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BitClub Miner is a piece of mining software that is supposed to carefully select the most profitable coins that you PC can mine. It is allegedly designed with auto select coins and switch algorithms based on the hardware that you are using for mining Bitcoin and you can earn up to 2 BTC. According to the website, these earnings come from buyers who place orders in the market place.

For starters, is simply an app that can be downloaded on the user’s PC so it can start mining. But this thing no longer works due to the current prices of Crypto currencies and also the mining difficulty that is being experienced. That is why mining at home using hardware like your PC is no longer viable. Based on this logic, you should quest the viability or the potential of to generate earnings for you using your computer. Is this even real?


Well, we have seen a lot of websites that operate just like BitClub Miner. None of them turned out to be genuine because in the real world, it is not possible to generate BtC from your PC anymore. Those who claim that it is possible are either scammers or out of their minds. The marketing approach that this website uses shows that it is misleading internet users with lies. They claim that some websites are using their software to enrich themselves by selling copies instead of distributing for free. The notice goes on to say that the software is free and if you come across any site that is selling this mining software, you should report it to their community of users so that the world can get to know what is happening.

But as far as our research is concerned, this software is indeed offered by scammers and has been free for a long time. However, we are generally against downloading random software even if it is for mining on the promise that we will generate Bitcoin or get some sort of incentive. This is because you can never be so sure whether the software will respect your privacy. There are many concerns which you will face even as you attempt to download this so called Bitcoin mining software from BitClub Miner. We will discuss them below but for now, just know that it is not possible to mine Bitcoins in this manner.

If you want to mine Crypto currencies the most ethical and profitable of ways, we ask that you sign up and invest in these cloud mining platforms because these people have sufficient resources to tackle the mining difficulty, and you will be able to make money regardless.

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BitClub Miner review

BitClub Miner claims that their software uses 4 different mining algorithms and can access various mining pools on the internet. But the notice which claims that this software is 100% free and should not be sold to people is simply a means for making this website appear legit when it is not. Having studied it carefully, we realize that what the person behind this website is offering is just a piece of junk, and when you download the software, two things are likely to happen:

It will mine fake Bitcoins and you will believe that you have indeed generated some Bitcoins. At this point, you will be asked to send a fee in order for you to cash out your Bitcoins. Because you have mined fake Bitcoin and what you are seeing in your wallet (it is hosted by the owner of this site remember) is fake money, you can rest assured that you will not be able to withdraw it. They are just figures which have been inputted in your wallet to fool you. If you are naive, you will send your withdrawal or mining fees and that is when you will get conned.

By the way, if that money was real, why can’t the scammer just deduct their fees from your already generated Bitcoins and then send the balance to you? It beats logic. So basically this is how this piece of junk is working.

Having said this, there are some things you need to be aware of:

Your security

The moment you let this piece of junk install in your PC, you are risking your personal information from being harvested because you don’t know what kind of software you are letting to your PC. By the way, even if BitClub Miner claims that the software only retrieves mining results from your computer, we are not so sure if they are speaking the truth. You could just install a spyware which claims to mine when it is only gathering information from your PC including banking information. That is the biggest threat you can face if you downloaded this anonymous software in the name of mining BTC with your PC.

Who owns BitClub Miner?

BitClub Miner fails to disclose ownership information on their website. There are no important pages like terms and conditions, risk disclaimer or even an about us section which explains who the owner of this site is and what their purpose is for creating a software that everyone can use to generate free BTC.

First of all, we think that the idea of generating free Bitcoin is just ridiculous and too good to be true and secondly, if these pages are not there, then this site becomes even more suspicious. We can assure you that a professional website always has these pages intact and much more.

Our best advice for you

At the moment, the owner of this site is anonymous and we have no idea which other people they are working with. There is also zero info about the company behind this website. Even contacting the owner of the website is impossible since they did not leave behind an address or a contact form. There is only a chat function on this website but this is always offline. To be safe, mine with reputable platforms and avoid anything called free mining.

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