Binarium Review: Crooked Forex Scam

Binarium Review: Crooked Forex Scam

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Binarium ( is another crooked Binary Options, CFDs, Crypto Currency, and Forex scam to hit the trading world. With claims of being the most profitable investment platform, Binarium has enlisted unsuspecting investors. What looks like a real trading platform at first glance is yet another online investment trading platform. Marred with resentment from members, this platform refuses to allow withdrawals. Read this genuine and honest BINARIUM Review for more details.

Binarium Review

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Binarium Review

After receiving some numerous email complaints, we decided to investigate this platform. What we found out is shocking beyond words. Binarium is openly stealing from anyone who signs up with them. To avoid being their next victim, you need to know some of the tricks used by these professional scam artists. Thanks to our years of investing and trading experience, we know how to spot a scam from a mile away. Stay away from this platform and use some of the recommended products backed by experts.

With a well-designed website, newbie traders open an account without having a second thought. These are some of the major reasons why investors fall for scam platforms. A smart investor will conduct a thorough research about a platform before signing up. What this means is that you need to make sure to read the entire review for the truth. Make sure to be going over what top ranked reviewers say about a particular platform or broker. This is where you will get the truth about trading tools and services.

About Binarium

According to the details found on their about us page, the platform is owned by Binarium Limited. Looking at various online company registers, we could not find a company listed with this name. These scam artists are using a company which is not recognized in any of Europe’s company registers. And this is where we spot our first main red flag, lack of a detailed and clear base of operation. As an investor, it is best to know who you trust your funds with and where they are located.

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Another disturbing feature with Binarium is how anonymous their platform feels. No mention of the founding members can be seen on their entire website. We don’t even know the names of any brokers associated with this platform. Scam artists are known to hide behind anonymity in order to steal from unsuspecting investors. It is best to stay away from any online investment platform to avoid any future problems. Most of these anonymous websites are operated by scam artist looking to make a score with investors’ funds.

Is Binarium licensed or registered?

Binarium is not licensed or regulated by any European regulatory body. They claim to be based in Cyprus and yet CySEC does not have any platform licensed with this name. None of these regulatory bodies has ever heard of this platform. CONSOB, the Italian Financial regulatory body is about to issue a warning regarding this platform. A smart investor would stay away from this illicit platform.

Why have they failed to post any details regarding license and registration? You would expect the platform to have copies of their license and registration plastered on the website. Lack of any documents to prove their licensing is proof we are dealing with a quack. Investors should know that the platform can close down at any time and not compensate users. Now you know the dangers of signing up with an unlicensed entity.

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Advantages of Binarium

We tried to find any advantage of trading with this platform but couldn’t find any. A platform which lacks proper license status will leave users guessing at the very end. With complaints coming from all corners of the world, this is a platform not worth your time. Ensure you stay away from this platform and start making the right decisions. Some of the members who we contacted have lost over $10,000 with this platform. Recovering the funds is next to impossible.

Disadvantages of Binarium

Demo Account

Binarium Demo Account

Lack of a working demo account is a serious concern which we must raise. A demo account gives users a chance to test how well a platform works. In this case, a demo account would be helpful as the platform does not disclose which platform is used. With a demo account, users can get to learn how fast the platform executes trades. Make sure to start asking for a demo account.

Deposit and withdrawal

Account funding with Binarium is made easy and fast. There are various depository channels to use with this platform. Some of the depository methods include MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, Visa, and more. These are some of the most used depository channels as anyone can deposit from any corner of the world. What remains a big deal with this platform is lack of a proper withdrawal request. With so many withdrawal complaints, Binarium is simply a risky platform.

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Offline Customer Support

Another disturbing feature with this platform is in regards to communication. You would want a broker who is available at all times. The problem with this platform is they have an offline customer support team. Phone numbers are always busy which makes us question the intent of this platform. When you see such a platform in play, just know they are not planning to stick for long. Scam artists with this type of behavior will shut down the platform and never compensate investors.

Promotional materials

Bonus is one of the main reasons why investors sign up with fake platforms. Scam artists know for a fact we all want to make a quick buck, why not promise 100% deposit bonus. With such kind of promotional materials, investors will deposit a huge amount expecting 100% bonus. No sane broker can issue this insane bonus tag. It is just a ploy to ensure unsuspecting investors sign up with large sums of money. Stay away from this platform and ensure you stay away from their promotional materials.

Are funds secure with Binarium?

How can funds be safe with a platform which is going under? Anonymity is another reason why your funds are not safe with this platform. Segregation of accounts is another issue we must raise since the platform does not post account types. It is highly likely the platform is a scam and authorities will get wind and investigate it. Smart investors should stay away from this illicit platform.

Is Binarium a scam?

Binarium Account Funding

Evidence clearly shows we are dealing with another bane online investment scam. From lack of proper license to complaints from members, Binarium is a total scam. Ensure you stay away from this platform and warn your family and friends from joining. Affiliate programs will only make you an accessory to fraud. Make sure to mark their emails as spam and never give out your personal details. We are sure this platform is selling personal data to third parties.

Bottom line

By adding this platform to our scam list, we ensure our readers are safe at all times.

You can also choose to use credible and dependable Crypto Currency trading robots. Ensure you start making the right move with above board and tested Crypto trading robots. Make the bold move today and use expert recommended Crypto tools.

Wishing you a happy and prosperous trading experience.

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3 Replies to “Binarium Review: Crooked Forex Scam”

  1. Binarium are full of l*** and fake promises. Their brokers will tell you fairy tales to took your money and leave you with nothing! Stay away of them!!!!!

  2. Scam broker binarium. If you win they will block you
    As i won some money and completed all the term and conditions but at the time of withdrawal they blocked me for no reason.

  3. Scam broker binarium. If you win they will block you
    As i won some money and completed all the term and conditions but at the time of withdrawal they blocked me for no reason…

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