Bitcoin Key Review: Is this Bot Scam or Legit?

Bitcoin Key Review: Is this Bot Scam or Legit?

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Welcome to the Bitcoin Key ( Review by Steve McKay. This name is infamous on the Crypto currency trading scenes. The guy is known for touting numerous fake trading robots on the internet and we think this one too is not going to be different. Is Bitcoin Key Scam or legit? The Bitcoin Key software is advertised as a type of automated Bitcoin Trading System which lets you “ride the wave of Bitcoin” and start earning within 24 hours and has nothing to do with Bitcoin hardware wallets. In reality, the Bitcoin Key scam app and fake trading robot is a fraudulent investment platform and cloned get-rich-quick scheme.

In order to avoid getting scammed, we advice that you should utilize the trading solutions which have been listed on this page. They are quite reliable.

Bitcoin Key Review

Customers signing up for this latest scheme will be subjected to a barrage of repetitive messages about how they can become a new bitcoin millionaire by taking advantage of the markets using this new and lucrative piece automated of trading technology. In reality, the sales presentation is a facsimile copy of the Bitcoin Code with slight graphic variations and copied text from the Bitcoin Trader scam designed to bait unsuspecting victims looking to generate some passive income trading crypto currencies online.

If you are asking yourself what kind of deviant mind would stoop so low, then we have the answer. The crooks behind this latest farce are savvy affiliate networks and media agencies who are highly skilled at attracting new opportunity seekers (that’s you) by selling them stories of massive wealth and an easy lifestyle which can be accessed at the click of a mouse. In fact, these clever liars are so manipulative, that the complaints we received indicate to us that we are dealing with a very experienced fraud ring based in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

But still, you are intrigued and you can’t shake the feeling that getting rich quickly is within your grasp. It’s understandable, who doesn’t want to become a multi-millionaire right? Well, in case you do want to take a dive and test the proverbial waters using the Bitcoin Key scam software it’s highly recommended you read our revealing Bitcoin Key review and investigation.

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Evidence gathered against Bitcoin Key app

If you check the site, you will find the main sales page and registration area for the Bitcoin Key scam app. If you take a look at the little logo in the video presentation is you will see a Bitcoin Code stamp right above and to the left of the actors head. And obviously right below you will see the same fiverr actor with the same spectacles ranting about how much money he made using the bitcoin code. Or is it bitcoin key? Now here is an even more interesting twist. It seems the lazy scammers combined 2 viral scams because they thought it would work for some reason. The image below proves that they copied the content from the Bitcoin Trader scam. We have warned our members previously about Bitcoin Trader and how it is being constantly used to bait innocent victims.

Bitcoin Key Scam Fake News tactic

And here is another really filthy part of this ruse. Viewers surfing the internet looking for a legit or easy way to generate passive money online have come across this little fake news article. The title clearly reads “this 15 year old kid bought his mum a new house after making millions from home”. As you continue reading you actually have affiliate links inside the fake article which redirect viewers to the Bitcoin Key Scam. And what about the fake Bitcoin Key reviews which they are showing the community? You have to understand that Bitcoin Key is a new scam, and we are first to expose it. So for now we could not find ANY reviews in regards to this software (fake or real). However, as time progresses we are sure there will be a few fake review websites that endorse this offer, and we will make sure to point them out so you can see for yourself how scams are promoted online.

Bitcoin Key is presented to us as an automatic trading software (crypto robot) which was developed by Steve McKay. It is claimed that this fake app executes trades on auto-pilot by purchasing Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency CFD contracts without any form of human intervention. Steve McKay is supposed to be “The Genius Behind The Bitcoin Key”. Bitcoin Key Review, Steve McKay Is a Genius Scammer!

The Bitcoin Key scam software and trading app uses tried and tested baiting techniques which appeal to your most primordial sense of greed. The idea that its not too late to get in on the action and the concept of making “life-changing” profits with a mere investment of €/£/$250 is taken directly out of the scam textbook manual. The story behind the Bitcoin Key starts of with Steve McKay (alias) who is a “software developer turned investor turned millionaire maker”. They claim that McKay was asked by his boss to develop a secret trading software designed for rich clients, but as it turns out it was a lie and his boss used the software for himself and ran away. Now McKay is offering you a way to put his secret software to use totally free of charge by becoming a beta tester. They also mention that McKay was featured on Forbes and CNN, but this is not true, you can check for yourself.

In the end when you make a decision about investing you have to look at the facts, and this is the information that’s missing or information which acts as a red flag.

Our best advice for you

Don’t act emotionally or impulsively when you come across Bitcoin Key or any other scam site. Take a long and serious look at what you are getting into and you will realize its a scam. In the meantime, just stick to these legit bots.

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