Bitcoin Bridges Scam Review -Will You Make Any Money?

Bitcoin Bridges Scam Review -Will You Make Any Money?

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Are you intending to trade Cryptocurrencies for the first time and want to use a robot to facilitate that purpose? Well, don’t use Bitcoin Bridges or anything close to that name.

Bitcoin Bridges is a new platform that can allegedly let you use a profitable trading robot for speculating the markets. The operator of this site is completely anonymous, yet they claim to have years of experience which we cannot even confirm.

Right now, the world of Cryptocurrency is so huge and complex for starters who are trying to find legitimate ways of making money. Because of this, scammers are also launching many fake trading bots with the hope that they will cash in from the Bitcoin craze.

Luckily for us, spotting them is so easy. You don’t need the eye of an eagle to identify a genuine trading product from a fake one.

That being said, we have already established that the likelihood of Bitcoin Bridges turning out to be scam is 100%.

The truth is that Bitcoin Bridges platform is like any other fake platform that we have awarded with 1 star rating. This is why:

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Note: Here are a few trusted robots for trading Cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Bridges Review

If you want to be sure whether or not Bitcoin Bridges is scam, focus on finding out who runs the site. Are their background authentic and verifiable?

bitcoin bridges review

You see, people can make claims regarding their profession and experience. Until these claims are verified, they remain as claims.

Apparently, scammers leave behind so much clue that you can’t mistake them for being genuine people.

If the so-called Cryptocurrency analysts and traders with years of experience are anonymous, then clearly something must be wrong here.

Why exactly is it that their details can’t be found anywhere on the internet? We already know famous traders on the internet. Their backgrounds have been verified hundreds of times. Even a simple Google search will reveal their names and biography too.

Now, when it comes to Bitcoin Bridges, there are more questions than answers when it comes to the owners of this website.

The field of trading Cryptocurrencies should have quality products, and not low-value generic robots which gamble with traders’ capital instead of opening trades based on informed decisions.

Apparently, Bitcoin Bridges has just proved that it’s one of those generic trading platforms whose aim is to make money for the owner and not the trader.

If you want to find out more about these crooks and their strategy, consider the following:

  • No verified product creator

We reserve the full rights to question the authenticity of this product when the owner is not disclosed. We do not want to gamble with money by trusting a robot which was probably developed by some random guys in the garage who are now trying to market it as a state-of-the-art trading software. That is unacceptable.

  • No proof of performance

The robot is said to be extremely efficient in generating high quality signals. But there is no realistic way to confirm the truthfulness of this statement. These crooks just made up numbers and decided to use them for purposes of marketing Bitcoin Bridges. The truth is that this is a failed trading robot.

  • No positive feedback

We only value positive feedback when it comes from real users and not from fake/fabricated testimonials on the site. Fortunately, it’s very easy to see why the testimonials appearing on the Bitcoin Bridges website are not real. It’s also easy to see why no one is confessing that they used the Bitcoin Bridges and that it is really profitable. No one is saying anything about the performance of this fake trading system.

Let us see what other unreasonable claims the website is making to scam unsuspecting victims.

What is contained inside Bitcoin Bridges software

They are alleging that this trading robot has 270 trading instruments and can even copy signals from professional traders.

There is no truth in the two statements as we have discovered that Bitcoin Bridges website is nothing more than a shady portal for joining an unregulated broker called CryptoCoinFN.

The Bitcoin Bridges app can only be used when you have made a deposit to the broker’s bank account.

It seems the shady broker, CyrptoCoinFN, orchestrated the development of this app. There is something they know which we do not know yet. But what we know is that this is a scam. Trying to find out with your own money would be risky… something that we wouldn’t recommend our readers to do.

bitcoin bridges website

But now these scammers are working hard to make you believe otherwise. That’s why they are preaching the message of financial freedom. With this robot, you can allegedly gain financial freedom.

These ridiculous people even claim that this software contains “advanced computerized strategies” for trading Cryptocurrencies. Such vague language has never been accepted anywhere as standard explanation for the working of a trading robot.

In fact, this shows that the crooks have no idea about what they are talking about. The vibe clearly shows that the crooks are ignorance. That is a big red flag. You don’t want to entrust them with your money because they don’t possess the technical and analytics skills to create a cutting-edge trading robot.

Do you still want to join the scam?

Maybe the reasons and insights we have given above cannot convince you of the fact that Bitcoin Bridges is a scam project.

But what can you say about the unregulated/unsafe broker which they have integrated into this scam? Is it by coincidence that they are working with a broker who has no reputation whatsoever?

We don’t think so. It is by plan as opposed to coincidence. What we want you to realize is that this is a deadly money grab. There is no efficient trading here. The robot is a random trader instead. It opens and closes trades using some random indicators. That is the fastest way to lose a whole account as a trader looking to attain financial freedom.

Those who really want to start somewhere and build their accounts to a significant level should start with this robot.

As for the Bitcoin Bridges software, it’s a joke that we have never heard in a while. The scamming variables cannot be ignored as they convey a very important message.

Our best advice for you

It’s up to you to decide whether or not you want to be scammed. The red flags are crystal clear, and cannot be confused for green flags.

It is not safe to blindly trust promises like these. They are unrealistic, irrational and typical of what scammers can say.

We have already seen that the owner of Bitcoin Bridges is an anonymous person. This does not bother them because it’s part of the game. Letting out their identity would easy jeopardize their chances of successfully hiding them things get hot in the kitchen.

The plan is to make it difficult for the authorities to establish their identities. But the truth is that authorities are not concerned with these scams. That’s quite unfortunate indeed.

There is no way to confirm the authenticity of the promises which they are making even as they hide their faces.

With this one, we don’t even think that you should waste your time consulting what folks are saying on popular investment forums.

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