Big Trends Scam Review: A Rogue Website By Price Headley

Big Trends Scam Review: A Rogue Website By Price Headley

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It’s been a while since we laid our hands on a new Forex product that has a fair win rate and realistic profit projections.

On the other hand, we’ve been bumping into scams left right and center.

The latest one to catch our attention is the so-called Big Trends by a certain guy named Price Headley.

This guy is simply an A-class salesman and a charlatan who loves to sweet-talk traders into joining his ever-hyped Big Trends website.

He’s so good with his tongue that he’d lick the wax out of your ear — if he could just figure out how to sell it for a penny.

Not only is this website ( professionally designed, but it is also meant to manipulate and ultimately suck you in.

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In fact, if you never read this review before hand, I bet that you’d fall for it. No doubt about it.

So, what’s up with Big Trends website and why are we treating its owner with an attitude already?

That’s a good question, and we’d love to bast this scam because for his entire adult life, Mr Price Headley has been selling snake oil to those who desperately want to make money in Forex trading.

big trends by price headley scam

Our long-time Forex and Futures investment guru is often seen on the media flouting his knowledge on channels like Forex Business and CNBC.

While he bloviates his achievements on the media, he also announces to the world that he is a master and investment expert in all kinds of trading instruments.

The aim is to always lure the masses from the TV screens and back to the computer (specifically on the Big Trends website) where trading is ‘learned’ and done the correct way.

Be advised that Big Trends is offering a boat-load of BS. They offer just about anything you might want as long as it’s related to Forex trading or online investment.

If we are talking of magical trading indicators, they got them all. If we are discussing Forex mentoring programs, they got them too. How about bootcamps and stop-picking services? They got them as well 🙂 .Thank you

And as much as this website hawks all kinds of Forex investment products and services, the owner doesn’t actually have any solid track record.

In fact, Mr. Headley does not want any tough questions related to his ”career”.

Inside the Big Trends

big trends services are scam

When you find this website, the first thing you will learn is that it offers trading education, newsletters as well as signal alert services.

As mentioned above, it is owned and operated by none other than a ‘trading guru’ called Price Headley.

Since this guy has been around for over a decade now, you expect him to be a master in these things, right?

Well, he has actually sold all kinds of trading indicators and educational materials ever known to mankind.

He has actively proclaimed his prowess throughout the ages. During the tech bubble for example, he masqueraded as a master who gives insights into which tech company is about to explode.

During the 2008 housing crisis, this guy masqueraded as a real-estate investment expert who pointed out which housing markets were going to be profitable to investors.

Lately, he says that he owns the secret to Forex riches, and that his Big Trends website is where you are required to subscribe to get these advantages.

This is a person who proclaims to know everything. And because of this image which he has built for some time, he finds the audacity to sell his secret Forex investment weapon for the price of $1,999.99 per year.

Of course the regular fee for his service normally goes for $3,999.99 — a price that hedge fund investors and big boys … the world over, have gladly paid to get access to.

But this is a one-time offer, and so you must be lucky.

So, what exactly does Big Trends sell?

Our investment guru is selling a product called Options Shark. Do you want to make 200% in less than 2 weeks? Well, no problem. This product is for you.

Do you want to make 1k a month free of charge? Sign up and look for a product called Smart Options Spreads. It costs $995 only. This will guarantee a smile on your face as you approach the ATM.

Other products which he sells via his website include Big Trends Daily Scanner (going for $995), Afternoon Channel Trader (going for same price), FANG Options Advisory (going for $995) among others.

Do you want to join Big Trends inner circles? Well, no problem because for the cost of $995, this guy shall welcome you as an insider where you will access secrets that have never been released since the creation of the world.

These Forex secrets are leaked to members every Friday at 12:30 PM EST 🙂 🙂 😛 .

Do you use Trade station platform?

If yes is your answer, you’re good to go because for the price of $500, you will download Headley’s only revolutionary trading system which consists of ‘8 unique trading indicators that also come with secret settings’.

Other indicators which come with this package include a moving average, CCI, Acceleration Brands you name it. An ‘oath of secrecy’ is sworn as well.

Okay, you are not a disciplined trader and you need to learn a few things. There’s a ‘solution’ for this as well.

Just sign up for the boot camp opportunity at Big Trends. Big Trends actually has 12 different Boot camp education programs charged at $195 each.

Or maybe a boot camp is not your cap of tea. You prefer journeying with someone who will hold you with a soft arm while whispering on your ear with a mother’s affection.

Well, never mind because Big Trends has a product for you. It’s called Triple Crown Coaching program and it costs a whooping $4,995.

Accountability and proof of performance

Of all the things you will find on Big Trends website, one thing you will never lay your hands on is proof of performance.

As a subscriber, you should simply use faith as opposed to reason because performance records simply don’t exist.

Apparently, the owner of Big Trends does not want anything to do with interrogating questions.

So, how has Big Trends remained afloat all this while? Are traders making money with this service?

No, not really. Complaints have been coming in thick and fast. And they are remarkably similar.

These users apparently signed up to use Price Headley’s auto-trading and advisory services through his recommended brokers. Their results were consistently abysmal.

On the other hand, all promotions pertaining to the Big Trends website never mentions any losses. In other words, these complaints are submitted by users each day and they simply disappear like a fart in a windy day.

Now, think about those who have since committed their lifetime savings to the Big Trends scam. The smell of crippling losses remain, just like the smell of fart is entrapped in an enclosed Japanese bathhouse.

Here’s one user complaint that we received:

”I lost 65% of my life savings in 9 months. Price was smart and this guy is a real sweet-talker, he helped me lose 50K in a few months.”

Our Best Advice for you

If you want to trade Forex profitably, stay simple and use products that have been personally tested by me. Avoid subscribing to the Big Trends at all cost. It’s a hoax.

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2 Replies to “Big Trends Scam Review: A Rogue Website By Price Headley”

  1. Say what you want about BigTrends, they don’t actually have any Forex (or Futures) products. Everything they sell is options-focused. I’ve used some of their programs and while some lost money (though nothing in the catastrophic amounts you seem to suggest), a couple of them made money too. They don’t post track records on their site but I received their warts-and-all performance when I emailed them. Overall, I’m net positive from my experiences with BigTrends and while it may not be the same for everyone, I think the above review is overly harsh.

  2. Using them for 3 months with options on fang stocks. None of their recommendations have made money if you followed their direction. Almost always you are stopped out the next day. Or they tell you to sell after a loss of 25% or more. Not a good service. And by the way no refunds.

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