Bitcoin Boom Review: Is BitcoinBoom a Scam?

Bitcoin Boom Review: Is BitcoinBoom a Scam?

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Bitcoin Boom is a pyramid scheme that happened to be a trading bot. Gone are the days when people use to make high earning using cryptocurrency. Currently, numerous factors are involved, and it has become even hard to earn a high amount. Hence, scam investment keeps coming up and promising ridiculous profits.

The founder of this fraudulent system is anonymous, and no one has any information regarding who they are or the qualification they have in finance. The trading software promises a daily return of $5000. You will realize that the amount is unattainable.

Bitcoin boom claims that the founder of this venture is Bryden Ford. The information is false, and it is only put there for transparency purposes. However, it is misleading and incorrect and should not be trusted. There have been many investment companies in the past using the same tactic.

Bitcoin Boom Review, Platform

It is a clone website, and an expert trader would realize that they have nothing to offer. The scam is so apparent, and it does not require rocket science to distinguish a legit company from a Ponzi scheme. The firm features a marketing video of famous people endorsing their services.

The information is false, and no one certifies this trading software. If you are keen enough, you realize that the people are talking about bitcoin trading and not Bitcoin Boom. The data that is presented in the platform is lacking and insufficient.

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Bitcoin Boom Review

The kind of info available in Bitcoin Boom shows that the target novice investors who think that widow currency is a get-rich-quick scheme. You need to acquire the right skill before venturing into this niche. You should always exercise data research if you don’t want to end up in the hands of these scammers.

The only thing that this platform has is a top-notch marketing strategy. You can see it on its sales page. The company is only talking about how they are going to make you productive. However, the approach that they are utilizing remains anonymous.

If the software is indeed profitable, they should present their trading performance without hesitation. Unfortunately, since what its selling is a fantasy, that is why there is no visible proof. The company is using a stock image to insinuate that the people we hang the website are transparent.

You should invest with reputable cryptocurrency software companies that have a history of trading. Such entities avail sufficient information on what they are doing and financial reports that can attest to their excellent performance.

Additionally, founder data is available to the public. You can easily see the profile of their team on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. They do not promise high earnings like the Ponzi scheme.

Unrealistic Returns

The returns that Bitcoin Boom is absurd and unattainable. The company requires you to deposit an amount of $250. Considering the lower amount that they are asking for, it is not realistic that you will make 5K in a day.

The platform only wants you to deposit the amount, but they will never release the income that you will make. Logically speaking, no system in the world will share any opportunity like this one with members of the public. If the firm is capable of making such high returns, why do they need your money?

The company fails to avail of critical information regarding their withdrawal process. It only shows that the only thing that they are concerned about is if you deposit the funds. We do not know the minimal requirements that you can cash out.

The method of payment that Bitcoin Boom accepts is also not accessible. They leave it to the investors to figure the process out themselves. The company lacks professionalism, and you should not give them a chance to defraud you.

Exercise asking yourself the hard question, and you will never fall victim to any Ponzi scheme in the market. Bitcoin Boom is infamous for all the wrong reasons. The founder of this company has no intention of making anyone productive.

Customer Support and Regulation

We were not surprised to find that Bitcoin Boom is not offering any support services. The company does not also avail of their office address. The way this company is operating is worrisome and shows that they do not care about their customers.

Investing in a platform that has these features is a wrong move and will only lead to huge losses. Blindly trusting has never been profitable. The company should at least avail of a method that customers can use to contact them.

If you are wondering about the regulatory status of the Bitcoin Boom company, we are here to confirm it to you that any financial watchdog in the market does not license this platform. After checking with multiple economic bodies, the firm did not appear in any of their databases.

It would be best if investors keep of this fraudulent system. The regulatory body guarantee that investors are secure and that the investment platform does not compromise their safety. Bitcoin Boom does not avail of information regarding the financial institution which they safeguard clients’ funds. Additionally, the Ponzi scheme has not set aside any compensation scheme that can be used to refund customers in case the operation fails.

False Testimonial

It has become a norm of scam investment scheme to come up with false reviews to lure in more innocent investors on their website. All the testimonials available on the platform endorse Bitcoin Boom as profitable trading software.

The people that are recommending the services of this Ponzi scheme do not avail of their social media profile or any screenshot that can be used as evidence. Hence, these claims are baseless and misleading. We haven’t seen people receiving money from this website.

You find that they are praising the customer support, which is not available. Additionally, they also attest to receiving the profit that the company promises. The scam firm is using stock images, and shortly they will exit the industry.

When we did our research, we came across real investors of Bitcoin Boom. They have already made losses and advised fellow crypto traders to keep off this pyramid scheme. The clients are counting losses instead of living a financially free life. It is always good to check for testimonials from third-party websites instead of relying on what the company presents.

Ponzi scheme will do anything even if it means providing false information. Hence, you should exercise caution, and if a deal seems too good to be true, always leave it. The safety of your money is not guaranteed in this fraudulent system.

Final Verdict

Bitcoin Boom is a Ponzi scheme that is so obvious. The website has been cloned, and such entities do not last long in the market. Sooner or later, the company will be non-existence, and it will collapse with investors’ money in it. They will then come back using a different domain name and ready to come naïve crypto traders.

Despite there being numerous Ponzi scheme in the industry doesn’t mean that they are no reputable, legit cryptocurrency trading software. You can make decent earning so long as you don’t have the mindset of becoming rich overnight. Bitcoin Boom is a shady firm that is not transparent.

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