Bitcoin Investor Review: Misleading Scam Program

Bitcoin Investor Review: Misleading Scam Program

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You want to get rick quickly? Sorry, there is just not a known formula for accumulating money fast. So forget scams like Bitcoin Investor. They are there to mislead the naive investor so that the operator of the scam in question can make money out of their ignorance.

On the website of Bitcoin Investor, we see a series of short clips which feature famous investors like Richard Branson, Bill Gates and a few others expressing their confidence in Bitcoins. The rest of the talk is about how you can make a lot of money with the said Cryptocurrency.

In fact, the video seems to be persuading people to sign up and start making lots of money with this Cryptocurrency. They are also asking people where they would be if they invested in Bitcoins a few years ago. We can them ”hindsight gurus” because they like to use this trick to persuade people to jump into something that eventually turns out to be a scam.

We are not saying that Bitcoin is a scam. In fact, there are many tools we have recommended here which have been used to successfully make money with Bitcoins. So it is in no way a scam or a fad. The scam part of it manifests in the form of snake oil salesmen who get people to imagine that they could be rich if they invested in this Cryptocurrency a few years ago.

And the question becomes: if these people knew it back then, why didn’t they make money with that knowledge? And why are they pushing you to buy their programs now when they could have made a lot of money back then?

You do not have to wonder because Bitcoin Investor is the works of a scammer. They will peddle this product for some quick bucks since they are broke and have no idea what it takes to make money with Cryptocurrencies.

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Bitcoin Investor review

Is it a good idea to get involved with Bitcoin Investor? Absolutely no. What makes it a bad idea is that it is a misleading webpage which is purposely created to lie and extort money from innocent investors. That is the reason why this is a scam.

Bitcoin Investor

The fake testimonials

This website is available in German and Italian languages, and they all contain fake testimonials. This fabrication is illegal because it mislead people into believing that Bitcoin Investor is a good program for making money when that’s not the case.

The fake reviews or testimonials were made up with stolen photos and fictitious stories. Nothing about the fabricated testimonials can be trusted. The stolen photos obviously belong to people who have never traded Cryptocurrencies or used this product before. Their photos were used against their consent, which makes Bitcoin Investor a misleading scam.

One lesson that we can learn from it is that people are truly not interested in what Bitcoin Investor is offering. If they were interested, they could have used it and left their reviews and testimonials behind. Since none have used this service and the owner knows very well that he is selling a scam, he has resorted to using fabricated testimonials. It makes a lot of sense to lie in such a situation.

More misleading things about Bitcoin Investor

The reason this scam web page is misleading is because it makes use of old videos and statements where Gates was seen encouraging people to invest in Bitcoins. Today, Gates has changed his stand on Bitcoin and is talking otherwise about the Cryptocurrency. He may be right or he may be wrong. But one thing stands. Bitcoin Investor is just seeking to manipulate naive investors into thinking they can make a lot of money with this product.

Recently, Bitcoin has suffered turbulence. If you are to be sure that you will make money with this Cryptocurrency, then you have to choose to trade it instead. That will require you to use these trading tools.

Therefore, there is a lot of information on this scam website that you shouldn’t believe when it comes to matters related to investing in Bitcoin.

How this scam intends to rob you of your money

Ultimately after all the lecturing, Bitcoin Investor will lead you to the slaughter house where you will be required to hand over an amount which is not less than $250. The slaughter house in question is the scam brokerage. By teaming up with this brokerage, the operator of this scam is earning commissions every time they refer someone to that brokerage.

The reason you are going to lose is that the people who run this program are only interested in earning commissions. They do not care whether you make or lose money. You can rest assured that no effort went into making this product. So do not think that Bitcoin Investor is the ticket to financial success. There is no way a scam product can go that length.

What you must remember to avoid getting duped

There are certain things that you must know before wasting any money in this useless offer.

First, never buy any product where the owner is talking lies or things that mislead. Gates praised Bitcoins then. But now his stand has changed. Clever investors might decide to buy now when a lot of investors are exiting the market. Usually, a price deep means that buyers are looking to come on board. So you might just decide to gamble by buying and holding now. When price eventually shoots, you will make money. But then, this is a huge gamble. We don’t know how many of you will be willing to buy Bitcoins now.

Our best advice for you

Ultimately, those who have nerves of steel will make money. Those who are not sure or are afraid of risks will lose money. This is not to say people should take foolish risks. So don’t follow any advice coming from a scam like Bitcoin Investor. If you want to trade Bitcoins and other altcoins, sign up to start using any of these robots. 

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