Bit Lucre Review: This Scam is Desperate for Money

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Bit Lucre Review: This Scam is Desperate for Money

If you want to invest in Bitcoin, Bit Lucre Ltd is the last place to take your money to. This review proves that Bit Lucre and other similar crypto-currency mining companies such as Bit Trading CC, Bitchair, CoinPlus and many others are here to take you for a ride.

Bit Lucre Ltd is designed to collapse and run away with your money because there is no proof that they are conducting legitimate crypto-currency mining operations.

Bit Lucre Ltd Review

Bit Lucre Ltd is simply making an outrageous presentation which follows the same pattern that scams use to fool investors. They promise abnormal profits which cannot be sustained in the long run.

The reason why this ”online investment” company is promising super high returns is because they are aware of the fact that Bitcoin is recording some wild moves in the market. It recently broke the $6,000 mark, and does not look like it will slow down any time soon.

The daily returns for this company, Bit Lucre Ltd, range between 10 and 20% depending on what you invest with them.

The company was apparently founded by people who call themselves ”professional Forex and crypto-currency traders”. But there is no proof that the people who run this company have been involved in any form of trading at any given time in history.

In fact, the founder(s) of this company did not even provide any document or proof that would confirm their professional background.

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We wonder how this company intends to convince investors. It is one thing to make a claim and it’s quite another to prove what you are saying.

We find it a little bit disturbing that these people simply want investors to trust and hope that the investment opportunity which they are providing is real and profitable — that they have a track record of trading and mining crypto-currencies.

To be honest. Anyone who joins Bit Lucre Ltd won’t fall in safe hands. On top of this, the founder and employees (if any) are completely anonymous. How are you supposed to send money to an anonymous person on the internet who claims that they have a Bitcoin investment project that is giving up to 20% daily returns?

It takes stupid courage to do so. Any investor who is making rational judgement will never send money in that manner.

Details of Bit Lucre Ltd company

Currently, there has been a surge of Bitcoin investment opportunities hiding behind UK registration. The ones that we mentioned in the first paragraph of this review were all registered in the UK a few weeks ago.

bitlucre company reg number

It is difficult not to believe that Bit Lucre Ltd is a ponzi scheme. This is because the website is showing all the signs of a ponzi scheme. Yes, they do have a company registration number. But these numbers mean nothing. If you thought that you were safe because of these company reg numbers, you are wrong.

These are tax numbers which have nothing to do with legitimizing the operations of the company. Scams are obtaining these company registration numbers as a show of credibility. But the truth is that anyone can register a company and either conduct genuine or fraudulent business operations.

On top of that, Bit Lucre Ltd is very new in this industry. They don’t have a track record or history yet. But at least they are honest about it. Unlike similar companies that we have mentioned above, this one does not cook up numbers to purport that they have since acquired a certain number of users and that they have even issued payouts.

We want to make it clear that there is no sure way to verify these numbers. Probably Bit Lucre Ltd figure it out this which is why their website doesn’t have fake statistics. But this does not mean that they are legitimate.

The bottom line is that this business is very new, period. We do not think that any investor will be willing to take a dive right away even if there is no history of performance. You don’t want to be the first person to test the waters. You only want to join after you have seen a handful of investors joining and reaping the said daily profits. We mean that you should be seeing proof or some sort of a document that can legitimize those payouts. Otherwise, don’t join. We have good alternatives which pay real profits. You can sign up here. 

Moving forward, we do not see how BitLucre can legally provide investment services even when they don’t have an official licensing from the FCA. Their operations are under the jurisdiction of the Financial Conduct Authority. In fact, the company is registered under the category of financial leasing, meaning that they do offer financial services by asking people to invest Bitcoin with them so that they can pay them profits each day.

The legality of Bit Lucre is definitely something to question because this company is by-passing UK financial/investment laws to provide an illegal service to members of the public. You have to be aware of this.

The impossible returns: yes they are

First of all, this company claims on their homepage that they are the only company that are offering fixed hourly interest on investment regardless of market condition.

bitlucre investment plans

Our question is, where is this money coming from to pay you the fixed interest? The initial idea was to invest your money on Bitcoin and turn in whatever profit that shall be realized thereafter. But in this case, Bit Lucre is promising investors that they will earn a certain fixed percentage of their investment regardless of how the markets move. That is a big fat lie!

Furthermore, the promised 10-20% daily return on investment is too high. These figure are not practical in our world. In fact, if you do some calculations, you will see that this company is promising a monthly return of 300% to 600% or a yearly return of up to 7300%.

Let us make this clear: these numbers are impossible to achieve in any form of Bitcoin business operation. If you had believed them, you better brace for the sad news because we have never seen anyone making such crazy profits.

Anyone you come across a company claiming that they will give you a high return on a daily basis (without fail), you should immediately know that such a company is a scam. Don’t even think twice about it because it is not possible to realize these profits no matter how you would want to look at it. There is absolutely no way to get these returns by trading any crypto-currency on the internet.

Please beware of the fact that Bit Lucre is only accepting payment in Bitcoin. How strange is that?

Well, big and legitimate companies often provide multiple ways of making a deposit. Even if Bitcoin is involved, they will make sure that other forms of payments are also available to those who for some reason don’t feel comfortable making payment in crypto-currency. Therefore, the reason why Bit Lucre is only accepting payment in crypto-currency is because they want to steal that money. Crypto-currency payments can never be reversed.

Our best advice for you

Bit Lucre lacks authenticity and seriousness that would attract serious investors. With all the red flags, we can say that you are better off avoiding them completely.

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