Bistinvest Review: No Scam Has Ever Generated Profits

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Bistinvest Review: No Scam Has Ever Generated Profits

In this review, we will be looking at BIST INVEST fund managers and their operations in the area of stock investments. The site can be found at, and the aim of this platform is to make people deposit a minimum of $10 (with no maximum deposit) in order to earn some daily returns.

You can allegedly earn between 1%-3% daily returns when you invest with Bistinvest. Unfortunately, after going through the site and analyzing every aspect of it, we concluded that it is not a good site for the Valforex community to invest in.

There are several negative aspects of Bistinvest which we feel should be mentioned. These negative aspects should be treated as red flags and not mere disadvantages.

The truth is that if you send any money here, and especially a large amount of deposit, you may not see it again. The site has already proved so in the manner of their presentation.

By just observing this site, you will begin to ask yourself several questions because clearly the owner of the site is not willing to be transparent with their actual details and activities.

We cannot rely on claims alone. We need to rely on verifiable facts. For example, if these guys claim to operate in a team of 10 people while trading the stock market, there needs to be a way of verifying that indeed they are traders. And its very easy to prove that you are a trader or fund manager if that is what you actually do. On the other hand, it’s very difficult to prove that you are a trader if you’re actually not one.

We have now identified certain things about Bistinvest which have proved to us that we are potentially dealing with a scam. To learn more, continue reading the rest of this Bistinvest review.

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Bistinvest Review

Let’s start with the ownership of this site. They’ve got an about us page which attempts to describe who they are and what their vision is.

According to the about us page, Bist Invest is a well-known corporation with focus in trading the Istanbul Stock Exchange.

They also claim that their successful trading has enabled Bistinvest to grow tremendously. Lately, they are also claiming that they are trading the US stock market with a focus on Dow 30 , S&P 500 , Nasdaq 100 , Nasdaq , NYSE Composite.

bistinvest review

Now, the reason why they think that BistInvest is the place to invest your portfolio is that they have experience, knowledge and the hard work needed to stay focused and deliver results.

However, one claim that attracted our attention was that BistInvest was composed of 10 Turkish stock traders who have traded the stock market for the last quarter of a century since they allegedly began trading in the early 90s.

They are allegedly managing investor portfolio worth 20 million and are inviting you to contribute to this portfolio so that you can make profits too.

Well, we thought to ourselves that this was good background information. But can it be verified? Can we actually verify that a corporation by the name BistInvest Ltd is existing in Istanbul? If so, can we verify that indeed these traders have been trading since the early 90s and are having a solid track record of delivering results?

That is where the problem comes in. You see, there is no corporation in the name of BistInvest. We have checked the official list of registered businesses and corporations in Turkey and found that nothing close to the name of BistInvest could be found there.

In other words, BistInvest is a site that isn’t backed by any corporation, and they are lying of that fact.

The other thing that we were not able to establish is proof that these traders have been doing what they claim to do since the early 90s.

There is no track record to confirm that this is the case. So how exactly do we believe them?

And most importantly, the owner of this website has safeguarded his identity on That means we can’t find out the exact owner of this domain.

This is very suspicious. You should be cautious with people who privately register their domains on because these people often have an ill motive of hiding their details. The motive is to always to rip you off or in the worst case scenario, scam you.

BistInvest is no exception here. They’ve proved that this is what they intend to do with your deposit. You could as well make a deposit and forget about your money because you will never see it.

The ridiculous investment plans

There are up to 6 investment plans here. Monthly return on investment can go up to 84%. The idea is that if you invest more, the more you will make huge returns on your investments.

bistinvest plans

You do not need to do anything after you send this money to their account. Just sit back and relax because these guys are the masters of their craft. They will make up to 84% per month.

This is a very disturbing thing because we have never seen or heard of any legitimate business offering up to 84% monthly return on investment.

Furthermore, they claim that there is a 5% referral commission. If you add this to the 84% monthly return on investment, you will make abnormal profits in less than a year. You will become a millionaire overnight.

Those investment plans are obviously suspicious. You do not have to believe anything that you’re told by these suckers.

If they cannot prove it, it is as good as a lie. That’s the rule of thumb when it comes to online investments.

How they plan to scam you

By now, it is becoming clearer that BistInvest is a scam. But how do they intend to scam you?

Well, first of all, we see that this project shares all similarities with internet ponzi schemes.

The plan is to get you to deposit some money on the promise that you’ll earn monthly returns. If you invest the minimum which is $10, they will make payouts just to fool you. This will prompt you to try them with a bigger deposit. If that happens, you will never see your money again.

Now, that’s called blatant thievery. All Ponzi schemes eventually resort to these measures because they are operating with impunity.

BistInvest does not have a track record. The owners are anonymous. So how do you think they can be fools enough to return your money with profits if their aim is to make money in the first place? It’s not quite likely.

Moreover, even if they were operating a ponzi scheme that sticks to its word, the business model would not sustain itself in the long run.

it would fail because investors would learn of their shady reputation and keep off. If no investor is pouring money into the project, no money is being distributed to older members. Eventually, the owner of BistInvest closes down and runs away with whatever is remaining.

Our best advice for you

There is no trading whatsoever. There is no managing portfolio. All we can see here is a ponzi scheme which will eventually collapse as hinted above. If you love your money, keep it in your wallet. If you want to invest, use products from these companies.

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