Bitcoin Hero Review: An Obvious Scam it is

Bitcoin Hero Review: An Obvious Scam it is

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Welcome to the honest and unbiased Bitcoin Hero app review. The question you might ask yourself is whether Bitcoin Hero is real or  scam. The Bitcoin Hero app is advertised as a kind of automated trading system (crypto robot) which “enables you to effortlessly exchange Bitcoin for real cash.”

In the Bitcoin Hero sales page, it is also mentioned that there is an in-house platform which simplifies the trading process in a way which generates profits for you so you can “withdraw your money just like you would from an ATM”.

The Bitcoin Hero scam software is not a free Bitcoin trading simulator for people who wish to learn how to trade Bitcoin and/or other cryptocurrencies. It is however a confirmed get-rich-quick Forex scheme with a recycled sales video. Browse this web page to find out what we are recommending for trading Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Hero Review

Scammers are getting smarter and understand that in order to trick and bait unsuspecting victims they have to change things around every now and then. So, in this case the affiliate networks and media agencies promoting this filthy system have changed the design and content, but were too lazy to produce another sales video.

Another problem we identified has to do with fake Bitcoin Hero reviews. There is a very prominent website which is endorsing this trading platform, and part of the complaints we received have to do with the fact that viewers were duped into believing their lies after reading fake reviews.

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Bitcoin Hero Brokers: When we signed up the broker which was allocated to us was RI Markets which is owned and managed by Fcorp Services Ltd and has a registered business address in the Marshall Islands. RI Markets is not officially licensed by any legal jurisdiction to provide ancillary services, accept or execute orders on behalf of clients, or deal with portfolio management. In other words its a SCAM trading platform.

Still believe the Bitcoin Hero app is a genuine trading system? Well in that case you had best keep reading our Bitcoin Hero review and see exactly why we blacklisted it.

Evidence that Bitcoin Hero is just a scam

We can check the Bitcoin Hero website registration area. Notice the person in the sales video and listen to him speak about Bitcoin and how it is transforming the financial and banking sector.

And here we have the exact same news anchor man talking about how Bitcoin is changing the world, only this time he is being used to promote the Bitcoin Rush and Bitcoin Evolution schemes (among others).

Check out the testimonial section of the Bitcoin Hero scam. All the testimonials are fake and this makes total sense since no one sane person or individual who as actually tried this system will be willing to testify that it is legit (because it is not).

And there’s also a registration popup we received when signing up. This is exactly the same popup we get when we tested Bitcoin Era and Brexit Trader.

Fake Bitcoin Hero Reviews

Here we see THE SAME fake review site endorsing a scam software and trying to get affiliate commissions. It’s interesting that they always have the reviews and endorsements buried somewhere in the back where viewers only see them when searching for a specific system. Otherwise they are referred directly to a regulated trading platform.

Bitcoin Hero Fake News

Again we have received initial complaints in regards to the Bitcoin Hero scam, and these grievances have to do with the fact that celebrities and high profile individuals are illegally used for promotional purposes. Some names include (but are not restricted to) Martin Lewis, The Dragons’ Den cast (this morning UK show), Gordon Ramsay, Peter Lim, Charlize Theron, Sir Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Roger Federer, Conor McGregor, Cate Blanchett, and Nicole Kidman.

What is Bitcoin Hero and How Does it Work?
Bitcoin Hero is supposed to be some kind of system which lets you exchange Bitcoin for real cash. We are told that the process is simple and very lucrative. Almost like withdrawing money from an ATM.

Bitcoin Hero Review, Don’t Deposit $250 It’s A Losing Software!

The Bitcoin Hero software claims to be an automated trading software which can generate $13,212 a month for you. There is also a mention of an in-house trading platform and professional assistance from “world-class experts” who assist you in getting your account set up. That’s pretty much it! There is no mention of the ITM or success ratio, no back-testing or third-party audits, no mention of the trading dashboard, settings, strategies, or indicators, and of course no one talks about the risks involved with any form of online trading and crypto CFD’s. In other word’s its a whole lot of hype rolled up into one scam robot.

Is It Free? No, absolutely not. They even say it costs at least $250 to get started, and that’s pretty much the only thing you can believe.

Legitimate Crypto CFD Trading Versus Scam Robots

Trading cryptocurrency CFDs can be extremely lucrative if you understand how to maneuver your way around. But crypto scams like Bitcoin Hero don’t really talk about how the trading is done, what to look out for, and what risks are involved. For example, what if you purchase a call contract which expires below the resistance line? What is a contract order or order type? And what kind of entry or exit strategy should you have planned? All of these factors and many more are critical when entering a trade, so if you are a novice you better have access to a proper signals app or trading bot.

Our best advice for you

The Bitcoin Hero scam software, app and automated trading system (crypto robot) is a blacklisted Forex scam. This software is not really a software at all! Once you signup it tells you what your broker name is and that’s it. There is no dashboard, no signals, no strategies or indicators, and nothing remotely connected to an MT4 terminal. Stick to our usual recommendations here.

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