Bit4G Scam Review: Suspicious Patterns Detected

Bit4G Scam Review: Suspicious Patterns Detected

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Up to now, we have not figured out the exact reason why people believe unbelievable offers. Unbelievable offers is when someone pitches you a money making idea that doesn’t make sense in terms of the alleged returns on investments. Such is the predicament of Bit4g (, a site that claims that it can trade, lend and stake your Bit4g for exceptional returns.

Bit4g is supposed to use a trading robot called Intelitrade. What exactly is Intelitrade? It’s a self-learning and AI-based algorithm which is way more intelligent than trading robots that are currently available in the market.

According to Bit4g website, Intelitrade algorithm is different because it does not follow a pre-fed trading strategy. Instead, it works on its own ”sense of intelligence” so that it can continuously learn and self-adapt for better trading results.

This is supposed to make Bit4g platform the most advanced and cutting-edge investing technology that is available in modern times.

What we want to know is whether Bit 4G will make the alleged returns by participating in trading, lending or staking. Anything that has these 3 characteristics is almost a ponzi scheme. There is no exception to this rule. And no matter how you want to look at it, your inner self will always reveal to you that Bit 4G is a suspicious platform.

Let’s explore deeper to find out whether or not Bit4G is worth your time and investments.

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Bit4G Review

As we have already hinted above, this platform is supposed to trade, lend, mine or stake coins for profits. They trade the coins with a robot which is dubbed InteliTrade.

They have also launched a coin which is known as B4G. Its value is supposed to appreciate with time, and that means users can trade it as well.

What this suspicious platform wants you to do is create an account, deposit funds in either Bitcoins or Ethereum, purchase some B4G coins, and then trade the coins as you desire.

bit4g review

These folks are presuming to have convinced the masses by claiming that their AI algorithm will make exceptional profits. The question is, if this algorithm was this good, how come we have not seen it in the news? It has not made any headlines yet. It seems suspicious and rather shady.

Since this platform has all the qualities of a ponzi scheme, we can’t help but wonder how genuine it can be. The option to trade the so-called B4G coins or lend them is tied to this software.

When lending your coins to other investors, this ponzi scheme type of business will require you to deposit and purchase their alleged B4G coins. You can lend your new coins to the Intelitrade robot for purposes of earning profits every 24 hours.

Your lending amount will always attract super abnormal monthly returns of up to 49%. Do the math and you will see that this amount is nonsensical and cannot be sustained in the long run.

It’s interesting to see that Bit 4G is even asking you to lend an amount which is equivalent to $100 of B4G coins to earn steady monthly profits.

We have always said that when it’s too good to be true, think twice. See, these legitimate Bitcoin mining companies have been in the business for quite a long period of time. But they never pitch high abnormal returns to anybody. In fact, they never make promises that are not attainable in the long run. So, where does this leave us? It leaves us doubting whether this platform’s reliability and trustworthiness.

Profit calculator

To further prove that Bit 4G is a deadly ponzi scheme, we decided to test their profitability calculator with a $100 investment in 30 days. Based on a return on investment figure of 39%, an investment of $100 would yield $39 monthly profit.

Now, clearly this is not trading, mining, lending or any of those things. This is clearly something else which we might not be able to figure out. But one thing is clear anyway. That Bit 4G is designed to make money for the owner alone. The investor will always be left with nothing to celebrate about.

Bit4G staking

Risking your hard-earned money on a coin whose value cannot rise is a total waste of your time and money. Proof of staking is a valid idea. But to stake on a valueless coin is like throwing away your money.

You should be asking yourself whether this coin will rise in value in the future. What factors are baking the current value of the coin? What factors are the current price projection into the future based on?

The answer is Nothing. If you observe this website carefully, you will see that the idea behind the coin is as vague as it can get. That means the coin will never increase in value. This is not Bitcoin or any of the major Cryptocurrencies in the market right now. Do not expect to make any money with staking.

It’s just a concept of scamming people of their hard-earned money. By purchasing a coin whose value cannot be transferred outside the Bit 4G ecosystem, you are actually being ripped off without knowing it.

B4G coin coin mining

The question is this, what blockchain are you mining? And why exactly are you mining B4G coins when you should be mining Bitcoins, Ethereum and so on?

We are asking these questions because we have not thought about any reasons as to why a sane investor would want to mine a valueless coin such as B4G.

This agrees very well with our previous points on this matter. There is nothing to be gained from mining a valueless coin. Please understand this fact and you will be safe. You don’t want to become the next victim of a shady investment scam.

The bottom line

Wise investors don’t throw away their money in a bottomless bit. They invest wisely. To tell us that Bit 4G coins are valuable is to say that you are ignorant of the fact that scammers are using these methods to convince and steal money from you.

If you still don’t believe that Bit 4G is a suspicious website, how about running that domain on a platform like to see if you will ever discover who owns the site.

Most probably, you will find out that the owner chose to hide their names.You do not need more proof to see why these people are hiding their ID. If they are intending to scam you, they will hide their identity and make it look as if it is an innocent move. The fact of the matter is that no genuine investment can give those kinds of returns.

And secondly, you must learn to be suspicious of any investment program where the project owner is anonymous and still offering a sales pitch that claims you will make lots of money.

Our best advice for you

There is no lending, trading, mining or doing any of those activities on this website. The way we see it is that this is a manipulative approach to swindle innocent investors of their hard-earned money. To make it look as if they won’t scam you, they’ve come up with all these features i.e a coin to ensure that when you have purchased them, you will not complain later on that you got scammed. Keep off.

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