Biotech Breakouts Review: A Stock Trading Scam?

Biotech Breakouts Review: A Stock Trading Scam?

Biotech Breakouts ( review is out after the owner made some bold profit claims. Kyle Dennis is the brains behind this platform and claims to make $6 million in accumulated earnings. His mentor is one Jason Bond Picks, a renowned self-taught trader. Investors should note that scam artists will do or say anything to get their products off the shelf. Things to watch out for include using successful names to endorse their products. Read this entire post and find out more.

Biotech Breakouts Review

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About Biotech Breakouts

Kyle Dennis is a popular trading figure whose Google search reveals he is a trader at RagingBull. A few years ago, Kyle became a millionaire by winning the Millionaire Roadmap. From then, he has become a self-made revolutionist when it comes to trading. The guy has even written books on how to become a millionaire. Some of his books include Middle-Class Millionaire, and he doubles up as an author at Raging Bull. With all the success he has, it doesn’t mean he is a perfect guy.

The overall presentation of his page makes us question the intent of his latest product. Biotech Breakout is a platform offering over the moon profit margins. The platform claims a staggering return of 26,708 percent. For those who understand math, this is not even triple the amount invested. It is a false ROI that is meant to drive users to sign up with the platform. Kyle is using his social status to steal from naïve investors. Everyone wants to become a millionaire; Kyle is the last guy you want to associate with.

Assets covered by the platform

For all his efforts, Kyle fails to inform users of the existing assets the platform deals with. Users may get mislead by the product’s name and think the developer invests in Biotech stocks. There is no mention of such a trading instrument on his page. From what we have gathered, the book Middle-Class millionaire is about stock trading. The problem with lack of information is the vendor fails to describe the available currency pairs. He is just interested in showing visitors the profit margins expected when trading with his platform.

Background and history of Kyle

The guy claims to have graduated from college with $80,000 in debt. He only had $15,000 in savings and earned millions through the stock market. He fails to show the timestamp at which he began trading the stock market. His book is all about the principles used to get ahead of the trading world. There is no mention of his product’s success, which seems to have flopped. The web has no chatter about his works, which is contrary to what he wants us to believe. Users should know that even successful people can offer false products.

Biotech Breakouts License and Registration

The CFTC or NFA does NOT regulate biotech breakouts. None of his products have undergone any regulation which speaks volumes about his products. And this means that the platform does not provide safety for funds deposited. Once you deposit funds with the platform, it is the last you see of them. The vendor does not offer insurance cover for the deposits, which is contrary to trading rules. And this puts users in jeopardy as the vendor is likely to lose your money with no chargeback expected.

Without a valid trading license, it means that the vendor is risking your money. There is no way of reaching out to Kyle and his team, as BiotechBreakouts is a messenger chat service. When it comes to online investment, it is better to have a regulated entity. What Kyle doesn’t show users are the possible number of times he fails. We are not saying that the platform is crappy all the time; we are just saying it is far from perfect. The outcome of any trades with his platform is not anywhere close to the projected ROI.

Comments from users

Biotech Breakouts Testimonials

What is funny about the testimonials from his page is that they all sound structured. These people all claim to be life members of the platform, and yet, we don’t know them. There are no social media handles of these traders or proof of their profit claims. It seems that Kyle has gone the old way and hired actors. The message sent by these actors is moving and can make investors sign up in a heartbeat. Before doing so, there are a couple of things to learn about the platform.

Domain insights

The platform went live on 12th July 2016, and they have their servers located in Virginia. It seems that the site is over four years old and yet, doesn’t have a reputable user base. Another problem we noticed with the site’s online presence is the number of IP changes. There has been a record of ten changes on their IP address over the past nine years. And this means that the site was used to sell other online products. It also could mean that Kyle bought this site from a different person.

Features of Biotech Breakout

In his presentation video, he wants to inform viewers how he did it. There are three steps to follow, which does not make any sense. Biotech Breakouts should have provided an example using live accounts. He claims that the platform focuses on 1- 4 week hold periods, which is best for traders with a full-time job. The feature, in other words, means that the platform is automated. He also claims to have a proprietary scanner that tracks ‘insider’ information. If this is the case, the tracker is breaking trading regulations.

Pros and Cons of Biotech Breakout

Available products

Biotech Breakouts Available Products

Biotech Breakout is offering users three products on their homepage. The products include Dollar Ace, Sniper Report, and Swing Trading. These three products have no proof of user experience, which is a problem. Even the testimonials don’t shed light on any of the three available products. And this points to a vendor who is selling a product not tested by anyone. Smart investors know better than to use a product that fails to have the testing of its developer.

Contact and support

Another weakness we spotted with Biotech Breakouts is the lack of proper communication with users. One will notice that the homepage has no contact information. There is a chatbox that redirects users to Messenger. The entire website has no information on the platform’s email or phone address. It points to a vendor who doesn’t want any communication with users. When a vendor acts in such a manner, it is best to stay away from them. Without proper communication, users are left to sort out any problems encountered during the trading process.

Results and trading performance of Biotech Breakouts

With the claim of a huge ROI, Biotech Breakouts fails to single out a successful trade made by the platform. We expected a guy of Kyle’s caliber to post details of his platform on FX Blue or myfxbook. With no actual proof of concept, we believe the guy is selling a simulation of expected profits. A smart trader will want to see the goods first before buying. The goods, in this case is proof that the robot does make a massive chunk of money. Without any evidence, this could as well be a demo account.

 Scam or Legit Biotech Breakouts

Biotech Breakouts is a platform with over the moon claims and promises. It’s too bad that the platform has no verified results to back up their claims. And this is the reason why we believe that the platform is a money pyramid scheme. Only the people at the top will benefit from this platform, and this means people close to Kyle.

Bottom line

With no trading results, we won’t be recommending the use of this platform.

We wish all traders a lucrative and safe trading experience.

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