Bitbios is Scam – Evidence in this Review


Bitbios is Scam – Evidence in this Review

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In this review, we will prove that BitBios is a scam that is poised to rip off individuals the moment you make a deposit. There is nothing like an advanced Bitcoin mining software that guarantees profits. Anyone who makes a sales pitch along those lines is definitely a liar and a scammer selling get rich quick scams.

BitBios is one of them. According to this website, Bitcoin mining can even be more profitable than ordinary crypto mining if a cutting-edge software is used to find blocks and extract altcoins.

BitBios claims that they are able to generate massive profits because of the power of their hardware, which is able to make millions of calculations in a second.

It is for this reason that they are inviting investors from all walks of life to join them and make money in the process. How long does it take to make a profit by the way? As soon as one transaction is complete.

Another supposed advantage of joining BitBios is that investors never pay mining pool fees from their already generated profits. On top of that, they don’t have to worry about system crashes because all mining operations are done in the cloud or from already established cloud farms for free and without any delay.

The keyword to take note of here is Free. Is there any legitimate crypto mining company that is conducting these operations for free on behalf of their customers? Who pays the cost of electricity or hardware maintenance.

These are some of the questions that have raised suspicion because the company is clearly touting a business that is impossible to run.

And before we forget, daily profits are massive. Those numbers don’t just make sense. We are even wondering how some people can believe such blatant lies that when they put their monies here, BitBios will give them 10% daily return on investment. It is not possible to achieve these returns in 24 hours, period.

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BitBios Review

First of all, the owner of this company is anonymous. The website is extremely secretive and does not wish to give any information that would lead to identifying the owner of the company.

That discreetness is the first red flag which shows that we could be dealing with a rogue, faceless individual whose true intentions is to rip off investors and disappear without trace.

For us to believe that this is a legitimate company, there has to be a professional, verifiable introduction with details about the owner and company employees in place. That is always a good starting point to verifying a company’s authenticity. But since these details are not there, we can conclude that we are up to some challenge because we are sure many more red flags will crop up along the way.

And yes, Bitbios is a Ltd company surprisingly. The domain used to host it is They even have a registration number which is just a cheap show of credibility.

We have talked about these registration numbers before. We’ve said that these registration numbers say nothing about the credibility or legality of business of this nature on the internet.

Most of the time, the owners of these companies often seek a Ltd status to try projecting a sense of credibility. The reg numbers which they provide are for taxation purposes only. They do not say anything about whether or not a company will not scam you.

The website claims that the office of this company is situated at 33 Camden Park Rd, Camden Town, London, United Kingdom. We do not know whether or not this is the exact location of their headquarter. It is hard to verify these details, so we will only go with proof and facts along with some logical thinking.

Now, here’s another case of UK registered crypto scam. We do not understand why most of these crypto mining operations are seeking base in the UK and not in any other country. Could it be that UK regulations are a little bit lenient compared to regulations in other countries? May be, we don’t know.

What you are supposed to get when you sign up with Bitbios

You are supposed to change your life with free money that is earned as a result of doing nothing.

bitbios ridicilous promises

According to this company, you can earn money on autopilot, and it’s guaranteed that you will make revenue each and every day.

Unlike most scams of this nature, Bitbios does not have plans. There is only a calculator which has been provided on the website to let investors visualize what they could potentially pocket at the end of the day if they deal with this company.

Bitbios claims that withdrawal is instant and that there are no fees associated with using their facilities. We don’t know about you. But we feel that this is not realistic. Is there any crypto-mining facility that is free to use? Who pays the cost of power consumption? How about hardware maintenance? Something is clearly not right here. Bitbios does not want you to know the truth.

We also saw that Bitbios was promising income from a referral system that has been put in place to boost member earnings.

bitbios referral program

There is a 3 level referral program here where the first level will supposedly earn you 7%, second level 2% and third level 1%. We don’t know why this is not making sense for us. Furthermore, if you combine what you are supposed to get from their mining operations and referral program cumulatively, you will see that this income is impossible to generate. We are definitely smelling a rat here.

Where is mining history or even stats showing their payouts?

For us to even come close to thinking that Bitbios is a credible crypto mining business, we must see proof of performance. Their mining history must be presented on the website alongside the profits that were gained in the process.

Secondly, these details must be 100 percent transparent and verifiable. But they have not done that so far. It’s quite unfortunate.

So, what have they done instead? They just gave us some fake stats on their site to play around with our mind.

This website claims that their companies has been around for 5 days, and that it has managed to attract over 600 investors. These people have put in a total of $22,678.88, and have so far received $3,804.35 in profits. 

Wait, in just one week, this website was discovered by nearly 700 people who fell in love with their offer and registered? Definitely that discovery is already raising eyebrows to the roof. These stats are definitely fake because they are not practical or even verifiable. For instance, who can verify that Bitbios paid the said amount of money to their investors?

Is it legal?

No, it isn’t because they are providing financial services without seeking proper documentation. Some people think that now that Bitbios is a registered company, it must be legitimate. But that is not the case here. In fact, company registration is no rubber stamp proof that this company will not scam you. We’ve heard many stories of people who got scammed by registered crypto mining companies. Nothing was done.

Our best advice for you

You must avoid Bitbios at all cost. If you want to mine crypto currency and make money, just click here because we have researched and found legitimate companies that mine and give back profits to investors.


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2 Replies to “Bitbios is Scam – Evidence in this Review”

  1. Yeah, what is wrong with all these scams. I tried signing up for bitbios once, and literally the first thing it did, was just taking money away from me. I don’t even think I made any money from it.

  2. I know it’s a while back that this company was reviewed, director at companies house was listed as Jordan Yates DOB 1985, they used 33 Camden Park Road NW19AX as their registered address, this was false as I am the legal owner and I have never heard of this person. I removed my address through companies house.

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