Bird Forex Signal Review: Is a Scam?

Bird Forex Signal Review: Is a Scam? is a USA Forex trade alert provider that claims of reducing time spent on trades. Time-factor makes it among one of the best, presumably. This trade alert provider believes that you don’t have to be smarter, but as long as they immerse in relentless discipline, their clients are bound to succeed.

This trade signal provider claims an 80% success ratio. It implies that out of ten trades, eight are expected to turn out in favor of a trader. However, despite all these claims, there was no available data on the owner of the company. Neither did the website provide a trade history. We are all aware of the fact that signal providers should mandatory provide such crucial information if the main aim is to gain trust from prospective clients.

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To begin to receive signals from this trade alert provider, one ought to fill in a contact form. The signals are then passed on from this trade alert provider to the clients via Whatsapp or email. The signals purportedly help identify the best trade opportunities and then send entry price, stop loss, and possible targets. The three guidelines act as features that ensure the maximal ephemeral of trade opportunities.

Bird Forex Signal Review, Platform has a website that creates an eye-catchy impression; however, little is availed to substantiate explanations, and the methodologies applied. These signals go for $20 per month, with the trading strategy stated as a Trend reversal. However, not much explanation is available on this Trend reversal strategy.

The signal’s frequency sums up to nine rates per week. It boasts of dealing with the following currency pairs; GBPJPY, GBPNZD, GOLD, AUDUSD, AUDJPY, EURJPY, USDCAD, GBPNZD, and GBPJPY

Investment plans boasts of two distinct investment plans; Free and Premium plan. The former program offers a fifteen-days free trial with provisions of 340-450 pips. The signals amount to nine every week with provisions of entry price, take profit, and stop loss. This plan is compatible with any broker.

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The signals are delivered via Whatsapp, with a 24/7 customer support system allegedly put in place to address any unforeseen emergent issues. The other plan is the Premium plan. This plan is also referred to as the Pro trader plan. Its lifespan amounts to a month, with the provision of eight hundred to one thousand five hundred pips.

The members of this plan receive nine trade signals per week. Just as the prior plan, it is fully compatible with any Forex broker. The signals are received via WhatsApp. This plan operates on The Trend reversal signal strategy. The entry and exits are deemed super accurately with the provision of enormous trade signals.

No company data makes several claims of how it is the most suitable option but leaves behind no traces of company data. Any Forex trader must have enough background knowledge about a company they plan on investing their money in. A lack of such crucial data means that the founder probably wants some bits of information concealed from the public eye.

Consequently, the level of transparency deteriorates, leaving prospective traders at crossroads on whether or not to seek services. If indeed, the signal provider was as legitimate and reliable as they claim, they should at least provide some data on the officials and functional matrices of their company.

Alexa rank lacks a very crucial rank: The Alexa rank. This shortage states that this Forex signal provider has not been in play long enough to gain enough traffic to label it as credible and reliable. Contrary to our expectations, it is peculiar to see an amateur boast of too much-unattainable prowess. The former validates that only makes empty claims.

Customization and risk control measures lacks the level of customization defined as suitable for any prospective trader. Its stop loss is a bit aggressive, leads to flamboyant staking, which may lead to severe injuries. The fluidity in the market may, at times, present forth unprecedented concurrences. This possibility requires address by minimizing risks via more readily customize trade signals.

Regulations and founders’ details

This trade signal provider originates from The United States of America, and this utterly dictates that it must possess regulation licenses from bodies such as the National Futures Association. Ironically, this trade alert provider lacks such. It automatically means that it is not entirely recommended to indulge in any activity with them.

An illegal trade provider that claims to be of such relevance is just a perfect representation of the various levels in which scammers operate. This pinpoints the fact that is a scam.

Trade results

This trade alert provider provides no trade results. The closest to a trade result produced by this scam is a manually updated tabulation. This tabulation is not a Myfxbook account verification, thus making it of least relevance. We all know that manually produced tables are prone to severe manipulation, especially if the intention is to capture attention and gain trust from prospective traders.

This signal provider should at least manifest the providence of more credible account verification. Also, this account verification should include the recessions encountered by the trading strategy for at least the past five years. This computation spells out the various probable “worst-case scenarios” that may pop up during the trades.

Customer feedback and review

Customer feedback is very vital when prospective traders look forward to making up mind on which broker to utilize. Ironically, has demurring reviews from the claims made on the site. Some customers report an occasional, unexplained scarcity in signals, late delivery, and even no customer support from the signal provider.

Customer service should be done regularly if a trade alert provider focuses on his clients. However, a lack of the former points out that this signal provider boasts of imaginary customer support. On this high note, why stake your real money with some imaginary signal provider?

Owner’s and personnel identities

A bidding service provider must provide all necessary details and whereabouts of founders and inclusive personnel. This trade alert provider, however, does not give any data. Trials to find out the actual founder was futile as none of the data proved consistent. Also, the analysts not hinted about in much depth. This limitation only shows that this trade alert provider is under secret society management.

Also, the company domain was under private custody. All these traits vividly validate that there is too much at stake whenever a prospective trader employs this trade alert provider. It attributed to the fact that too much data is in the dark, seldom do things turn out well.

Final verdict

It is now safe to conclude that From the above-stated factors and more factors such as a lack of stating of its success rate: are loopholes that annul the credibility of The vendor does not care if the traders undergo losses or not. All he is concerned about is the acquisition of lump-sum deposits in terms of sign up fees.

Therefore, traders should refrain from Never throw caution to the wind. However, all hope is not lost as there still exist some genuine and profitable trading bots providers. These trade signal providers ensure maximal profit returns and streamlined service delivery.



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