Bit FX Market Review: Busted Forex Broker Scam

Bit FX Market Review: Busted Forex Broker Scam

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Bit FX Market found at is another annoying Forex Broker to hit the trading market. With promises of being experts and guaranteeing high returns, we had to investigate. This Forex broker claims to offer advanced wealth and financial services to anyone who signs up. Problem is, we have received numerous complaints of people who have lost money with this broker. Read on this detailed and honest review to find out the truth.

Bit FX Market Review

Bit FX Market Review:

One of the biggest red flags we have with this broker is with the name. Bit FX Market is what they are calling it and at the same time calling it Bitcoin FX Option. Which is it? You can clearly see from the homepage that there are two different names referring to this platform. They claim to be a legally licensed trading company which is a total lie. What they claim to trade include Forex, stocks, and crypto currencies.

This review will reveal the hidden traps set by these scammers in order to steal from users. Once you sign up with Bit FX Market, your money is as good as gone. Claims of providing a high return financial services are all but lies. These are well-known tricks that are meant to lure unsuspecting Forex investors. Their claims are simply out of this world.

Fake Accuracy Levels.

Bit FX Market is claiming to have the highest accuracy levels the market has. This is why they are guaranteeing users high returns. With promises of over 90%-win rates, this is surely a scam. There’s no software or trader in the world that can have such high accuracy levels. Financial markets are always volatile and prone to change. Market prices change without warning and this is why we believe their promise of 90% ROI is fake.

If you are a newbie, we will tell you straight up that prices are never constant. Prices change due to numerous reasons such as boardroom wars, political reasons, and unforeseen interference. This is why making an assumption that you will be raking in 90% of your investment is a sham. Prices can fall immediately and this makes people lose money. This is why we are against any member signing up with a platform offering insane promises.

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An alternative to fake brokers is getting brokers that the Forex trading community uses. Get trusted and tested Forex brokers who are experienced and reputable. Your money will always be safe and you always get a chance to make real money dealing Forex. This way, you are guaranteed of safety and comfort while trading.

Bit FX Market Fake Platform.

According to their website, they claim to have an advances trading platform. What we don’t know is what kind of platform they are using. Are they using MetaTrader4 or MetaTrader5? Why have they failed to disclose this detail? What is so unique about their trading platform? Why can’t they share or give a little example of what their platform does? It’s because they know how to entice investors.

Bit FX Market Scam

Scammers think that when investors hear that their platform is more advanced, they will sign up. Another problem we have with Bit FX Market is that they don’t tell us what strategy they use. All legitimate trading platforms ensure that users know the kind of strategy used. With BitFXMarket, it’s a bit different. And we know why. There’s nothing like having a don’t tell it all strategy. It ensures people get hooked and thus, investors will sign up.

Offline Chat Support.

Another red flag that we felt you must know is that there’s no online chat support. With today’s technology, we expect all and any platform to offer online support. Bit FX Market, on the other hand, does not offer this service. They only claim to offer the service but we couldn’t see it. The only way you can contact them is by sending them an email. This is exactly what we did. We sent them an email and have not received any feedback.

The reason why we haven’t received any feedback is that Bit FX Market developers want to remain anonymous. They don’t want to be contacted by their victims. Most importantly, they don’t want the authorities to get wind of their illicit activities. They know that once their identity is known, they will face serious jail time. We are not the only ones who have been blocked by BitFXMarket, victims are also claiming to be blacklisted.

Payment Methods.

Bit FX Market Fake

According to their website, Bit FX Market claims to offer 100% fast payment process. We have received numerous email complaints from users who could not withdraw their money using BitFXMarket. Claims of delays and being blacklisted can be easily be seen on trading forums all over the web. This is why we feel it’s unsafe to trade Forex with Bit FX Market. Why would they not allow people to withdraw their money?

It’s because they simply want you to deposit your money and forget about it. Only fast services they offer are depositing services. When depositing, your money goes into their account in a matter of minutes. See why we are against you signing up with BitFXMarket?

You can always avoid forex brokers and trade with Forex robots. Get Forex robots that have been tested and trusted to make reasonable profit margins. You will always be safe trading with recommended Forex robots. Why not try them today? They are used by both newbie and expert Forex investors. Always get the best out of Forex trading by using Forex robots.

Is Bit FX Market Secure?

Judging by the evidence that pilled up during our investigation, we are sure BitFXMarket is not secure. Their homepage alone is not protected at all. This means that hackers can put it down in a matter of seconds. Why would they claim to be secure if their own page is vulnerable?

Is Bit FX Market Regulated?

We contacted the regulatory bodies and they all claimed the same thing. None of them had registered Bit FX Market. Note that on their homepage, they claim to have been regulated by CySEC, FCA, and ASIC. This is all a ploy to try and legitimize the platform. Even the license numbers shown don’t coincide with the licensing numbers of regulatory authorities.

We also tried to check whether the company behind this platform is registered. Registrar of companies does not have a registered company under Bit FX Market. This points out to a very dangerous scam. Try as they might, we must expose these scam artists for who they are. They simply want to steal all your money and leave you high and dry.

Is Bit FX Market a Scam?

Yes, we are dealing with a scam. All evidence points to the fact that Bit FX Market is a scam. Note that they try hard to remain anonymous, they are not registered or regulated. They also offer insane profit margins. These are all the tricks used by Forex scam artists and we must expose them.

Bit FX Market Final Verdict.

Bit FX Market Scam Review

If you wanted to sign up with Bit FX Market, we urge you to stop immediately. Members who have already signed up are trying to withdraw money to no avail. Don’t become a victim of this scam. Avoid any pop-up messages urging you to sign up. Ignore all incoming promotional videos from BitFXMarket to stay safe.

Always get the best out of Forex trading by dealing with reputable and recommended Forex brokers. These brokers have been tested and are overly trusted by the Forex trading community. Stay safe and make real profits with real Forex brokers today.

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