BIT Trading CC LTD Review – Scam Financial Game!

BIT Trading CC LTD Review – Scam Financial Game!

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A new company has just emerged on the internet, and it’s promising super abnormal profits to those who want to mine crypto-currency. BIT Trading CC LTD is selling 3 investment plans and promising minimum daily profit of 6% and a maximum of 18% depending on how much you’re willing to ”invest” with them.

Therefore, in this review, we will be looking to expose the true nature of business that BIT Trading CC LTD is committed to. In fact, you should just consider staying away from this company because they don’t have your best interest at heart. They are a scam because of the simple fact that they are promising impossible to earn profits that can reach a staggering percentage of up to 6570% per year.

By the way, you don’t need a University degree in economics and statistics to see that these figures are impossible to achieve with any investment project. As a matter of fact, these numbers are huge. Even an investor who initially intended to commit his resources to this company would easily change their mind once they read that this company is offering up to 6570% return on investment per year.

bit trading cc LTD review

We are therefore obliged to expose them for what they are. If you’re looking for a legitimate way to earn profits from Bitcoin or crypto-currency mining in general, don’t hesitate to check out this post. 

BIT Trading Review: The red flags are all over

It appears that BIT Trading has a plan of action. They simply want to present themselves in a way that would build some trust and rapport with their prospective audience.

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They intend to achieve this goal by first portraying that they are licensed in the UK, and are therefore a legitimate company to conduct business with.

Indeed the licensing number is provided on the website as 10931912. Company address is stated as  Alpha Business Center, 11 Minerva Road London – UK, NW10 6HJ.

That’s the first step to showing investors that they are legitimate. But do you know that a license number, a business address or a combination of both is not a valid way of proving the authenticity of an internet company, and especially if they are exclusively dealing with Bitcoin?

It means they are anonymous, and scams love to remain anonymous because it is safer to conduct business that way.

Look, we need to repeat this again and again. Any investment project that is promising a daily return on investment in terms of several percentages is a scam. There is no other way to defend this because this is the economic reality of this world. There is no way we this company can sustain those returns on a daily or even monthly basis.

Therefore, when BIT Trading website promises a daily return of 18%, you should understand that they are only intending to trap greedy people who are naive when it comes to investment matters in this niche. They also want to create an unnecessary excitement which would lead to acting irrationally. At the end of the day, BIT Trading would gain while the hypnotized investor would lose their investment.

A brief overview of products which are purportedly offered by this company

BIT Trading purports to offer 3 plans which they claim will earn you profits on a daily basis. The promised percentage of return is a ”guarantee”. But at this point, the scamming elements become crystal clear ….. that this company is misleading potential investors with statements that are not true.

bit trading plans and pricing

Nobody can guarantee you profits on a daily basis simply because you are mining crypto-currencies. Furthermore, no one in their right mindset can promise daily profits as huge as 18% while telling the world that these profits are guaranteed if you register with their company. It is sham.

But this scam is somehow managed by greedy people who want to profit from all investors on the web regardless of their financial abilities.

As you can see, the cheapest plan costs $25. This is to say that anyone with $25 can sign up and begin making the said profits.

And if the 6% daily return on investment was to be factored into the equation, you’d ”make a profit of $45” in that month for doing nothing. Is this realistic? Perhaps you’re wondering. But the hash reality is that this is a total lie. Nobody in this world can give you a $45 profit on a $27 investment. It cannot be possible that anyone, regardless of whether they are mining Bitcoin or any other crypto-currency, is earning this amount on a consistent basis. That is just not possible regardless of how you choose to look at it.

The second plan invites investors who are financially okay to throw in some $4,000 on the promise that they will make 12% daily profits on this money. Do you know how much this would generate if the silly statistics that  BIT Trading are anything to go by? It would mean taking home $480 each day. Now, that is crazy. It is totally impossible. The third plan is the most exaggerated of all.It shows that these people are possibly not even mining any Bitcoin. A daily profit of 18% is ridiculous. Take note of this.

BIT Trading is a fake and illegal business

We have noticed that there is currently a surge of newly registered UK companies purporting to offer crypto-currency investment opportunities.

We reviewed Bitchair a while ago, and noticed that it was registered in the UK. Same thing applies to companies like Coin Plus, and many others that we have reviewed here.

Bit Trading CC LTD is just among the many scams that are cropping up in this niche. Having been registered toward the end of August, we cannot say that they do have a track record yet. In fact, they have zero history of payouts. But this is something they will never admit on their website.

But they do admit that they have been around for a little over 2 months. During this time, the company claims that they have opened 4,749 member accounts who are actively investing with this company. But where is the proof to support those numbers?

bit trading stats

It cannot be possible that Bit Trading CC LTD has paid out a total sum of  $168508.62 in less than 3 months. It is not possible that this company received a total deposit of $555849.96. These are just figures which the company has done nothing to verify.

You should realize that Bit Trading’s reg number is not a sign of authenticity. Almost everyone can register a company and get a reg number regardless of whether or not their activities are legitimate. Furthermore, that registration number is meant for taxation purposes. Do not be fooled that since this company is registered, you will not lose money. In fact, you will lose everything that you ever deposited into their bank accounts in Bitcoin.

We reviewed the basic documents of Bit Trading at Companies House, and realized that this company was having unpaid dues in their records. It is therefore not true that they are making that amount of money as stated in the fabricated statistics.

Our best advice for you

The reason why Bit Trading is an illegal business is because they are offering an investment service without first seeking proper authorization from the FCA. Secondly, this company is showing signs of being a pyramid financial game where after they collect enough money, they can simply disappear. Avoid them.

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6 Replies to “BIT Trading CC LTD Review – Scam Financial Game!”

  1. is a big took my 700 dollars and stopped paying to me .withdraw fund option on company website not working.No body giving reply on company email or contact number. so beware of this fraud company.

    1. is not paying, all your profit will get struck in pending payment and you will not be able to get any money out of bit trading. Donot invest, I invested 100 USD my pending payment it 120 USD but they are not transfering to my account

  2. Are tge comments all in relation to bit-trading that is based in estonia and opperate as a crypto trading platform or is this a mining platform

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