Bitcoin Bonanza Review: How Pathetic a Scam It Is?

Bitcoin Bonanza Review: How Pathetic a Scam It Is?

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Bitcoin Bonanza is the new Cryptocurrency hoax in town. The whole presentation says that it’s a scam. It claims that you can make $9,600 in the next 24 hours if you sign up now. But that’s not true. In fact, you will be shocked if you wake up the next morning only to find that your trading account has been swept clean.

However, the people behind Bitcoin Bonanza don’t want you to know this. That is why they have created a website as a front-end for spreading their lies.

Bitcoin Bonanza is allegedly a group of people who are making millions of dollars with Bitcoin. It’s like an exclusive club but at the same time, a group that is very easy to join as all you need to do is sign up with your name, phone number and email address. Ultimately, you’ll be asked to fund a broker with $250 minimum deposit so you can become a full member of that club.

This is a pathetic way of scamming individuals on the internet. Never have we seen this method working before. And we certainly don’t think it will work.

History continues to repeat itself. And that will be the case with this trading software which promises 9k in just 24 hours.

These absurd claims must be exposed to let others know that the people behind the so-called Bitcoin Bonanza are nothing but crooks. If you want to know how, here’s what you should know about them.

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Bitcoin Bonanza Review

First, if someone tells you that they are offering a robot that can make you a millionaire overnight, the first thing you should do is ask them if there is a catch. Most definitely there will be a catch along the way.

There is nothing like free software that makes millions of dollars in a fortnight. It’s completely rubbish. People don’t become rich by finding and utilizing a random trading app that they come across on the internet. That trading app will do more harm than good to your trading balance. That’s 100% guaranteed.

bitcoinbonanza review

As you can see, the scam is heavily relying on falsified testimonials to build a sense of credibility. Unfortunately, we already know that these testimonials are not genuine.

These reviews are fake. We even wonder how the operators of Bitcoin Bonanza trading system were expecting us to believe this nonsense.

You see, it’s painfully obvious that these pictures were stolen from an online stock photo and also from other scam websites in this niche.

In fact, their faces look familiar because we have probably seen them in many scams before. This kind of thing is considered old marketing tactic that can never convince anyone.

bitcoinbonanza fake actors

The truth of the matter is that these pictures belong to people who have never trades Cryptocurrencies at any point in their lives. These people were either hired to act or used without their consent. Scammers who hawk all kinds of fraudulent investment software will often use such pictures. But sometimes they are also willing to hire somebody to act on their behalf.

The problem is that if you believe information that is coming from people who have not traded or tested the product before, you will be mislead into using something that will prove more harmful to your account than good.

Therefore, all the stories that you see on the testimonials section are false. The alleged members do not exist. If you believe this nonsense, you probably deserve what’s coming to you now.

This is a money losing software – more evidence!

If Bitcoin Bonanza trading system is really profitable, why do they have an earnings disclaimer at the bottom of the site where users are being warned that they could lose everything?

You see, one reason why this product is illegal is because they are preaching that Bitcoin Bonanza will surely make you 9k in the next 24 hours. But if you read the fine print at the footer of the site (most people will not do so anyway), you will see a clear warning telling you that you should not expect to make a penny from this trading product.

In other words, the owner of this site is not quite sure whether or not individuals can make money with Bitcoin Bonanza.

But we tend to think that he is 100% sure of the fact that he is promoting a scam. There is no way he can miss that part.

The other thing that you must realize is that Bitcoin Bonanza is not a unique trading solution. This is a white label which has been recycled by scammers for many years now.

Believe it or not, you have seen Bitcoin Bonanza in many forms. Different scammers purchase it and label it with their own logos. This way, it passes off as something unique when the truth of the matter is that it is not.

If you have lost money to binary options software, chances are that you lost money to Bitcoin Bonanza trading system but in another form.

You just have to remember this fact at all times. Whenever scammers tell you that they have a new product, that product has to be a recycled item. In this case, Bitcoin Bonanza is the same software that was used with the Bitcoin code.

Many users who subscribed to the Bitcoin Code and funded their accounts with some money lost everything. But scammers are not yet ready to give up yet. Someone else just purchased the white label and gave it a new name.

So the cycle has been continuing whereby scammers sell fraudulent trading app and people keep getting sucked into the frenzy.

How your money will disappear without a trace

This is the funniest part of the Bitcoin Bonanza system. Your money will eventually disappear the moment it lands on your broker’s account.

You will somehow be pushed to make this deposit, thinking the software is just too good and will definitely give you the desired results.

But that will be your greatest undoing friend. People don’t make money like this especially if they team up with rogue brokers such as Olsson Capital.

So this is what you’re going to encounter: once you sign up, you will be redirected to the broker’s website where you will be required to make an initial deposit. You can’t chose another broker because the robot is not really free to use.

It can only be activated when you make a deposit. Otherwise, forget using it.

The reason why scammers have to restrict you to their rogue brokers is because they get commissions for referring you there.

Eventually, you will end up placing a deposit, thus letting the auto-function of the software trade it to losses.

If you want to be safe, avoid this craziness because people lose a lot of money to these scam robots yet it’s quite obvious that these people are never willing to lose what they have lost.

Our best advice for you

You need to be very careful when dealing with scammers or rather people who promise you trading robots that make millions overnight. The Bitcoin Bonanza is one such robot which you need to distance yourself from as much as possible. Only use our recommended trading programs since we have tested and approved them.

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  1. I got burned by a bogus broker not long it was impossible to get a withdrawal, I had to hire a recovery professional to get my money back.

  2. The scourge of financial fraud continues to expand with Forex and binary options fraud, in particular, gaining ground globally. Many hundreds of people around the world are targeted each day. In many cases, they are novice investors who are unfamil*** with the markets and do not recognise that they are dealing with a bogus trading platform. The fraudulent brokers rely on this lack of knowledge which is why I’ll guide you

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