammers are not oblivious to this trend and all the media hype around it, so now they have devised an insidious little scheme named Big Money Rush which is designed to charm and beguile you into investing. Alas, the cat is out of the bag as we have exposed these cheaters, and have all the evidence required in order to make our case.

As usual, the crooks orchestrating this latest crypto scam are affiliate marketers who are combining forces with offshore brokers in what is obviously a blatant attempt to defraud unsuspecting victims (that’s you). This makes perfect sense since we got wind of this latest ruse after receiving a fresh flurry of complaints about this new and “promising” system which supposedly generates profits on auto pilot. So if you are still bent on giving the Big Money Rush scam app a try, we recommend you keep reading our informative Big Money Rush review before pulling out your precious credit card and parting with your hard-earned money.

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Big Money Rush app Review

There is concrete evidence that Big Money Rush is a scam and cannot be trusted no matter what.

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Below you will see the Big Money Rush main registration area where they are trying to sell you the “exclusive group of millionaires” angle. Notice Jake Tapper jabbering about “no banks and no fees”. And here is the exact same sales video, only this time it is used with a variety of other viral scams such as Bitcoin Revolution and Bitcoin Evolution.

Of Course you can’t have a proper scam without some sleazy broker who is paying for everything. As you can see below when we signed up we got the same post-signup page as we did with Bitcoin Era and Bitcoin Future. Two very vial scams which are trending now.

Fake reviews to back the fake trading app

Oh yes, the Big Money Rush scam app has already attracted the attention of a few fake review sites. A closer look below will illustrate how one of these sites is giving the Big Money Rush a score of 9.2 out of 10. At the same time, they claim that Big Money Rush app has been featured in the news.

We have recently stumbled onto a few fake news advertisements, and all of them are extremely deceptive and misleading. Celebrity victims such as Conor McGregor, Elon Musk, Members of the Dragons’ Den, Singapore millionaire Peter Lim, and top British Chef Gordon Ramsay represent just a partial list of high-profile individuals whose names are being dragged through the mud for promotional purposes.

What is Big Money Rush and How Does It Work?

Big Money Rush is supposed to be an automated trading system which trades Bitcoin on auto-pilot (crypto robot). They claim their app performs at a “99.4% level of accuracy”, and that is why it generates so much money for its members. They also talk about something called a ‘time leap’, which is how the software stays “ahead of the markets by 0.01 seconds”, thereby making the Big Money Rush app the most “profitable system on the planet”.

Big Money Rush Review, Your Path To Wealth Does Not Start Here!

The Big Money Rush scam software is designed to sell you a dream, namely the idea that if you sign up for this program you will gain access to an exclusive club of new Bitcoin millionaires. A carefree lifestyle with no financial stress or worries, that is the concept and the main sales pitch behind this cloned get-rich-quick scheme. But in reality there is no award winning app, and the so-called “laser-accurate performance” is designed to target your wallet and wipe out your bank account. To top everything off they are using fake testimonials and inflated bank accounts in order to gain your trust, but we are on to their little tricks and have exposed them for what they really are (scam artists).

Is this app Free?

Obviously not! Someone needs to pay for all the advertising costs and that’s you. When you invest they will charge you at least $/£/€250, and that money will be deducted from your credit card by the thieving offshore brokers who are not interested in your financial situation and view you as their personal cash cow.

Our best advice for you

Cryptocurrencies are blockchain-based virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. These currencies use a decentralized network or exchange for trade execution. Now as opposed to stock options for example, you don’t have to own the actual trading portfolio in order to generate revenue. You merely purchase a contract at a favorable market rate and speculate on their price movement. If the contract expires in the money you take the cash, and if not then you lose. But Big Money Rush does not mention anything about risks or volatility in CFD market rate etc. Stick to legit trading apps only.

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