8h Double Review: A Silly Bitcoin Scam

8h Double Review: A Silly Bitcoin Scam

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8h Double at is among the many Bitcoin scams that have recently resurfaced on the internet. This website claims that it offers the best Bitcoin doubling plans out there. And for sure, if you check their promised return on investment, you will find something like 200% interest on your money in 8 hours.

Honestly we have never heard something like this before. This is a get rich quick scam, there is no doubt about it.

Where is all this money coming from to start with? Does this website has proof that they are paying members these ridiculous sums of money even with a small investment of 0.02 BTC?

In our opinion, this website is taking advantage of the fact that many people don’t understand how Bitcoin investments work. Investment in crypto currencies is somehow surrounded by a cloud of mystery. Some people almost think that any opportunity that is associated with Bitcoin is always profitable.

But we are also blaming this ignorance on lack of awareness. On the other hand, scams like 8h Double are taking maximum advantage of the masses ignorance. They are making outrageous promises which are borderline insane.

This website is literally promising to double any Bitcoin amount in record 8 hours. See, if you gave them $100 worth of Bitcoin today, they would double it to $200 in 8 hours. How about $500? This would be $1,000 in just 8 hours. This sounds lucrative. It is too good to be true. In fact, if it was true, everyone would have jumped into the bandwagon by now. Probably this flow of traffic to the 8h Double website would have jammed their servers because everyone literally wants to get rich as quickly as possible, and this website is offering the ”right opportunity for” that.

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If we do some logical thinking, we will come to the realization that those returns are impossible to achieve in any legitimate business operation. Unless we robbed a bank or won a jackpot, there is no clear, logical way of making double the amount of your Bitcoin in just 8 hours. You can take this to the bank.

8h double review

8h Double Review

When you browse this website, your conscience will always debate with you concerning the legitimacy of this ”money making opportunity”.

Your inner self will be telling you to go on and another part of you will be warning you not to go in because this is a scam, thanks to their insane return on investments which they are shamelessly touting on this website. Don’t you think that if these opportunities really existed, everyone would be rich in the planet by now? Certainly. We do not see how such an opportunity can be presented to everyone in the world for free and still people fail to make wealth.

So apparently, the reason why 8h Double wants you to deposit your bitcoin with them is because they have the quickest profit turn in period. They also have the highest interest rate which they are willing to credit into your account as soon as the 8 hours have elapsed. Honestly, if you do your math and factor in your investment with this website for one year, you’d buy the whole planet.

They are only requesting a minimum of 0.02 BTC (which we believe that nearly everyone can raise). They also have the most friendly support in the world, plus their system is DDos protected, meaning that your money will always be safe in their bank accounts.

Why the 200% ROI when others are offering way less?

The website gives us a very generic answer to tackle this question. According to 8h Double, this company designed an automated system which collects data from blockchain transfers and crypto-currency exchanges so that it can study it for purposes of predicting the price movement of Bitcoin.

They also claim that their servers are very quick since they open and close thousands of transactions in a minute. This way, they can analyze price differences as well as related fees to make profit for all.

Now, if you read the explanation above, does it convince you that 8h Double has what it takes to make you the promised 200% per hour return on investment?

For us, this is not a valid explanation or proof that 8h Double works. There is no exception here.

The stats

By now, you should know that creating a website and littering it with unverifiable information that fools people is very easy.

In the case of 8h Double, we see that someone just sat down one afternoon, put together a website and added figures here and there to make it look as if it were legitimate.

The next thing they did was to setup a Bitcoin wallet, from which they will be receiving deposits anonymously. Remember that Bitcoin deposits are irreversible. There is nothing you can do to get your money back. The scammers know that you know this. So what’s the next trick up on their sleeves?

Well, they bait you with a small deposit requirement which they know you and me can afford. If you do a test deposit for example, they may decide to pay or not to pay you the profit at the end of 8 hours. We do not know which criteria they are using to select which people they will pay and those they will not pay. Our best guess is that they will collect a typical day’s profit and if they have hit their target for that day, they can simply choose to randomly trick a few people with profits.

Generally, if you make a test deposit and profits are turned in the way you expected, you will be compelled to make a bigger deposit. Now, that is what they are aiming at in this financial game. The moment you make a bigger deposit like $500 or more, they will quickly take that money and ignore you afterwards.

8h double stats

8h double lies

So the stats you’re seeing above are definitely fake. Customer activity in recent hours is definitely fake too as these records cannot be independently verified.

Who owns this website?

There is no information about the owner or people working for 8h Double. Instead, they only use generic explanations such as ”We are experts, 8h Double is a fully automated Bitcoin doubling platform that does not require any human intervention apart from regular server maintenance.”

When you come across any website that is using such vague language to describe who they are, run or simply don’t give them your wallet. Secondly, when you come across any website that promises overnight riches, like the 8h Double, just ignore them or move to the next available investment opportunity that is making sense.

Our best advice for you

There is every proof needed to ascertain that 8h Double is a big scam. You do not need to ask them any question because red flags have been printed all over their website. It’s only a matter of using common sense to decide that you will not throw away your money here.

Please note: not all Bitcoin investment opportunities are a scam. For this particular service, we are definitely looking at a scam. However, for a few Bitcoin investment opportunities like the ones found in this list, we can give a green light. So go ahead and sign up.

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  1. 8H Double is a scam, as well as Bitcoin in its entirety. The use of these cryptocurrencies is pointless. All this website will do is take your bitcoins for their own profit.If you buy this currency backed by nothing with hopes of using this website to double it, think again. Its time for all of you to hop off this bandwagon and put your money into something reliable!

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