Bitcoin Billionaire Review: Is this a Scam?

Bitcoin Billionaire Review: Is this a Scam?

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Bitcoin Billionaire is a cryptocurrency auto trade platform that claims to possess smart features that enable it to perform all its undertakings with minimal to no human intervention. Hyperbolically, cryptocurrency traders have turned out millionaires and made millions.

Theirs blurt out additional claims that one can make $6325 daily; this is made possible via the provision of advice from financial experts, which help and enable a client to earn more. It claims using the latest up-to-date cutting edge technology. The sugar coating claims that as soon as one finalizes the registration process, making becomes an instantly relentless occurrence.

Bitcoin Billionaire Review, Platform

Purported claims of a link to Bitcoin superhighway, which enable traders to earn money each time any trader carries out a transaction. It is very fishy, and adding insult to injury, the process is filtered and only available to a handful of cryptocurrency traders.

In this review, we are going to take a look at the above claims, and also some much more in-depth features to help you come up with a much more sound and informed decision. Wherever there’s a will there’s away.

Therefore, For significant profit generation, traders ought to seek services from legitimate and credible cryptocurrency trade robots. They are the best form of security and immunity from dubious intentions, and fraudulent skins feigned as pyramid schemes in the market.

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Anonymous founders and a team of brokers

There’s no provision of the founder’s identity nor the team of experts and brokers behind the whole system. One of the basic requirements for any right or service provider is the provision of the founder’s name and professional background.

These demands are not addressed, and thus this leaves us wondering whether this cryptocurrency auto trade platform is genuinely legitimate.

Neither is their provision of the brokers that provide with the necessary trade signals and features. This anonymity is very potential a threat, most commonly used by fraudsters.

Virtual location and questionable site ties

After numerous times to try and locate the IP address provided, our team could not be able to come across a specified location. It might be that this site is under some VPN protection. Ironically, public domain sites are supposed to be open;  to facilitate scrutiny and verification.

This might seem the case, as we also figured out that there was some relationship with other scams like sites such as,, among others. From such data, it is highly probable that turns out as the formerly mentioned crypto mates.

Trade benefits

This cryptocurrency automated trade platform claims that some of the benefits that come along with its consultation are;

One can earn when other traders buy or sell Bitcoin, and this means that for every bitcoin transaction globally, one can reap a certain percentage. It is a very unrealistic claim.  Also, there is the provision of a table of online traders having three columns; use time and trade columns.

 The minimum deposit of $250 is required. Payment is made via bank transfer, Visa, or MasterCard. They claim to accept payment from over 130 countries worldwide.

This cryptocurrency trade platform claims to have a 98% trading accuracy, and this implies that out of 100 trades cost, 98 of them turn out successful. They claim that the algorithm detects and secure successful transactions but do not bother to expound on the mechanisms and dynamics of this supposed algorithm. Such is a precarious approach in case a trader gives in to these claims.

 Unrealistic rates of interest

This cryptocurrency automated trading platform claims that with a minimum deposit of $250, one is capable of earning $800 at the end of each live trading session. These are very harsh claims as we all know that market factors such as volatility do not allow for such utopic conditions. Therefore, please do not fall for such claims or claim that one can make $5000 daily. These are just phantom means to quick riches, which do not seem to be viable at all.

Live trading

It claims to own a live trading platform that has an enabled demo account feature. This demo account helps amateur cryptocurrency traders become conversant with the trade market and dynamics before diving into any real monetary trades. They also claim to have a payout system and verification for withdrawals, refunds, and verification purposes.

Amidst such lucrative claims on the streamlining of service delivery, we bumped into numerous requests from angry customers who warn other prospective traders that bitcoin does not process withdrawals.

Alexa rankings and online ratings

This cryptocurrency automated trade platform lacks an Alexa rank. Alexa rank makes up one of the threshold requirements that do not tolerate any form of aversion on matters’ credibility. The lack of ranking is a clear indicator that this company has it has not been in play for more than six months. This is contrary to the nine-year lifespan claims made on their website. Conflicting information needs immediate addressing. Thus, on this note, we would like to request all prospective cryptocurrency traders to steer clear from this obscure automated cryptocurrency trade platform.

Online ratings and reviews

It is naturally incumbent upon cryptocurrency traders who have benefited from this scheme to provide numerous and diverse feedback on different online platforms. However, for, we could only find specific comments from particular personalities. Also, we observed that most of the reviews and ratings were uploaded on the same days. It is very controversial, and denial of such elements may lead to regrets and laments later on.


This cryptocurrency automated platform is registered under the domain It was created on the 3rd of May 2011. The last update was done on the 3rd of April 2020. There lies a provision of a phone number +166613 102107: which customers can use whenever they want to get in touch with the owner. The domain expires soon and an IP address 185. 53.177. 50 is provided.

Fake testimonials

We came across fake testimonials that quoted the name Milena Griffiths who claims to have made $500,000 on the first day. It is a very illogical claim. It does not end here as several personal testimonials keep trickling in, and even screenshots of chats between traders on how they made lots of money via Bitcoin billionaire are displayed. The interesting question is; Who is willing to provide such personal text receipts for purposes of advertisements?

They also claim affiliations too renowned personalities such as 50 Cent, Steve Jobs, John McAfee, and Childish Gambino. All these claims are empty.

Final verdict

In this new era and age, cryptocurrency trade is one of the best ways of generating passive income. Day by day, statistics prove that prospective traders keep trickling in at unprecedented rates.

Therefore, this creates a loophole for scammers and fraudsters to extort and fraudulently acquire money from uninformed and unsuspecting cryptocurrency traders.

Consequently, we recommend consultation with only legitimates and credible cryptocurrency trade bots in the market.

As for, most features tend to paint an impression that it is a scam. However, as a retaliation measure, they should provide the missing data and ensure that they address all the loopholes that we need to be addressed for us to have total trust in them.

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2 Replies to “Bitcoin Billionaire Review: Is this a Scam?”

  1. Ik heb geld belegd voor belegging in bitcoinscurrency bij de firma BTCKingdom. Maar ik had graag uw beoordeling over deze firma; want ik heb na onderzoek op internet vastgesteld dat het aangegeven adres niet bestaat en deze week werd ik weer gevraagd nog eens geld te storten omdat ik anders mijn eerste beleggingzou kunnen verliezen. Kan ik deze firma wel vertrouwen en hoe kan ik mijn geld terugvorderen?

    1. Hoi,

      Vraag hen om uw geld op te nemen en, als ze weigeren of erop aandringen meer geld te storten, moet u een terugvordering indienen bij uw bank of een geschil met PayPal openen volgens de betaalmethode en vervolgens de zaak melden bij de lokale politie.

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