Bitcoin Doubler Club Review: Old Scam

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Bitcoin Doubler Club Review: Old Scam

Bitcoin Doubler Club is another bitcoin scam platform in the marker. The Ponzi scheme wow investors into their site with too good to be true promises of returns.

The investment platform claim that they double bitcoin of their clients within 24 hours. The platform invites all forms of traders, to be it, newbies or expert traders, to venture with them.

Their services are allegedly free, which should raise suspicion. is managed by expert con artists that promise unreasonable returns.

The shady company states that those who venture into their business will experience no loss as they have BTC mining machines that are accurate, and perform highly.

Sadly, any investors who understand how the crypto niche work will tell you these claims are false. Digital currency associates numerous risks, and making losses is a part of the trade.

The company has insufficient info on their platform. There is no enough evidence on their website to prove their allegations.

Bitcoin Doubler Club, despite claiming to be a mining company they do not indicate where their mining farms are located or their servers. This company is not transparent, and investing with them would be an unwise decision.

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The least amount of bitcoin that they accept in their site is 0.003. Once you deposit any amount in this pyramid scheme platform, you will lose it in a flash.

The company does not have an investment plan; you can deposit as much as you want. The only thing they promise is you will receive a double amount of BTC. Review

The platform claims their initial intention was to sell their bitcoin mining machines. They were in their initial marketing stages when they decided not to sell.

They saw how much bitcoin it was generating and reconsider their thought. Bitcoin Doubler Club presents clients with a false narrative whereby they make it appear like you will benefit from their activity while, in reality, they want to scam you.

The platform’s ulterior motive of this platform is to scam as many victims as they can. Their goal is to please investors, but what is in for them is unknown.

The company has a deceitful claim that they are a certified company. The company states they are the initial Bitcoin Doubler in the market. However, they are not featured anywhere in prominent bitcoin sites.

Bitcoin Doubler Club Review, Bitcoin Doubler Club Platform is a fully anonymous Bitcoin investment platform that assures investors that they can check blockchain real-time transactions.

They make ridiculous allegations to lure investors in their site. They promise users a 24-hour instant withdrawal of their earnings.

Credible bitcoin mining platform assures their clients of reasonable returns, unlike Bitcoin Doubler Club. The digital currency sector is risky. At the initial stage of bitcoin adoption, people made a great fortune through mining,

However, currently, there has been massive adoption, and making great returns through mining has become hard. There are hefty fees and capital that a lot of miners cannot raise themselves.

The company’s main aim is to steal money. The company states that investors do not have to acquire membership. The platform is a scam that claims their transactions are legal and automatic. They ask their clients only to enter their bitcoin address.

Be very careful, as the company can steal your data. Avoid sharing any of your credentials as they may use it against you.

Bitcoin Doubler Club Regulation and customer Support

The company states that they are regulated, and all their activity is legit. However, the company does not provide any certificate on their site.

Bitcoin Doubler Club is a company that is operating illegally. They break the law as they please, and no authority can trace them down.

The investment platform is not licensed by any government to carry out its investment venture.

The safety of your money should be your major concern. Some advantages come along with investing in an unregulated company; however, in the long run, it is not worth it.

Companies that do not have a license document can exit the market as they please as soon as there is no more money coming into their site.

The platform has a contact us section on their site, but it doesn’t work. The platform does not disclose their location to the public.

If you encounter any hitch after depositing your fund, there is no method of contacting the support. They don’t have an email or a phone number that you can reach them through.

Bitcoin Doubler Club is operating anonymously; there is no information on who the owner of this company is or the team handling investors’ cash.

Anonymity is not something that is appreciated when it comes to investment. You have the right to know who is handling your funds.

The only reason that this platform is operating behind the shadows is to ensure the law does not catch up with them. Without any factual information, nobody will uncover the identity of the real fraudster. Referral Program

Bitcoin Doubler Club has an affiliate program. They promise users a certain amount of bonus if they manage to fish in more people.

Without traffic on the site, the pyramid scheme will collapse. The Ponzi scheme depends on referrals to earn revenue. Investors are promised a 20% commission from every deposit that their referrals make.

Given the nature of shady platforms, you will never be able to cash out the bonus. You will only help the company do its dirty biddings by inviting other people. Scam Review, Affiliate

There is a conflict of interest between the pyramid scheme and its shady marketers. Don’t be surprised if you encounter positive reviews regarding Bitcoin Doubler Club.

Pyramid schemes normally pay promoters to help them attract victims in their company. They use unethical means to advertise the platform.

Pyramid scheme uses the money new investors to pay their pioneer clients once there is no money coming in their system will collapse with the money in it.

Do not believe everything you read online without doing thorough research. Pyramid schemes have become smarter and are using every means to appear legit.

The Domain Insight

We were able to gather useful information regarding this fraudster company from and The platform official domain name is Its registration took place in October 2018 and will expire in October 2020.

The registrant contact leads to Panama. However, the info regarding the owner is not available. The global Alexa Rank for this Ponzi scheme is at 1,177, 326.

Bitcoin Doubler Club Final Verdict

Bitcoin Doubler Club is a pyramid scheme that has nothing to offer. The company is not involved in any investment activity. You will only end up losing your bitcoins if you trust these scammers.

There are credible bitcoin platforms in the market that grant real-time returns to investors. However, the company is not among the trustworthy platform.

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