Bitcoin Future App Review: Is Bitcoin Future App Scam?

Bitcoin Future App Review: Is Bitcoin Future App Scam?

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Most traders are excited about trading cryptocurrencies since it’s one of the known ways to generate an income passively. Bitcoins remain at the helm of the crypto market, unlike the other cryptocurrencies such as ripple and ethereum.

Many scammers tend to use the excuse that: they’ve got alongside themselves a well-composed team of software engineers in possession of the best analytic tools to aid crypto traders.

The automated cryptocurrency trading platform boasts of being one of the best software for beginners and also being in possession of some of the prerequisite features necessary for any professional trader.

This bot claims of ownership of an ability to enable on- behalf trades to be performed. It also boasts of an extremely high win rate, and for this, we had to look deep to verify whether the claims made were legitimate or reduced empty claims aimed at baiting prospective traders into experiencing severe losses in the cryptocurrencies endeavors. boasts of being among the most simplified trade platforms at the disposal of any prospective trader. It claims to have been developed by a team of outstanding computer engineers and software engineers who instilled in it the required features we expect to find in a trusted cryptocurrency trade platform.

This trading bot shares common elements with other trade platforms such as Bitcoin trader and the renowned Bitcoin revolution, which claimed to be so useful. Whether we can trust these auto trade bot is a question that lingers in our minds.

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Our experienced team of investigators did extensive research on the matter and ended up coming across the following observations. On a much higher note, you should only invest with profitable crypto trading bots which are legit.


Want to click on’s site, the first thing that one comes across is an advertisement pop up a picture which states, ‘ Bitcoin is making people rich, and you can become the next millionaire’ not forgetting the three easy step guide that prospective trader is supposed to follow.

Firstly, one is supposed to register on the site. After the registration is consented by the site owner, one automatically becomes the latest trader on the block.

 Secondly, one is also supposed to subscribe to an account. This scammer uses a new topic sentence; he begins by persuasive matches. He allegories initial deposit systems to the seeking of initial capital to start any business.

Please remember he’s trying to use this language to create an impression in a trader’s mind that by signing up with evens investing in your life.

 The minimum deposit required is $250. He actually sounds pretty much prejudiced by this amount of money that he makes it look minute to hand over $250 to just our average random person you came across On the net.

Lastly, the last step is purportedly to begin enjoying accurate and watertight trades, powered by a supposed award-winning algorithm. The exciting thing about this claim is that the scammer does not display to us the awards or even just gives a sneak peek into the allegations that he’s making to gain the trust required for any successful mutual contract.

Weak Public-relation, diplomacy marketing skills

Aversion From critics made by the marketing social media is one of the key schemes implemented by this developer. He begins in a self-defense tone that shuns away all the critics thrown to him.

He seems to be creating an impression of when the world throws lemons do you should make lemonade instead to make the situation more suitable for your guilt trip. This subliminal and intentional advertisement technique not only guilt trips a perspective trader into believing that these auto trade bot is legitimate and also fighting against cyberbullies and haters on the internet, but it also leads to doubt that the adverse claims given are false.

Trade strategies

This developer boasts of various systems, which enable investors to make sound judgments when it comes to trading bitcoins. He also acknowledges the fact that severe shortcomings have faced these systems at different points along the way.

Consequently, leaving us with a question of whether we should put our total trust in this cryptocurrency trade bot. This software developer claims that unprecedented occurrences have provided a loophole for competitors to discredit and even drag its name in the mud, thus creating an uninhabitable ambiance for this trading bot to operate.

This software developer claims that only conducts transparent and legitimates trades thus should be accomplished for any ambitious cryptocurrency investor.

Heavyweight trade algorithms

The software provided claims spending most of their money in research and development, trying to come up with a software that is powered by a robust and watertight programming language.

Besides that, it states that the aim to apply this algorithm to help predict the financial market and components. Consequently, it can pinpoint and pick the most profitable ventures that momentarily exist in the market. It concludes this claim by making an impression that these algorithms turned the odds in favor of the trader.

It also boasts of a leap time of 0.01 seconds. A leap time indicates that the algorithm is ahead, and this gives immunity to volatility, which might unprecedentedly present themselves. As a consequence, only safeguarded against last-second volatility of investments.

User-friendly interface

This cryptocurrency trade bot claims of simplifying the dashboard navigation process by presenting the user-friendly interface. According to the software developer, he claims that this helps save the amount of time used in conducting the trade as well as reading of any obscurity, which might present itself as a result of reckless mistakes due to the clutter in the number of options shown on the dashboard. This simplicity presumably creates a glide like an experience on this site. The developer claims that it all happens in minutes; not too slow to make the process difficult nor no too fast to make the process daunting.

Honorary Awards and accreditation

This software developer claims that they do possess highly precise software making it not just among the favorite but among the top-notch companies rendering these services to traders.

Currently, there is a claim purporting that was selectively and unanimously ranked the top trading software company under the Trading Software Category for US trade Association.

The exciting thing about this is that the developer neither provides a hard copy of the same. This leaves us with one question, Are the claims valid or just claims aimed at baiting traders into a  scam.

Live Trade Results

This automated cryptocurrency trade bot provides live profit results. These results are subdivided into five columns, the first one being the bit currency name, the second is Profit, followed by trade time, and finally, the result column.  The thing about this trade evidence is that it’s not on a Myfxbook trade results but just mechanically provisional tabulation of manipulated data, which might process additional risk factors.

Final verdict

 As much as these trade bot boasts of several accomplishments and allowing applications from several countries, accompanied by trades, to be features that enable successful businesses to be performed on the prospective trader’s behalf.

We cannot conclude that it is legit due to the heavy reliance on fake news and affiliations with scam indicted personalities. This, in turn, leaves us doubting the transparency and credibility reported by this software developer.

Bitcoin trading is very beneficial, and so traders should venture with legitimate cryptocurrency firms. However, as this type of trade is on the rise, scammers tend to utilize the wrong ways of luring this new trader into depositing with them.


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