Bitcoin Future App Review: Is Bitcoin Future App Scam?

Bitcoin Future App Review: Is Bitcoin Future App Scam?

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They claim that the Bitcoin Future app is for investors who are willing to take the risk in order to become Bitcoin millionaires. The website whose landing page can be found here is just a get rich quick scheme because if you watch the promotion material, you will learn that the salesman is actually taking his time to tell you how you will become a millionaire overnight with their Bitcoin Future app. We don’t believe his claims because there is no investment opportunity anywhere in the world that can offer us such returns.

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We want to make sure that everyone of you reading this review is aware of the fact that such bots never make any money. Based on our research, we have deduced that this is the most dangerous form of investment that a Bitcoin trader can partake in. Also, the discovery that this is a get rich quick scheme is not the most troubling aspect of this fraudulent trading platform and fake app. Our research staff has identified 2 particularly disturbing developments. The first and most severe issue has to do with a very prominent website which is publishing fake Bitcoin Future App reviews. From a customer’s perspective this escalation represents a clear and present danger to your wallet, and we shall discuss this as we progress with our review. The second problem is related to fake news dissemination, and this has more to do with media agencies and affiliate networks who are operating in tandem with offshore CFD brokers in order to defraud opportunity seekers such as yourself.

The Bitcoin Future app review

There is this person using the pseudo name of Jake Tapper. He states all the benefits of using Bitcoin like no banking fees, anonymity among other things. You will definitely encounter him in other similar scams even if you don’t take a look at this particular one. When you hear him making such claims (which are factual by the way), you need to put on your thinking hat because the scammer is clearly mixing a bit of truths with lies so that you can easily get persuaded.

What you need to ask yourself is whether there are complaints regarding the Bitcoin Future app. You need to ask yourself what kind of brokerage is involved in this scheme because brokers who do business with scammers are a scam themselves. The promotion material is just a marketing bait to steal money from you because once you have been sacked in, you will end up depositing money using your credit card and that will be the genesis of your problems. The good thing is that even though scams are everywhere, there are a few genuine software that can help you trade and actually make money. We have seen many people making money with these robots and we definitely believe you can profit from the same. If you want to know where these apps are found, just click this link and you will be taken to a page where we have listed the bots for trading Crypto currencies.

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So you want evidence that the Bitcoin Future app is a scam? Let’s use some logic here. Look at the Bitcoin Future App registration area. You can clearly say how they are using hype by saying that “you can become the next millionaire”.  They are using their enhanced web presence in order to gain exposure on search engines and promote fraudulent software. We will not disclose the name of the culprit, but you can see the name clearly on the image below where they actually give it 4/5 stars and say that it has a 99.4% win rate (which is INSANE).

And of course here we have the cloned post signup popup. Again, we have been allocated a broker named “Hybrid Reserve”, and these guys are about as bad as it comes.

Now, we need to think twice concerning the direction which things are taking at this moment. This broker isn’t a good broker at all. The reason we are saying so is that they are not regulated and there are many bad reviews concerning their service where many traders reported that they were ripped off. With these kinds of complaints, we cannot be too sure whether our money will be safe in their hands. There is no way to have this guarantee since many things point to the disadvantages of using such a broker. We have no confidence that they will keep our money safe. Instead, we have confidence that when we invest here, they will steal all our money. That’s a guarantee.

The fake news and ads supporting Bitcoin Future app

Okay, this is the really bad part. The fraudsters behind the Bitcoin Future App scam are currently engaged in a mass fake news blitz designed to attract your attention and bait you. They are hunting down victims on Facebook ads, using spoofed web pages AKA mirror sites, spamming people, and using all types of annoying pop-up advertisements. But here is the really sad part, they are using the names of wealth gurus, politicians, athletes, and celebs like the Dragons’ Den Cast, Shark Tank, Elon Musk, and Richard Branson in order to peddle their filthy software online and lend it credibility. If for some reason you are exposed to these unethical (not to mention illegal) marketing tactics, you should know that you are being officially targeted by crafty ripoff artists.

The win rate is awful

We need people to think twice. The advertised win rate of this Crypto trading bot is 99%. People need to realize that this is a scam because there is no way we can have a software that generates trades with this accuracy. Everybody would be using it and it would be the most expensive trading bot out there. Why is this free in the first place? Ask yourself and you will begin to see why this is a scam.

Our best advice for you

Just use legit trading apps for Bitcoin and make sure that you are avoiding anything that looks too good to be true.

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