Bitclubfx Review: an Obvious Crypto Scam

Bitclubfx Review: an Obvious Crypto Scam

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In this review, we will show you why Bitclubfx is a scam and why you should keep off this fraudulent Company. The Company was established in 2013 and had an affiliate program; the founders are not mentioned.

Those using the platform can invite others and, in return, get financial rewards. All they have to do is share an affiliate link in their account. The requires the existing users to utilize referrals and assist them in expanding their client base, in exchange for higher commission rates. Bitclubfx is an investment company that is not regulated.

The investment company claims to have data centers located across the world and operate around the clock. promise users to earn interest at each passing hour, which is added to their investment directly. The fact that it is not regulated makes it unreliable and can abuse the regulations.

The Company behind it is anonymous and can exit the market anytime without a trace. There is no information on the CEO or individuals running the brokerage company.

Before exposing, we have compiled a list of legit cryptocurrency investment solutions. You can start trading Bitcoin and other Altcoins or alternatively, mine the cryptos.

To avoid being scammed, the information of those dealing with your money should be transparent. BitClubfx has not provided enough info making them unsafe to deal with them.

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worldmarkets Review

Bitclubfx is a company mining and trading major cryptocurrency. The marketers and individuals running the Company are anonymous; there are also many flaws linked to this investment company.

The has no credibility and has many exaggerated claims. They possess a manipulative document, and if they have access to your credit card, they can steal your funds.

Bitclubfx claims to have an estimated worth of $ 8.95 and a daily income of about 0.15%. They also claim that their website is safe for users to browse, and that no threats have been reported. review, review

 How Bitclubfx Operate

The Bitclubfx states that most of their income is from trading and mining Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Their website does not have information to earn them value or trust; it only entails general knowledge of blockchain and their advantages. Bitclubfx hasn’t put up their market approach and main trading parameters.

The Bitclubfx elements indicate they are unreliable, and you can’t trust them with your funds. Their website doesn’t involve the report cost or the location of their mining farms.

The investment firm has no risk management, which is a key indicator when it comes to trading. The scam company will go bankrupt within a short period considering all the risks involved.

 Support and Legal Status

Many people lack the knowledge of cryptocurrency, and some crypto investment companies are taking advantage and scamming investors who have little or no experience in the niche.

The stuff of this investment firm interacts with users via live chat and email. Their Telephone number is +44 203 389 7363, Address- 54 Rose Avenue, Nether Poppleton, York, YO26 6RU, United Kingdom. scam, Bitclubfx customer support page


They encourage users to invest with them; once they receive your funds, you won’t hear from them again. The website displayed an incorporation certificate which acts as an assurance to many newbies.

It would help if you were cautious when trading with cryptos as the activity associates a ton of risks. Over the years, cryptocurrency has become the source of numerous online investing scams.

The activity of Bit club fx is illegal since FCA does not authorize them, and their team remains unknown, limiting the public from getting the relevant information. Affiliate program

The easiest way to generate revenue for any online firm is through traffic, and this can be achieved easily by utilizing affiliate programs. Most Scam companies partner with shady marketers who don’t follow the regulations.

The marketer partner with the investment companies to monetizes traffic. It is the reason you find a positive review of websites that have been flagged as a scam. We would recommend not believing all the information provided online without doing thorough research. If a deal sounds too good to be true, probably it’s a scam, and you should not invest your funds.

 What are Bitclubfx Rules?

Some of the rules in Bit club fx raise questions and compromise the transparency of the platform. The platform is open for qualified members only and not accessible to the general public.

The basis on which they vet member is not openly discussed. Members can invite other individuals to use the sites. The claims that they are exempted by the 1934 USA Security Exchange Act, 1933 USA Security Act, and the 1940 USA Investment Company Act.

The Bit club fx company openly discloses that they are not licensed security or bank firm neither are they insured by the FDIC.

They ask users not to disclose any communication or information coming from The Company is also, not reliable for any data loss. The information offered in their site should not be taken as investment advice.

What raises more suspicion is Bit club fx asking members not to post negative votes on gold rating websites or public forums. What happened to freedom of speech? Or letting others know one’s experience of using the platform.

Bit club fx don’t have a transparent method of accepting or declining members. The platform doesn’t care about their users, and they can change commission, rules, and rates as they please at any time without giving notice, and it is the work of the users to review new terms.

You are investing at your own risk, and past performance is not an automatic guarantee of the same future performance. Most of rules are a call for an alarm and should be considered as red flags.

 Account Type and Involved Profits

The Company has three investment accounts. They claim on their upper range to generate 6% daily returns. The amount is unsustainable and meant to attract the attention of prospective investors.

The compounding effect doesn’t add up when calculated upon the returns based. Don’t be scammed into using a short cut to make huge profits. Investing online has become easier for investors and traders, but you can’t just make money by clicking buttons. Trading needs many efforts than that, decline any con artist offers that imply otherwise.


 Safety of Funds

One of the major concerns of users is if the funds are safe in a platform. lacks banking information and could go bankrupt at any moment. The investment firm is not regulated, and the user’s funds are not secure.

The Investment company model of running a business is lacking, and we would not recommend investing with them.

 Domain Details

There is general information that was gathered from and on the Bitclubfx website, and the registered domain. The domain was registered on 18/03/2019 and will expire on 18/3/2020. The website is not listed in Alexa Global Rank, and the current audience is unknown.

 Final Verdict 

The BitClubfx investment company is a scam firm that targets cryptocurrency investors and user transferring funds to their bank account. The Company will get away from the law despite being illegal.

Be careful when transacting with them to avoid losing your investments. There are many legit firms and brokers available, avoid future regrets, and stay away from which is a Ponzi scheme; you should get a reliable robot to trade cryptocurrencies.




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