Binary Orders Scam: Exposing the Deception!

Binary Orders Scam: Exposing the Deception!

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Are you worried about securing your trading future and you are simply clueless? Are you looking for a path to walk in the right direction? This means that before moving to the next step, you need to identify all the potential scammers. One such scam is Binary Orders. It is trading system that offers binary signals and indicators. Here we will expose this scam so that you can save yourself from significant trouble. Read the entire review to get valuable insight.

Binary Orders: Why it is a bad choice

When we had a good look at the website, we realized that it misses out on an essential aspect and that is the sales video is quite brief. If a sales video is smartly designed, then it is quite a good marketing tool. Plus it gives you the traders the basic insight about the system. Now we will like to raise a question and that is if the system is genuine, then the video should have been more extensive for the traders.

Now we feel that the best way to evaluate a trading system is through the demo. However, Binary Orders fails to offer a demo facility. This means that you cannot try out the system and figure out if it will work for you or not. Without trying it is not possible to offer an opinion about a trading system. The most important question that we will like to raise here is can you depend upon the authenticity of these signals. The reason is that the entire career of a trader will be based on the trading signals that he receives so there is simply no room for errors in this regard.

The website of this binary bot has listed a number of brokers on the site. However, we have a question here and that is are they really using these brokers in real. This is yet another significant aspect that just cannot be ignored.

Now there is another thing that made us suspicious. The minimal deposit that you have to make as a trader is about $250. However, when we looked at the FAQ section, the recommended deposit amount is about $500. Now our question is that why is this system making such a recommendation to the trader. The reason is that there are traders out there who can only spare a small amount. It is never viable to invest more than you can afford to lose.


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It is time to become vigilant and watch out the potential scammers that are causing havoc in your trading career. Valforex can truly help you in this regard.

Now when we looked at the educational section of this binary bot we realized that they make use of MT4 indicator. The site states that this is an advanced market tool that can analyse the market trends with ease. For a new trader this concept is very difficult to understand. This is why we feel that a detailed explanation should have been there to make things easy for you the traders. The question is how the MT4 indicator works to draw profits for the trader. The trading indicators results are stated to be 75% to 85% accurate. However, third party proof needs to be available in this regard to verify this aspect.

Now another thing which we will like to point here is that live chat support is available. However, there is no surety about the fact whether you will be able to get adequate assistance from this or not. The reason is that scammers make sure that they bluff you with the questions. This is why you should not have your hopes pinned on live chat support.

We will also like to mention here that when a trading system is genuine, then you can expect a money back guarantee as well. However, this does not turn out to be the case with Binary Orders. This is why Binary Orders is quite a risky choice for you. Moreover, they have not specifically listed the profits that you can make this system. It is very difficult to analyse a system without having the exact figures in front of you.

Scam personalities behind the system

Now Alex Radulescu is the man behind this trading bot Binary Orders. However, what we figured out is that though you do get to see information about this person when you search the internet, but credibility is missing. Information is not published on reliable portals so you just cannot buy that information without verifying it. The maker of the system needs to have some credibility if you decide to opt for a system.

Now it is important to talk about the testimonials as well here. When we looked at the testimonials, we were not convinced. Now in the testimonials the profits of the people have been listed but there are no follow links. This means that you just cannot opt for this system. If the binary bot was real, then the makers should have offered you the opportunity to interact with the people who tried the system. This way you could have got a real perception, but that does not turn out to be the case with this binary bot. This is why we strongly discourage the use of this system as it can lead to massive losses coming your way which you will not want at the end of the day for sure.

Binaryorders Scam Review

Verdict: Binary Orders is a Scam!
False website: Binary

If you are determined about securing your future and do not want to start off with a massive investment, then you need to follow the guidelines as suggested by Valforex. We believe that when you follow our guidelines about trusted binary signals and scams, then you will be able to make your mark by all means. Secondly, you will be able to secure your trading future for all times to come.

 Go with credibility and there can be no better guidance than Valforex when it comes to an authentic approach towards binary trading so do trust us.

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4 Replies to “Binary Orders Scam: Exposing the Deception!”

  1. It’s really BS indicator many people, lose money ,because he trading against the trend , many people leave this Bs group,most of people using this indicator just losing money
    He pretend have most powerful 5 min strategy ,but acculay he never used live for any webinar my advice satay away from this guys ,they will make you just losing your money ,now they. Ask the trader are ready registe to move to another broker gomarket who still give affiliate account it’s the way to make you lose and s*** your money

    Last things this guy Alex he is not polite and educated ,using alll the time bad world
    Without education don’t wait for miracle

  2. The Binary Orders “Roma***” robot traded live from Oct/Nov ’16 to May ’17.
    The data accrued and independently published on FxStat gave W:L = 0.574
    Such performance is very marginal for profitability and thus cannot be advised.
    However – daily live webinars are held by Binary Orders and these do appear (on average) to be reasonably profitable.
    The recommendations are 1/ to follow the free daily webinars & 2/ to avoid the robotic system.

  3. I can’t recommend BinaryOrders for a simple reason.
    You can join them signing up through BinaryMate or TraderVC.
    Both BO-brokers are big-time scam-brokers.
    Now tell me … does a legit company need to promote scam-brokers to get some money or they are simply a fraud too ?
    Stay a way from them as well as from BinaryMate and TraderVC !!!

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