BitAeon Review: is Fraudulent and Untrustworthy Crypto Scam Operation

BitAeon Review: is Fraudulent and Untrustworthy Crypto Scam Operation

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BitAeon Review

BitAeon ( is another automated miner entity to grace the cryptocurrency world. Once you invest with BitAeon, you’ll be offered consistent returns of 3% increment daily.

BitAeon Detailed Review

This is without a doubt one of the red flags that we first spotted as we conducted our research. This Review will point out the reasons why BitAeon Limited is nothing but a fictitious scam. You should stay away from it as it’s not trusted.

What’s BitAeon?


BitAeon is appearing all over the web. This is another fraudulent program that is promising both investors and traders large returns. Truth is, they never really work out and never make payments. This is simply another affiliate program designed to attract as many victims before suddenly shutting down.

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If you wanted to invest your hard earned money with BitAeon, we strongly suggest you read this review. You’ll find out why this is simply a crypto currency gimmick. Here, you’ll learn the tricks these people are using and are hidden from you. BitAeon is not what it looks like.

Why BitAeon is an Attractive Scam


By now, you are aware that BitAeon is simply offering fake crypto services. This means that you have to invest a certain amount of money with them and they mine cryptocurrency for you. These coins they claim to mine for you are Altcoins and Bitcoin.

It all sounds simple and clear, right? BitAeon is not that simple as they lead you to believe. We should add in the fact that these people are not honest as they claim on their homepage. One of the claims they make is totally unsubstantial.

You are told that you will make returns of 3% on weekdays and 1.5% during the weekends. If you are an experienced trader, you will know it’s unethical or possible to promise investors a fixed profit rate. Their rates are far beyond what legit company offer. It’s also impossible to deliver these earnings consistently as they easily promise you.

They also add in the fact that BitAeon provides Forex trading investment opportunities as well as crypto currency. To be honest, this is simply different from other scams that we’ve blacklisted. Why are they presenting you with easy wealth making ventures?

Can BitAeon really Generate Profits?



BitAeon Review

You should always ask yourself this question: “Will BitAeon really generate consistent and guaranteed profit margins?” Answer is simply, NO. Why are they not considering the fact that these is a risk making venture and losses can be made? These are some of the lies this program is spreading all over the Internet.
If you think we are speculating, we also dug deeper. W found more red flags that should be made known to you. Here are the specifics on why this is simply a scam from the fraudsters manual book.

BitAeon is Unlicensed


Simply put, this is an illegal business conducting illegal business practice. BitAeon is presenting itself as a real crypto investment firm. It requires all members to invest in a certain amount of money. Members are guaranteed that their investments will bring a certain amount of return which is fixed.

Developers of this fake program try really hard to validate their operations. By law, all crypto trading business ventures should operate under proper government license and regulation. We tried to validate how they operated and we couldn’t get any certificates. We cannot confirm that they have legitimate licenses in which they have mandate to hold.

You can easily see how they say that they’re ‘legally registered’ in the UK. This can be seen on their platform. Once you click to this link, you are not directed to any LEGAL validations. This is proof we are dealing with a fake scam.

We contacted the FCA or Financial Conduct Authorities and the FTC Federal Trade Commission’s server and this program isn’t licensed. This is proof that they are trading illegally.

Who’s Behind BitAeon?


We all know that these are faceless scammers who cannot be traced. We have no idea who’s behind this Mining server app. If it was legit, don’t you think they would have put a face behind it? Who wouldn’t want recognition after creating such an app if it was indeed working?

They say that they are the next generation platform that utilizes the power of crowd-funding and Blockchain. Using fancy terms does not really let us know who they really are. You will also realize that the entirety of as a program does not have any real useful directories.

This means, there’s no contact information that we can directly make to them. They don’t disclose any developers, CEOs or founders of BitAeon. What they tell us is that mining server simply consists of a team of expert and entrepreneurs. They add in the fact that these experts and entrepreneurs have a wealth of crypto-mining experience. That’s all they say.

Why can’t they simply disclose their identities so that its easier to contact them? This means we would be comfortable investing money with people who we know.

Fake Aliases


By now, you know that every scam has a fake alias behind it. They do this to maintain anonymity as they are just criminals profiting from you losing. BitAeon is simply another crypto currency scam that’s hiding in the shadow. There’s no names given about this program, doesn’t that raise even more questions?

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Transparency is always important when you’re about to invest your money in any venture. Traders and investors should always feel safe while making investment decisions. We have seen a big mysterious level when it comes to BitAeon. It makes us more suspicious and less approving.

Fake BitAeon Results and Reviews


BitAeon Fake

This product is making a very bold statement claiming 3% and 1.5% returns in profit margins. If this was true, then you initial investment would bring in huge profit margins. This is highly unlikely and that’s what they want you to think

You should also consider the value of Altcoins, Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. Their prices keep moving up and down due to constant market movements. This is why we boldly say that their claim of a consistent profit margin is a total bull. These promises are unrealistic and should not be considered.

Cryptocurrency market is volatile and prices fluctuate due to a number of reasons. Value of Crypto is known to rise one day and drop the next. This alone is proof that no program can make consistent profit margins.

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Are there any members who have won with BitAeon?


We have not found any member or person who invested with this program and won. Far from it, all people we have contacted have lost their money with it with no refunds. There’s no positive review when it comes to BitAeon. This is another proof we are dealing with professional scammers.

They have used stock photos for pretense in order to dupe you into thinking these are real members.

Is BitAeon a Ponzi Scheme?


You should know that this is beyond a Ponzi scheme. This is simply a fake app in the making. One, its an unregistered company which aims at making as many registrations as they possibly can. This means they will scam more and more people before shutting down immediately.

This product also has an affiliate program where traders are told to refer other users. Once you do this, they claim you will get a certain percentage after deposits are made. This system has different entry levels and thus has characteristic of a classic Ponzi scheme.

These crooks do not mine any cryptocurrency. They just want you to make a deposit and steal your money from you. Traders can be paid realistically if they use recommended products and companies. BitAeon is simply a fraud.

Still want to join BitAeon?


One of the main reason why we’re blacklisting it is because of trader feedback. We have received numerous complaints from investors who lost money using this fake program.

This product is unlicensed and you should stay away. They simply want to scam innocent investors.

Final Verdict for BitAeon


BitAeon Scam

Due to all complaints we have received and red flags we saw, we have to blacklist BitAeon. It’s best to avoid it and not take any risk investing in it. Stay safe and protect your money.

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