Binary Robo X Review – Is Scam And Dubious?

Binary Robo X Review – Is Scam And Dubious?

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We’ve just come across a very interesting website called It’s interesting in the sense that they are promoting a robot with a totally different name altogether.

The domain is promoting BinBotPro scam, and sometimes they are even referring to it as Binary Option Robot.

Now, do not be mistaken. Binary Option Robot is a legitimate software for trading the options market.

The intention of the Binary Robo X website is to create confusion and consequently lead traders into making the wrong choice, thinking that they are signing up for Binary Option Robot.

So basically, this website is not promoting Binary Robo X, but is certainly selling something else.

Therefore, in this Binary Robo X review, we will attempt to bring clarity to certain matters that this website does not want you to learn.

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Overview of Binary Robo X website

This is a very cheap website promising potential users at least $2,000 per day in profit, thanks to their super-powerful trading robot that doesn’t even have a specific name to start with.

Chances are that this is a recycled scam. You see, if it was genuine, the owner would not have copied names of previously successful robots like Binary Option Robot.

On a separate section of the site, the website claims that their robot will make you $2,300 every day. All of a sudden, this figure has changed to $2,300 instead of $2,000. promises $2300 per day

It means that whoever manages Binary Robo X website is not paying close attention to details. They are out for mischief and not to help you succeed as a trader. It’s the reason they are inconsistent with their information. Such people must never be trusted at all.

Shockingly, Binary Robo X website announced that they will help you create an account with a random broker. As a matter of fact, that statement sends chills down my spine because I can never fathom the idea of trading my money with just about any other random binary options robot.

steps to opening an account with binary robo x scam

As opposed to randomly selecting brokers, I would look for a robot that gives me a few selection of brokers who can be trusted.

The pitch video: more lies and contradicting information

Do you see that Binary Robo X has a pitch video that promotes a scam known as Bin Bot Pro?

If you watch that video, you’ll even end up being more confused because the video is talking of something totally different from what is being promoted across the website.

Call it sleazy or lazy marketing. But as far as this goes, we already know that this scam simply copy-pasted a video that was used on the BinBotPro scam website because they didn’t want to go through the hustles of creating their own video.

The mastermind of this scam must be an idiot because they never thought people would ask these questions later on.

So the website of Binary Robo X is basically promoting two robots that don’t have any resemblance. One is genuine, and the other is fake.

The video even announced that people will make $500 in minutes when this software is used. We are then shown the interface of the software with the logo of a scam robot called BinBotPro.

The voice narrator continues with their bogus explanation as if nothing is wrong.

This mysterious presenter plays with an interface that looks like a demo account. This scam software recommends that investors should pump in $5,000 as opposed to $250.

We find this statement to be very idiotic. If you want to be scammed, please do as they tell you. Never regret your decision because it will lead into a trap that will cause crippling losses.

And while using the trade interface of the demo software, Binary Robo X suggested that the software could make thousands in a matter of minutes.

However, you should remember that Binary Robo X initially announced that their robot was capable of making a minimum of $2,000 profit per day, not in minutes.

These inconsistent profit claims screw up the deal. They make it quite obvious that Binary Robo X is the property of someone who is clearly confused on what is going on in the world of trading.

Account statements: are they real?

binary robo x scam video
Blacked out account statement means fabrication

Another thing to note is that the alleged account statement which the presenter of this video is trying to show his audience is fake.

Do you know why certain sections of the above account statement have been blacked out or concealed?

It’s obvious. It’s because what you’re seeing is a fabricated account statement. It was lifted off the internet and edited appropriately. Only fools can fall for this kind of thing. You can never be convinced by such shoddy work.

What is the link between BinBot Pro and Binary Robo X?

Binary Robo X seems to be an agent of BinBotPro scam. People who are oblivious of the fact that BinBotPro is a scam will eventually get sucked in through the doors that website has opened.

This is because when you attempt to sign up to Binary Robo X, you will be taken to the landing page of BinBotPro.

So what exactly is someone trying to do here? Well, this person knows very well that BinBoPro was basted some time ago because it was scamming users. It was then blacklisted by major industry blogs, including Valforex.

You can see a review of this scam here (which was done by one of our editors and lead researchers a while ago).

It was basted for being deceptive. Apparently, this is where the idiot who runs Binary Robo X is leading his victims to — a slaughter house.

It’s a way of concealing the real thing. By using the name Binary Robo X, some users will simply think that this is a new opportunity. Others don’t even care which domain this website will lead them to as long as they sign up.

Sadly, this information is not mentioned anywhere on the website. As a client of Binary Robo X, you should be presented with an FTC disclaimer which informs you in advance of the fact that BinaryRobo X is an entity that only serves to promote another software.

The owner of this rogue website seems to be very keen on handling people who contact them.

I tried to reach them with the intent of asking these questions. However, that was not possible because even though a ‘contact us’ link was presented at the footer of the website, clicking it could not give me a contact form to write and send my message from.

Instead of this happening, I was taken to a page with social media brand logos. Clicking on the Facebook logo took me to a blank page, and thus I was able to confidently conclude that this is a scam that doesn’t want anything to do with accountability.

Our Best advice for you

With the evidence presented above, it would take sheer courage and foolishness to still invest in what this website is offering.

It’s probably run by some affiliate who only cares about their bellies and not yours. Binary Robo X scam website will definitely mislead investors if they ignore this advice.

Meanwhile, you can use this list of recommended robots when trading binary options.

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