Binary Money Manager Review: Scam or 1,005USD Per Day?

Binary Money Manager Review: Scam or 1,005USD Per Day?

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Have you heard of the infamous Binary Money Manager system? Is it legitimate or just a booby trap? Well, we have lots of things to say against this copy-trader software. For one, we know that they are targeting those who get enticed very easily at the slightest mention of a dollars for a profit.

New traders are at risk especially if they ignore reviews like the ones you’re reading now. So if you are one of those who easily get carried away, mind where your investments will be going to this time round.

We’ve done a thorough investigation on the suspect software, and we’ve found that Binary Money Manager is not suitable for use in your investments endeavors.

It’s a fair warning which you can heed or just ignore. But facts will always remain indisputable. The things we have found concerning Binary Money Manager are not to be taken lightly.

Binary Money Manager: honestly we don’t like it!

We don’t like it because the website whose domain can be accessed here is just fooling with your intelligence. It’s a hoax that preys on your greed to make $1,005 per day without breaking a sweat. Check this list of top binary options signals instead.


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Binary Money Manager is a product of Top Binary Signals programBinary Money Manager

If you’ve been around for some time now, you probably remember Top Binary Signals program, right? Now we have 100% proof that the people who own Binary Money Manager are the ones who mislead traders with their failing Top Binary Signals program.

We can tell you for sure that the Top Binary Signals (which has been mentioned on this site) is an old, financially-damaging systems that never went far.

Now you can imagine that Binary Money Manager is a recycled version of its former self. Or we can say that it’s a recycled scam from Top Binary Signals program.

Basically, scammers have just created a new platform with a new name and labeled it as ”Binary Money Manager” to pass it off as brand new, revolutionary trading solution.

It’s now a disguised system that aims to sign up as many rookie traders as possible. They achieve this by making you believe that their system is like a portal where you can copy professional traders and easily bank $1,000 a day without fail.

For us, stealing a lollipop from a baby is much more difficult than trusting these claims. We’ve already learned that Binary Money Manager is the new version of Top Binary Signals.

The second thing that we learned here is that these crooks were using fabrications to manipulate victims into falling for their sneaky trap. The aim is to make you ”invest” so that your money can finally disappear forever.

Even if it’s $250, that’s still a lot of money considering that you were not planning to lose it anyway.

Finally, let’s not forget the role of crappy brokers who work with the team behind Binary Money Manager. If they are crooks, nothing can make them return your money either. The system is compromised here.

Now, who created the Binary Money Manager app?

A great questions… you asked. And by explaining to you that the owner is an imposter, you will easily come to terms with the many shady things happening behind the curtains.

The typical investor would believe that ”Jim Wallace” is the mastermind and brainchild of Binary Money Manager until he learns that this is not the case.

The truth emerges that our fake CEO, ‘Jim Wallace” is not as wealthy as he claims. Unfortunately, he is just an imposter who was willing to stoop so low in order to gain a dollar or two for this project.

You may think that we are kidding. We are not. Mr. Wallace is a well-known Fiverr actor who does this kind of thing for a living on the web.

We’ve encountered his face several times. At first, we wondered how one man could develop so many ”perfect solutions” for trading. Then we realized that he was just doing his job which is to promote shams.

It’s good that we have evidence in form of a Fiverr page where you can access his acting gig.

If you have clicked that link, it should be crystal clear that he is not a millionaire, and neither is he a software developer.

We also acknowledge the fact that this does not tell us who created this project. But now we know that these people are dishonest. They wish to remain anonymous at all times as traders keep losing at the expense of a faulty robot.

Another bogus trap

Jim Wallace informs us that signing up to his Binary Money Manager software will make you eligible to getting a welcome bonus.

He also mentions something to do with ”$350 compensation guarantee” for all investors using Binary Money Manager. It sounds incredible. But it’s not.

You see, combining a bonus from a scam broker with a system like Binary Money Manager could be the worst mistake ever.

First of all, bonuses should only be claimed by experienced traders. Secondly, a scam broker knows the game like the palms of his hands, so you will ultimately lose money regardless of whether or not your initial deposit is tripled.

Take note that beginners will find it virtually impossible to fulfill bonus conditions. Therefore, the moment you realize that Binary Money Manager is a fraud, any attempts to withdraw whatever balance you have in the account will automatically be blocked, thanks to their lame terms and conditions.

The fake money back guarantee

Okay, that’s where the $350 compensation is coming in. Mr. ”Wallace” says that if you fail to make money with this software, you will receive a refund of all your money in addition to the $350 compensation. Cheers to that!

Now, the first thing is that they are working with an unscrupulous broker in the name of Eclipse Finance. You know things will get ugly the moment you put money into their bank account.

Secondly, there is nothing like a win-win scenario in trading. In fact, you risk all your money by signing up to a system like this one.


Again, you need to realize that this is just a lie aimed at manipulating traders. It is a very popular lie throughout the industry. No wonder Binary Money Manager is implementing it.

Finally, understand that no refunds can and will be offered in matters pertaining to trading. Once you lose a trade, a part of your investment is knocked out, and that’s final.

Therefore, if Binary Money Manager or any other robot claims otherwise, just know that they are insulting your intelligence.

binary money manager scam
These claims are false


You should avoid this system like the plague. Unless you want to lose money, there is no reason to commit your money to this scam.

You should never ever forget the fact that this system emerged from Top Binary Signals system scam, and in that sense, you will reap the same results that people who used Top Binary Signals got.

It’s going to be so unfortunate for those who ignore this review. But it’s certainly going to be good news for all who will look into this list of top rated binary options softwares and actually subscribe to any of them.

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  1. I was excited to try the Binary Money Manager website, despite my better judgment. Like the article says, it was a scam. Stay away. Anytime you hear the phrase “binary”, be very cautious!!

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