Binary Copier Software Scam! Watch out for this new Scam

Binary Copier Software Scam! Watch out for this new Scam

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Are you on a mission to shun all the scam trading systems and earn real money? Are you tired of wasting your time and effort on fake systems? The first step is that you need to identify all the scam systems in the market. One such system is Binary Copier Software. This system claims the fact that it can offer you instant trading signals. We are going to counter this claim through our exclusive review so in order to get all the details read on.

Binary Copier Bringing the truth into the light

When we had a good look at the website of Binary Copier, then the first thing we noticed is that it claims to be having features like  VIP Strategies, Risk Amplifier, popular signals and unique trading hub. However, we did not find any demo facility on the website that proves the point that there is no reality in these claims whatsoever. Without the demo it is impossible to determine whether the features will work or not. This is why trusting Binary Copier will not be a smart move by any means.

Even the FAQ section of Binary Copier is a big disappointment.  For example, look at the picture below which answers what is a risk amplifier.

Binary Copier

You will notice the fact that the answer states that when you will minimise the risk amplifier that it will be able to generate safe trades. At this point it is essential that the makers need to explain the exact working of the risk amplifier which is missing here. There needs to be a defined criteria regarding how the risk amplifier is removing the risk.

Moreover, we felt that the questions of the FAQ section are quite general. None of the tricky or technical questions are addressed in this section. This is why we feel that this system is making omissions and this definitely tends to cast the suspicions in your mind.

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Another major issue with Binary Copier is that the video is missing. It is not possible to get a complete walkthrough of the system without a video. This is why it is so important. We feel that the makers are reluctant to let the trader get the detailed insight.

The website mentions that Binary Copier Trading Hub only suggests reliable brokers. However, we will like to mention here that the name of the brokers is not mentioned on the website. We feel that the simple reason is that the brokers are not reliable and unregulated. When you end up opting for unreliable brokers, then there are chances that you will lose your money.

Binary Copier Scam

We do not recommend that you should give in your credentials to the Binary Copier platform because it is not free by any means at all. You will be making a deposit to the brokers. Secondly, if you give in your credentials you will be the prime victim for unsolicited emails. This is why you need to be careful in this regard.

Binary Copier Scam Review

You should be more inclined towards reliable binary services and the best option in this regard is Valforex so you need to have a look into this.

Moreover, we noticed that Binary Copier does not list down the perks that you can get with the VIP account so this is quite a disappointing aspect.

We also looked into the strategies that Binary Copier allows. We came to know that it allows the use of Recurrence Effect and Currency Stimulation. However, these terms are quite difficult for a new trader to understand. The website misses out on the detailed explanation regarding how Binary Copier implements these strategies.

The chat system of Binary Copier is not dependable as well because adequate support is not available for the unregistered users. The live chat support system is not available for the trader to put up on the spot queries. You can just send in an email to the system. Usually the scam systems are not responsive so this will just be an exercise in futility.

Binary Copier does not have an online presence as well. When we looked at the website we could not find any integration of social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Thus this was also a disappointing element for us and we got more sceptical about this system.

We also made a note of the fact that the website does not list down any considerable profits that you can make with this system. This means that when as a trader you visit the website you will not get a clear idea regarding the profits that you can make with this system so this can prove to be a risky bargain on your part and can end you in a fair amount of trouble.

Scam Personalities behind Binary Copier

Well, we looked quite closely at this trading system website and we could not figure out the name of the CEO. Now we find this to be a very alarming situation because you just cannot opt in for a system without having essential details about the maker of the system. This is a major red flag alert.

Binary Copier Scam Review

Now we could not locate any testimonials on the website of Binary Copier as well. This proves the point that no reputed trader has tried this system. This means that if you decide to opt for this system then you are walking in the dark.  Due to all the reasons mentioned above we surely do not recommend the use of Binary Copier.

Now you should not bother to put day-trading on hold. All you need is significant insight related to authentic binary systems and signal services. The best approach for you is to look into Valforex signal services. You should also make sure that you have a look into our list of scam systems.

Verdict: Binary Copier is a Scam!
False Website:
Do not wander in dark and trust the reliable binary signals and bot reviews on Valforex.

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  1. Binary Copier does appear to lack any opportunity to demo it before using. Additionally, there seems to be no information on the background of the Chief Executive Officer to be easily found on the site. This lack of information is of concern.

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