Billion Funds Review: An Online Crypto Hoax and Scam

Billion Funds Review: An Online Crypto Hoax and Scam

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Billion Funds is a platform that targets both Forex and Cryptocurrency investors. It chooses a multi-currency investment approach because that kind of strategy attracts the highest number of potential customers. This platform also promises fixed investment plans whose high yield returns are supposed to be realized in an extremely short period of time.

After going through their About us page to try pick some information about this service, we discovered that Billion Funds was depicting that its activities were backed by a UK corporation, yet evidence suggests that this is a big fat lie.

If they can lie about this critical matter, rest assured that 90% of all the stuff you can find in this website is simply misleading and aimed at enriching the pocket of the site admin and not the investor.

We went underground to uncover the rot and write it here for you to see whatever is happening with this site. If you are wise, you should take this warning review seriously because these issues are of concern, and are pointing to the fact that Billion Funds is not a reliable place to invest your money at.

Billion Funds Review

What exactly is Billion Funds? Well according to the site, they are an investment platform where investors can deposit a specific sum of money for a predetermined return on investment which is short term in nature.

The one who is doing the depositing of funds is required to sit back and relax once they’ve purchased a plan from this site. They are required to trust that Billion Funds will generate the anticipated returns on their behalf.

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billion funds review

The entire website of the Billion Funds does not have valuable information that can help give us useful insights into the operations of this website. So this is the reason why we contacted their support through the providing chatting feature on their site.

Now, their support informed us that Billion Funds had enlisted the help of a couple of traders who are well versed with the stocks market, and would use funds to invest in stocks, real estate, oil and other investment assets.

Apparently, we are not sure if this service is investing our funds on a regulated trading platform. Besides, we are not sure if the so-called professional traders are licensed and experienced in what they claim to do.

This forced us to inquire further about whether these traders were licensed and were intending to invest with a regulated brokerage. But their support only told us that ”they were good at making money”.

Generally, this site is eager to announce how they are a ”registered company” operating within the requirements of the law. So it is only justified for them to have experienced and licensed professional traders. We have the right to ask these questions. On the other hand, they don’t have the right to take offense because they have already made the first step to showing us that they are credible.

Unfortunately, it has turned out that Billion Funds is only registered for purposes of building credibility falsely. They assume that if they are registered, it will automatically mean that they are doing everything right and that they are abiding by the regulations of the industry.

Unfortunately, that is not the case, and two, a registered company backing their activities does not necessarily mean that their activities are legal. You might want to forget that part which says ”we are a UK registered company” because to us, this means nothing. Even ponzi schemes are getting company registrations in the UK.

Can you trust Billion Funds in any way?

Generally, it appears that Billion Funds is an unsafe service to invest in.

The site claims that their activities are overseen by a company called Billion Group LTD and is registered under license number 09978619.

Usually, when we come across such information, we have to believe that the site is speaking nothing but the truth. However, when red flags are everywhere on the site, we have to conduct a more in-depth assessment of the service to establish if this company really exists in the said location.

Unfortunately upon checking company background, we discovered that Billion Group LTD was dissolved in July 11th, 2017, yet the website still continues to actively provide the said services.

Meanwhile, Billion Funds is running shop as usual and continuing to play around with the intelligence of their victims, always claiming that their company status is active.

More Question marks

Billion Funds is not doing anything different from what ponzi schemes have been doing online. This site emits red flags everywhere, hence we had to ask several questions to assert whether or not this is yet another scam.

The first question would be to ask why this site is emphasizing that they are operated by a fully registered and compliant company when the actual truth is that the said company was dissolved long ago.

The other question that we had to ask ourselves is how their support staff are generally not responding to valid questions regarding the legality of the operation of this site.

This makes is quite clear that Billion Funds is not a regulated platform. It is now crystal clear that their traders are not licensed. In the worst case scenario, we could say that no traders are involved at all since this is just a pyramid scheme abusing trading as scapegoat.

Their absurd return on investments can only make us wonder. There is no saying that these returns will be achievable. Regardless of how you want to look at it, no legit business on the face of the earth can generate such returns. This makes Billion Funds a too good to be true money making opportunity. We have to think twice before investing in these fake opportunities.

What are the complaints?

We are sure that this service is going to become more popular as scam marketers start endorsing it in the upcoming months. For now, there are no consumer feedback or complaints yet.

It seems that they haven’t gotten their first client yet. Maybe their tactics have not convinced or yielded fruits yet. But when they do, we are sure that there shall be a massive spike in consumer complaints because this is clearly a scam with no good intentions.

We cannot ignore the fact that Billion Funds is an anonymous investment service whose owner prefers to stay underground.

The more we dig deeper, the more we find evidence that the operators of this platform are nothing but dishonest people who disregard the fact that legit businesses in this industry must follow certain ethics.

Our best advice for you

You do not need any more evidence to understand why we are saying that this service isn’t a trustworthy investment service.

There is no reason on earth to trust Billion Funds. The site is aimed at misleading investor using wrong company information. But this is not acceptable by all standards. In fact, it only proves that this service is aimed at ripping off investors. The good news, you can mine Bitcoin and other altcoins using these legit services.

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