Bitcoin Invest Club Review: Scam with No Payout Records


Bitcoin Invest Club Review: Scam with No Payout Records

We’ve noticed that Bitcoin Invest Club ( website is gaining a lot of exposure on the internet. Usually when this happens, we try to find out what the site is all about and whether or not it is legitimate.

Now that we are done with the assessment of this site, it’s only sensible to put together our facts and findings in this review.

The ultimate decision is with you. Our part is to write a review like this one and let you decide whether you’ll heed to our recommendations or gamble your money on a website which we didn’t recommend.

bitcoininvestclub review

Bitcoininvestclub Review: Is Bitcoin Invest Club Scam or legitimate?

That’s the big question that we are about to answer. But for us to give a comprehensive answer instead of a simple Yes or No, we’d like to discuss some facts about this website.

First of all, it’s a registered company with the number 10874403 being their company registration. According to their website, Bitcoin Invest Club is based out of the United Kingdom in the following address: 44 Waterloo Road, London, NW2 7TX.

Bitcoin Invest Club is supposedly focusing on the exchange and trading of Cryptocurrency, mainly Bitcoin to yield profits on behalf of their investors.

The company (BITCOIN INVEST CLUB LTD) states on their website that if you invest with them, you will secure your chance to succeed as a Bitcoin investor.

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However, they are also very new in the market. The website was launched a couple of months ago. To be precise, this happened on 5th of August 2017.

A close check of that domain reveals that the website has been receiving constant upward traffic ever since they launched the business. This shows that people from all across the globe are showing interest in what this company does. We are not sure if these people are really making any money as claimed on the company’s official website. In fact, it’s hard to verify any claims that shall be made in relation to people who have been making money through Bitcoin Invest Club mining activities.

In addition to this, the founder of this website isn’t mentioned anywhere. Although the site has an ”about us” page, it was poorly done because it does not mention the names of the people who are behind its operation. Instead, we are only told that this is a registered company with a real office in the aforementioned physical address.

The website has even decided to post a picture of their supposed physical address, although this information cannot easily be verified.

Most scams in the Bitcoin investment niche just show pictures that don’t represent where they operate from. This may not be an isolated case.

Bitcoin Invest Club supposedly trades Cryptocurrencies too. They claim that their investment strategies present zero risks, and that investors should not fear of losing their money since they use high-tech trading tools that will never take a trade if a high draw down is likely.

Bitcoin Invest Club presents themselves as the ultimate investment portal on the internet for those who have money but lack the knowledge to multiply it using Crypto currency trading or mining. They present themselves in such a way that you’d easily think they are masters of this game. The introduction is so convincing, although each statement that is presented on this site is not backed by any proof.

Bitcoin Invest Club lists down a number of supposed benefits that users can enjoy if they choose to invest with them. These include DDoS protection, SSL connection, and licensed script. Do these features guarantee any safety of your funds? Not at all.

Company registration doesn’t mean that your investments will be safe

To be honest, a lot of High Yield Investment programs have popped up on the internet. Most of them appear to come from the UK (as they are registered in the UK as real companies).

Unfortunately, most investors don’t think twice when they learn the fact that a high yield investment program is a registered company. This category of investors lose money every other day on the web.

This shows one thing: that even if a website belongs to a registered company in the UK, it doesn’t mean that you’re totally safe with them. They could still scam you.

The plans

Bitcoin Invest Club is offering a couple of nonsensical plans for investments. This is something very common with HYIPs on the internet. They promise returns that are not practical and realistic enough to achieve. They take advantage of the fact that many people are not aware of what is happening in the Cryptocurrency world.

Bitcoin Invest Club offers 8 plans with different profit potential. The least amount of money that a user can invest is $11 only. The highest amount that one can invest in their plans is $500000.

bitcoininvestclub plans

However, these plans have been divided into 8 categories based on contract expiry. The first category is supposedly the quickest profit yielding plan as payouts are made in 24 hours. The interest rate is an impossible 140%.

The second plan promises a whooping 340% in 5 days. Things are getting ridiculous folks. These numbers are unbelievable as they are not supported by any fact or verifiable evidence of payouts.

The last category offers an interest rate of 3500% after one month. Not only is this impractical, but it’s an insult on your intelligence.

Let’s make this clear once more: any website claiming that they will consistently make a specific return on investment on your money forever is definitely a scam.

Bitcoin Invest Club shows all the signs of a scam, especially when you consider the fact that their promises are too good to be true.

If it was that easy, Bitcoin Invest Club would not have opened their doors to me and you. They would trade and mine Cryptos silently. No one wants to share their wealth with someone else. So the reason why this site is offering this opportunity to every other Tom, Dick and Harry with some money to throw away is because they don’t believe in this process of investing. On top of that, their concept has never been proven to yield consistent profits on a daily basis.

Proof of trading/mining and payouts

Bitcoin Invest Club is a total joke of a website. Now that they are asking your money, have they presented any evidence to show that their Cryptocurrency trading and mining activities are real?

Do we even have pictures that show their mining rigs or something like that?

At the very least, they ought to have published records of their payouts in this site.We do not actually know why these important pages are lacking on this site.

Maybe the owner of Bitcoin Invest Club is intending to market to an ignorant audience who will never ask questions before sending money. That cannot happen here.

Our best advice for you

Whether Bitcoin Invest Club website is operating with a licensed script or not, the fact still remains that their promised return on investment is a pipe dream. We all know that such high investment yield programs are total scams.

For you to mine Cryptocurrencies profitably, you have to seek the service of a genuine cloud mining company. Use this link to find out. Don’t waste money on illegitimate websites.


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  1. First of all, thank you for this amazing review. I was recently searching this type of review on Bitcoin Invest Club because I wanted to invest on it. But after reading this article, I think investing will not be a wise decision.
    Lastly, thanks for saving my money.

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