Bitco World Review – Scam or Legit Ponzi?

Bitco World Review – Scam or Legit Ponzi?

Share This! is a supposed Bitcoin earning and advertising site. It offers a range of earning features which are supposed to help both investors and advertisers gain value from each other. Some of the things that is announcing include a faucet, a revenue share business model and ads. The site claims that they are offering never seen before features on their platform. It allegedly gives endless opportunities for earning. Bitco World also states that their site is very transparent and their business model is sustainable since they are giving detailed statistics of every option available on their site.

The reason as to why we are reviewing Bitco World is because it is an investment website. For that reason, you are likely to find yourself investing with this site hoping that your Bitcoins will generate some returns for you. Before you do so, you need to understand a few things.

What does this site offer? Is it realistic in its earning potential? Those are some of the questions we will be answering in this review. To get started with trading of Crypto currencies right away, we encourage using these trusted trading robots. 

Bitco World Review

Bitco World runs a very interesting business model where they combine a variety of features in order to allegedly generate their ROIs. But on the other hand, they have a strong element of a ponzi scheme. The site is quite popular on Alexa with majority of visitors coming from Iran.

In terms of revenue sources, Bitco World claims that they are earning from ads. Promoters are required to sign up and run their ads through the site. In turn, other members will have access to those ads where they will be requested to perform one click in every 24 hours. These clicks are supposed to be unique because the site allegedly has a strong anti-fraud mechanism in place. These claims are actually hard to prove because as we can see, Bitco World is 80% a ponzi scheme and 20% legit. That means some people might get paid. But majority will find it a waste of time and even a scam.

bitco world

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There is free membership where users will promote affiliate membership to earn a specific amount of money. However, the site will still upsell their ”products” to the free members, citing the ”many benefits” of becoming a full member. They will often try to convince members on free package that when the upgrade, they will make more money than if they choose to maintain a free package. It is alleged that the higher you are investing, the many times you will have access to ads that can be clicked within 24 hours.

There is also the feature that allows users to invest in company shares for Bitco World. For every one company share, investors will pay 0.001 BTC and will receive interest on their balance on a daily basis. This depends with the performance of Bitco World. If it performs well, you are supposed to realize increased returns. When it performs poorly, returns too will decrease.

We want to caution you against buying shares anyhow. First of all, Bitco World has all the characteristics of a ponzi scheme. And the fact that they have a company does not mean that they are reliable and that investor income will be stable. It gives us no such guarantees. So even if you are investing in these shares, prepare psychologically that you could lose your entire investments. Ponzi schemes never last long, and this one too might just disappear 6 months from now.

How do we know it? Well, if you look at their FAQ page, they state it very well that ROIs can change based on deposits coming from new users. If user deposits start to dwindle, the company won’t issue the promised ROIs. They will adjust the numbers. On the other hand, if user deposits increase, the company will adjust the numbers to reflect the change.

The question you should ask is why exactly is Bitco World adjusting these ROIs based on user deposits? Does this mean that 90% of income which is generated through this site is coming from investor deposits and not any other legit business activity?

An advertising company

Ponzi scheme have been hiding behind the idea of advertising for so long. They advertise to their own members, and these members are supposed to click ads just because if they do so, they will earn. They are not clicking ads out of genuine interest. The one thing you should understand is that such clicks will never convert for the advertiser. The investor is therefore going to lose because they participated in a shady operation that encourages their members to click ads even if they are not interested.

At the end of the day, the advertiser loses despite having an anti-fraud mechanism in place. This will never help convert the clicks into buying customers.

Bitco World Forum

There is an integrated forum inside the Bitco World website. This forum is mainly updated a few anonymous people who post supposed payment proofs from Bitco World. These are in form of screenshots which cannot be verified. In short, this forum does not help in improving the credibility of the site.

Is Bitco World a safe site to invest with?

We can say that it all depends. It has a bias for ponzi schemes. It operates by encouraging more referrals while at the same time giving us one external ROI source which is through selling of ads. As we have stated before, these ads will never convert as much because users who click them are interested in making money as opposed to finding out about the product in the ad. So advertisers stand to lose here.

On the other hand, since this site is more of a ponzi than a legit business, those who purchase the so-called company shares have no assurance that their investments will yield a return

Our best advice for you

Bitco World is not a very safe site. You can lose money regardless of whether you are an investor or advertiser. We urge you to start trading Cryptos in a serious way.

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