Bit Crypto Investors Review: is Scam

Bit Crypto Investors Review: is Scam

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BitCryptoInvestors is a Ponzi scheme that allegedly offers Bitcoin mining and trading activities. We suggest that all our readers should avoid the company at all costs as nothing good can come out of Bit Crypto Investors.

The platform lures innocent investors into their doorsteps with claims of earning a weekly profit that is ridiculous. All you have to do is to send your deposit to the company for you to yield 1 ROI of 340% weekly.

Sounds great, right? But this is only a tactic that the Ponzi scheme utilizes their hands in your hard-earned money. You should ask yourself. If the platform can generate such a rate, why do they need your money?

The deal is too good to be true, and people will only lose their funds by trusting Bit Crypto Investors. Their financial narrative sounds vague and misleading, and it is only novice investors that would fall for their schemes.

In this review, we will expose all their fraudulent activities. Kindly read through to get a glimpse of how the pyramid scheme works.

About BitCryptoInvestors

Think twice if you want to invest in a company that is not transparent regarding the people who are running it. It would help if you approached companies like BitCryptoInvestors with much caution as they are destined to fail.

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There is no form of investment taking place on this platform. The only income into their system is the deposit that clients make, and the shady platform will use it to sustain the withdrawals.

Once there is no more revenue coming their way, it will be time to call the shots, and exit the market. It would be best if you were very skeptical of entities like this one.Trust only the legit cryptocurrency companies in the market. They will grant you reasonable amount of earnings.

Bit Crypto Investors Review, Platform

Bit Crypto Investors does not have any proof that they perform any mining activities. They do not disclose the location of their mining farms or servers. The hardware they utilize to mine BTC or how they cater to the enormous mining cost that comes along with the procedure.

Additionally, we are not aware of the win rates or the drawdowns that they have. The company is an HYIP and has an enticing financial narrative. The business model that the company utilizes is also lurking in so many ways.

The model of staying anonymous is something that is not upheld when it comes to investing. Clients have the right to know whom they are trusting with their money. The information regarding a platform’s leadership and ownership creates trust.

However, BitCryptoInvestors thinks otherwise and the founder, as well as the team, if there are any are operating behind the shadows. Why discreet if they are offering legit services? So many unanswered questions. Pyramid schemes thrive on the affiliate program, and this one is not left behind.


Various governments have put up strict measures that investment companies must adhere to for them to run their business. It is, therefore, illegal to collect money from members of the public without having the right documentation.

Bit Crypto Investors is a platform that claims it is based in Australia, yet it is not in the database of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. (ASIC). The platform moreover states that they accept investors from all over the world.

For them to do so, they will need licensing certificates from Pacific, Asian, and European financial watchdogs. It is very risky to trust unregulated firms as they are not bound by any law.

They can exit the market at any time without the knowledge of their clients. Additionally, they can impulse hidden charges to their clients, and even worst, they can use the data that you share with them against you.

Funds Safety

The company does not offer the safety of funds to their clients. Considering that crypto mining is not as profitable as it used to be, it would be better if you did not stick around. Law requires to provide financial institutions data that an investment company safe keeps users funds.

The company does not provide. Additionally, the company lack DDoS and SSL Certificates. The information regarding their clients can be stolen.

Contact Details

BitCryptoInvestors decorate their site with their telephone number and an email address. While this seems it is only for show as we tried contacting them, but nobody did respond.

However, we were not surprised as we did expect this is how it would go down. Additionally, the platform will not respond to emails that clients send them. Ask yourself, is this the kind of company that you should be trusting with your money?

People who will not, in return, trust you with their real address leave alone their contact. Do yourself a favor, and stay away while you still can. On the platform website, the company displays an Australian address.

The location they indicate is bogus and not the real area that they are based on it. It is the norm of pyramid schemes to stay relevant as much as they can by offering false information.

Are Bit Crypto Investors Legit or Scam?

The platform is a scam; the evidence points out that this is not a legit firm. The data that they have put up on their website is insufficient and bogus; it only talks of Bitcoin mining and trading activities.

 Bit Crypto Investors does not show how they plan to make a profit using these two lucrative services. Furthermore, the platform does not show investors why they should choose their platform instead of their competitors.

The company does not explain anything to investors, and investing here would be an unwise decision. It is also unrealistic to attain a profit of 340% within a week. The figures are not logically correct, and the time is also ridiculous.

Digital mining and trading activities associate numerous risks. It appears that BitCryptoInvestors has a mysterious way of navigating the market, and offering something that no other investment company is promising.

They use a free email address, which raises more queries. The firm claims that they are earning much money, yet they do not have a legit email address—the server they are using host other multiple pyramid schemes.

The company will steal your money, exit the market, and come back using another domain name. Professional scammers operate Ponzi schemes. They know the right words to use to get investors. The platform has been accused of stealing investors’ money, and others have not been able to cash out their affiliate earnings.

The Domain Insight

The company registration took place in November 2019 and will expire in November 2020. Pyramid schemes purchase a domain name that has a short period so that when their fraudulent activities are exposed, no one can trace the company.

The platform is also registered anonymously is there is no information regarding the owner. The company has no feedback on w\WebOfTrust (WOT). Trade with platforms that have been in the market with trading or mining history.

Final Verdict

Bit Crypto Investors is a fraudulent company that investors should be wary of it. The firm claims its Headquarters are in Australia, which is false. We could not find anything positive regarding this platform.

The company is illegal, unregistered, unregulated, and to the top on the list, it is being run anonymously. There are better crypto trading companies in the industry than Bit Crypto Investors that will not compromise your funds.

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