Bitcoin Compass Review: Scam Bot Exposed

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Bitcoin Compass Review: Scam Bot Exposed

Bitcoin Compass is a get rich quick scheme that makes absurd promises to Investors. It has become difficult for Investors, especially novice traders, to select the best crypto trading software.

This is due to the countless numbers of Ponzi schemes that have entered the market. If you are not keen, you will end up making huge losses. You need to very careful for you to make a reasonable amount of returns. You have to select a legit platform.

Find out what to consider when testing AUTO trading robots

These are some of the best features to look for when looking for reliable cryptocurrency trading robots and take advantage of the volatile crypto market

  • Is it easy to use the robot?

Ease of use should be the first consideration when choosing a reliable automated trading robots. You want a robot you understand.

And this ensures the traders have a better chance of enforcing their strategies and increase the overall performance.

  • Is the robot transparent?

Transparency also plays an integral part in deciding the best robot to go for. You must choose a transparent robot that gives accurate data.

Please check and confirm if the data provided by the robot is accurate and matches the market’s values.

  • Efficient money management

One of the most attractive features of robots has to be money management features. The ability to take profits and stop losses in a more accurate and stable manner. Saving the account balance is crucial to all traders.

  • Sustainable profit margins

Want a regular steady flow of profit rather than getting asymmetrical account balance growth? Get automated robots that help define the term sustainability as they quickly adapt to market conditions to give optimal performance.

  • Fewer drawdowns

For an ideal trading robot, anything fewer than 20 percent is an excellent bot. The bot usually applies the right strategies and risk management features to ensure the drawdown is between 2 and 20 percent.

  • Is there a demo test for the robot?

Traders must test the robot before developing them in the live trading sessions. It gives you an idea of what to expect with the robot.

Platforms such as MT4 allow for backtesting and gives traders the chance to set their preferred trading parameters.

The company began its operations in August 2018. If you decide to join them, you will end up losing all your money. Bitcoin Compass is a scam that attracts new traders with promises of making them rich.

We believe that this platform does not have a trading software. They are only selling a fake narrative to investors while they link then to unregulated brokers. The company proclaims that if you join them, you will become a millionaire in the next day.

Bitcoin Compass is using a fictional character in their promotional video. According to the information available, it insinuates that the software is the next big thing in the market that everyone should purchase.

Bitcoin Compass Review, Platform

If you pay attention to the attraction being provided, you will realize that they don’t explain how the software operates. They are only telling us how it is going to make you rich. Some websites are endorsing this trading software. However, the information they present is false and misleading.

Bitcoin Compass Review

Bitcoin Compass is not a legit trading software. The company is promising high returns to investors, which is ridiculous. The platform guarantee you are going to get daily income. The entity believes it is the best in the market.You should invest with the best crypto trading software.

Unfortunately, this is another Ponzi scheme software that you should keep off. The person who designed the alleged bot remains anonymous. You should not rely on this company to make you rich.

The only thing that you’re going to get from them it’s enormous losses. Those who say to have made a fortune using the software have not provided any proof of payment. The platform lacks transparency. It is also boasting of having an accuracy of 95%.

Even the best cryptocurrency trading software in the market does not have anything close to this. It is a red flag that should not be taken lightly. To start making money using this system, you need to deposit $250.

There is nothing positive regarding this Ponzi scheme, and it thrives by providing false information to investors. You need to be very vigilant with this platform, as they might share your data with scammers.

They welcome even those who do not have any background knowledge in cryptocurrency. To become a member, it will only take less than 3 minutes. The trading software claims that you will be able to fund your luxurious life.

How Does Bitcoin Compass Works

The only information that comes close to explaining how these platform works is them claiming it’s an automatic machine. You only have to deposit the required capital for you to start enjoying huge returns. The company does not explain the strategy it is utilizing.

The only thing they brag of is they are using superior technology. The software can enter the market ahead of everyone else. Additionally, the shady system also claims it has won several awards.

The software brags that it operates at a higher speed. The system will only trade at a reasonable duration in the market. It analyzes the vast data of the crypto market. The company failed to disclose the people who are behind the trading software.

Bitcoin Compass claims that they have a demo account. Nonetheless, based in a Ponzi scheme would give you an appealing simulation and entice you to join them. However, when it comes to trading, you will not attain anything close to the figures they project.

The withdrawal process is allegedly fast and easy. You only need two work with your application for you to attend your desired outcome. However, this company will make you trade with unregulated brokers. They will acquire a certain amount of commission by linking you to these shady ventures. Sadly, for the traders, they will only make losses.

Licensing and Customer Support

There is no regulatory body in the industry that would permit Bitcoin Compass to carry out its business. The company is, therefore, running against the law, and they risk facing criminal charges.

You find that unregulated platforms have some added advantages. However, in the long run, it always nice to stick with licensed companies because they are safer, and they run their activities following the law.

The company claims that they have 24/7 customer support services. It will only take them a few minutes to handle your query. It’s hard to believe because the platform does not have any communication means available.

Bitcoin Compass has a high possibility of exiting the market. You will not be able to hear from them down once they do because they leave no contact details behind. The software firm does not have an office address, email, or phone number.

In case you want to invest in such a company, there is no possible way of contacting the support. A platform that does not care about their clients should not be your choice. For the sake of your fund’s safety, keep off this entity.

False Testimonials

Just like all the other Ponzi schemes in the market, Bitcoin Compass is not left behind when it’s come to showcasing false testimonials. They have several reviews that they claim are coming from their successful investors.

However, there is no proof of payment that can prove the platform is indeed paying. Investors claim that they have doubled their initial deposit after venturing with this software. Some are thanking their friend for inviting them into the company.

The review also states that clients are living the dream since they have achieved financial goals. The information looks convincing. Nonetheless, you should always be careful because these are stock images that the company has stolen.

The people they claim to be their customers do not exist, and some don’t know that their images are being used. The tactic of using false testimonials is common with scammers. Therefore, you should not only use information that is available on the website of the company that you want to invest with.

We always advise traders to look for clients’ feedback on third party websites. No software in the market will generate such a high amount of profit within such an unrealistic duration.

Final Verdict

Bitcoin Compass is a company that has a very attractive offer. However, you will not attain anything that they promise. The platform is shady in all manner, and they lack transparency. The company additionally claims to have been endorsed by reputable personnel in the world.

These statements are false, and you should keep off their Ill motive system. You can use the legit crypto trading system in the market. These systems have been used by multiple investors and are reliable. On the other hand, Bitcoin Compass is a firm that has no intention of making you rich.

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