Bitcoin Era Review: Bashful Forex Scam

Bitcoin Era Review: Bashful Forex Scam

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Bitcoin Era ( is a brutal Bitcoin brokerage scam ripping off any investor who signs up and deposits with them. BitcoinEra is purporting to guarantee a 99.4% level of accuracy when trading. This is another fraudulent broker simply out to cause malice within the Crypto Currency world. And this is why we conducted a thorough investigation regarding Bitcoin Era. Read this detailed and honest Bitcoin Era review to know the truth.

Bitcoin Era Review

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Bitcoin Era Review:

Homepage has a promotional video claiming how Bitcoin is making people millionaires. This website has a counter timer at the top with a deadline on it. According to the homepage, newbies have until the end of June to sign up. This broker claims to have a one of a lifetime offer to make investors millionaires. With a fake promotional video copied from a leading and trusted news reporter, newbies will easily believe this broker. There’s more to this fraudulent broker.

Claims and promises have been used by this broker to try and legitimize their platform. This broker claims to guarantee a 99.4% accuracy level in trading. And this is where we spotted another red flag with this platform. There’s no platform on earth which can able to produce such high accuracy levels. Ask any Forex trading experts, guaranteeing over 90% successful trades is an impossible task. Prices fluctuate at any given time making this guarantee a total lie.

About Bitcoin Era

According to their homepage, this is a platform reserved exclusively to people who want to make millions. These scam artists have posted logos of leading companies to try and legitimize their platform. Some of the companies used to sell this platform as legit include CNN, TIME, Forbes, and more. Scammers will do or say anything to try and legitimize their platform. Bitcoin Era is no different, they are using real company logos to try and legitimize their platform.

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With promise to make money with just a few minutes on your laptop, this is fraud in waiting. How can anyone make over $1,100 daily by trading in just 20 minutes? This is how well a scammer is able to manipulate newbies by making over the moon claims. If this platform was true, everyone would be using it to trade. These scammers know we all want to make an extra buck; they take advantage of this need. Stay away from any platform which makes insane claims.

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Is Bitcoin Era Licensed?

Bitcoin Era Forex Review

There’s no information on their homepage suggesting this platform is registered or regulated. Another red flag with this platform is lack of proper documentation to prove legitimacy. There’s no information regarding people who run this platform. This means we are dealing with an anonymous platform. In all our years of experience, dealing with an anonymous broker has never produced any fruits. An anonymous broker is never a good trading partner, stay away from them.

Lack of licensing clearly points to a broker conducting Forex business illegally. Why would anyone claim to make $1,100 daily and not be registered? This is another pyramid scheme which will be shut down at any time. These scammers ensure they get their fill before closing shop without issuing any notice. This is nothing but a fraudulent broker who is out to steal your funds. Being their next target is what every newbie should avoid. Stay clear from this platform.

Fake Testimonials

Checking their testimonials, we noticed this is the same testimonials used in another Crypto scam. Crypto Revolt is another crypto scam which shares the same testimonials. Could this be a mistake? There’s no doubt this is another fraudulent scam which should be exposed. Stay away from any broker who uses fake credentials.

In order to check out these testimonials, there are no social media profiles of these winners. Why is it impossible to find these winners? There’s a reason for this, there’s no people with these names and with these wins. Bitcoin Era will do or say anything to make sure people sign up with their platform. Using these testimonials will bring people to believe this platform is real. Don’t be their next victim.

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No Live Chat Support

Bitcoin Era Broker Review

How does this broker expect users to communicate with them? Why would they fail to have a working communication channel?  In case you lose money, there’s no way of contacting this broker, which is what these scammers want. They are afraid of the backlash they would receive from potential victims and authorities. Make sure you don’t fall for their foolish platform which is a total fake.

Bitcoin Era’s homepage does not contain a contact us page, this means these scammers are up to no good. A platform which only has one communication channel is most likely a fraud. They entice you to sign up and deposit money with no way of directly talking to them. Stay away from Bitcoin Era and ensure you don’t give these scammers a dime. Anyone who signs up with this broker is opening themselves up to huge problems. These scammers are also in league with hackers.

Are Funds Safe with Bitcoin Era?

There’s no way funds can be safe with an anonymous platform. How can funds be safe with a broker who cannot be contacted? This is surely a fake platform which is out to steal funds from investors. Hackers are using their software to steal personal data from computers. This is another reason why signing up with this platform is a problem. Stay away from Bitcoin Era.

Where do they bank money deposited by users? It’s highly possible these scammers have ensured funds head straight to their personal accounts. There are no details regarding how this platform is channeling funds. Funds easily be traced to you and hackers will steal your bank balance. This wouldn’t be the first time a platform such as Bitcoin Era has led to users losing funds. Stay away from this scam.

Is Bitcoin Era a Scam?

Evidence clearly reveals we are dealing with a rogue platform with intent to commit fraud. These claims have no basis, how can this broker make other people money without a plan? There are no details regarding how their software works. Details revealed by this broker are sketchy at the least. Stay away from Bitcoin Era to avoid being scammed.

Our Bottom Line

Bitcoin Era Scam Review

Adding this broker to our list of scams will hopefully prompt authorities to investigate. With a scam operating with no license, shutting down their website is the right move. Stay clear from a broker who is anonymous and lacks contact information. Ignore all their pleas to sign up and mark all their emails as Spam.

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Finally, we wish you all the best in your future trading experience.

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3 Replies to “Bitcoin Era Review: Bashful Forex Scam”

  1. Na górze strony wyświetla się informacja że rejestracja zostanie zablkokowana za 10 minut “w związku z prośbami mediów”. Ordynarne naciąganie na szybką rejestrację bez sprawdzania wiarygodności. Jeśli nawet są ludzie którzy coś zyskują, to najprawdopodobniej strona działa na zasadzie piramidy po to żeby początkowo uwiarygodnić swoje działanie. Na 99,99% jest to oszustwo.

  2. Bitcoin ERA i to oszustwo (SCAM) z siedzibą na Cyprze – ostrzegajcie wszystkich, dodatkowo oszukują pobierając większą kwotę i pobierają prowizję za wypłatę gotówki (przecież nie pobieram gotówki), której nigdy nie zobaczycie. Płacisz niby za rachunek brokerski w estonii 250EUR a akarta jest obciążana kwota prawie 3000zł dla oszustów !!!!

  3. Bitcoin ERA i to oszustwo (SCAM) z siedzibą na Cyprze – MarketCDF to fałszywy broker, który nie istnieje, a Bircoin ERA to fałszywy algorytm to inwestowania w bitcoin z wykorzystaniem niby sztucznej inteligencji – ostrzegajcie wszystkich, dodatkowo oszukują pobierając większą kwotę i pobierają prowizję za wypłatę gotówki (przecież nie pobieram gotówki), której nigdy nie zobaczycie. Płacisz niby za rachunek brokerski w estonii 250EUR a akarta jest obciążana kwota prawie 3000zł dla oszustów !!!!

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